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Glo Glo Inkoos

Updated on January 21, 2015

Creative and Lovable Fun!

With six sons and two grandsons in the family I will never forget my husband's reaction to a message from our son on the answering machine, "It's a girl," was such a surprise that he kept playing the message over and over, in case he didn't hear it correct the first time!

We have since added two more little girls to the family, and four more boys. Our first grand-daughter is nearing the "tween" milestone, which means that Grandma needs to be hip to what "tween" girls really like!

Glo Glo Inkoos

I love how my grand-daughter can be creative!

Inkoos Glo*Glo Glow in the Dark - Pink Bear
Inkoos Glo*Glo Glow in the Dark - Pink Bear

Glo Glo Inkoos are hip plush characters that come complete with everything kids need to create and decorate!

Day or night, Glo Glo Inkoos can be colored with the washable markers or with the glow-in-the dark light pen. Cool patterns and glow-in-the-dark doodles cover the special fabric of the toy. The light pen activates the fabric to glow brighter, the tummy patch invites young artists to create doodles and art freehand!

As with the other Inkoos, Glo Glo Inkoos come with washable markers; the designs can be colored, then washed, over and over again.

While I am sure that this is a sweet present for girls, it is also a terrific choice for all kids ages four years and older!

Glo Glo Inkoos were awarded the 2012 Creative Child Magazine Top Toy of the Year Award and the 2012 Fall Tillywig Award!


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