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Giving a gift with the gift of a home computer

Updated on February 29, 2016

It does not matter if it is a birthday, Christmas time, or any other special occasion; when giving a home computer as a present, you will also want to give software as a present with the computer. No software, with an awesome home computer gift, makes for a high-low gift.

A high-low gift is a gift that when received, the person receiving the gift is on a high because to them the gift is awesome; followed by a low when they realize they cannot immediately use the gift and have to temporarily put it aside. A gift of a home computer can be such a high-low gift when not accompanied by some extra software.

If you are giving a home computer as a gift (for whatever reason), then give some software to go along with the computer. Now, if your budget does not allow for the purchase of additional software, then here is a thought you may well love.

On the Internet, there is a place called Portable Apps dot com. has a list of eighty (80) plus software titles that you can download for free. has program titles whose categories are as follows:

  • Accessibility,

  • Development,

  • Education,

  • Games,

  • Graphics & Pictures,

  • Internet,

  • Music & Video,

  • Office,

  • Utilities.

Now, you could just give this URL ( and they can go to the Internet address and download the software they want for themselves. But here is a way to jazz up the act of giving the extra software. After all, it is free to download, so you can download the software too.

Create a Gift CD or DVD

Create a gift CD (or DVD) with all the software titles install on it. Here's how ...

  1. Download all (or some) of the software titles that you want to give as a gift.

  2. Using the CD burn program to create a data CD, burn the downloaded programs to a CD.

  3. Create a CD label with a special message for that special person receiving the gift. If you can add an image to the label, then think about adding a picture of yourself.

Also, as the name implies, these programs are portable. What that means is, these programs can be install on any hard drive, external hard drive, USB drive, network drive, and any other place that has the space to store the programs and is read/writable.

Lastly, if you are just looking for an expensive gift to give a computer user, you could just make a CD of the programs from, then give the CD as a gift. With 80+ programs to choose from, you are sure to find something the person will like.

Update - Additional Free Software Source

You can also find free software on various place on the net. Check out SourceForge dot com, to find more useful software programs.


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    • floating mind profile image

      floating mind 8 years ago from Chicago, Illinois

      Thank You, Lady_E.

      To often I hear people talking about how expensive software is. I figured I would show them where to find the no-fee kind of software.

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 8 years ago from London, UK

      This is a very thoughtful Hub. I would have thought Solitaire would have made them happy. lol.

      On a serious note, it's of no use without Software.

      Thumbs up! :)