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Give a Lego Cargo Train Set for Years of Active Play

Updated on May 22, 2013

Kids Get In Action With Lego Cargo Train Set

Ever since my mom flagged down an old train, back in the 1940s, to catch a ride for our little family to go to the nearest big city, I've been attracted to trains.

The toy trains in my family belonged to my brothers, each having his own set of Lionel engine and attached cars, but I got to play with them too. I loved the look, the little metal parts, the parts that moved and opened, the steam coming from the engine - yes, it was a long time ago.

I understand why even in today's world of high tech trains, they still hold fascination for modern kids. This jam-packed remote-control train set keeps kids engaged in creative active play for hours each day.

Includes multiple play stations so each child can play a leadership role. Battery or kid operated, with a remote control.

Colorful pieces actually move and open and lift! Great way to play with the kids, and since everything has a place in the set it's easy to keep parts together.

Be the engineer, be the truck driver, be the yard worker, be the car driver, be the hoist operator, be the consultant or traffic overseer. Compact fun that grows with the kids.

photo credit: all photos from Amazon

Cargo Train Workers in Action

Colorful Lego Cargo Train Set Engine

Lego's Cargo Train Engine comes in striking yellow and black, including the engineer.

Bright Red Lego Cargo Train Boxcar

Kids love to play with this realistic looking big boxcar, with side doors and Lego textured top.

Lego Cargo Train Auto Carrier Car

One or two, or even three, kids can play with the auto carrier car, as they load, position, and unload two charming little colored cars.

Flatbed Car Holds Fuel Tank

Get the train cars all rigged up and ready to go. Let the kids explore their interests and capabilities.

Marvelous Cargo Train Layout

Photo shows the whole layout of the train yard. Drive around the oval track, or take a car into the workyard in the center. Place the crane over the car and use the working hoist. Kids can use the working crane to load and unload the boxcar and the individual autos on and off the carrier car.

Get a Kick Out of the Semi Truck

Fun for children to manipulate the semi-truck that carries the gas tank. Lots of lessons can accompany the toy for years of play and learning.

Buy The LEGO City Cargo Train

LEGO City Cargo Train 7939 (Discontinued by manufacturer)
LEGO City Cargo Train 7939 (Discontinued by manufacturer)

I like this set because it provides ample play parts for many children to interact together. Colorful, with lots of parts.


Get the Accompanying Train Station

LEGO City Train Station 7937
LEGO City Train Station 7937

Give the kids' train a train station for more play opportunities.


Sleek & Modern City Lego Train

LEGO City Passenger Train 7938
LEGO City Passenger Train 7938

Put another train set across the room from the cargo train, and provide a destination for the cargo.


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