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What Are You Going To Do For Your Fiftieth Year?

Updated on December 25, 2011

What are you going to do for your fiftieth year? Tammy can tell you what she did. Well, as of January 1, 2010, Tammy contemplated fulfilling her dream to become a writer. Tammy thought about it and talked about it until December, 2010, she began to practice writing.

Tammy became concern with her health also. She was struggling with setting a realistic goal for getting healthy again. But it is very hard to change habits that you were born and raised with. Tammy commends those people who can turn down fabulous foods and drinks. Let's not talk about exercise, Tammy does exercise by walking, she just don't do it often enough.

Family life is good. Tammy's outlook on family life has always been with utmost gratitude, and she thanks God for the family that she does have. As she knows the previous years have brought a lot of sadness to this country. When Tammy watches the news, there is always some incident that reminds her how important one's family is.

During her fiftieth year of summer, Tammy met a friend, yes I am going to call him Hosea. Hosea is what the kids call a super hulk. No he's wasn't built like "Arnold the terminator", but Hosea's attitude was strong as the terminator. Hosea and Tammy did a lot of activities such as bowling, playing cards, going to the movies, bicycling to the museum and zoo, as well as attempting to teach her how to play chess. Tammy's and Hosea's relationship was a short one. Hosea and Tammy were both there on business for the summer. So they agreed to enjoy each others company, while they took care of their business.

As the end of summer got nearer, Tammy decided to engage in an activity all by herself. While Tammy was in Chicago, she tried her hand at rollerblading. Yes, Tammy waited until she turned fifty years old to learn how to roller blade. Why not, it is just as easy as learning to roller skate, and she knew how to roller skate already..not. Tammy found out rollerblading and skating for her were two different things.

Tammy's next move was to begin reading and collecting books again. Tammy got the bug for reading and collecting again, when she went to a neighborhood bookstore. Tammy found several books that were very interesting and educational. The two of the books were Onassis's Women and a book by Jessie Jackson and his son on finance.

It is now time for Tammy to move her children out of her house and off to college. Tammy cried the night before, after she woke up from a dream of a empty house. But then Tammy thought about how she will be able to listen to her music without any interference. This motivated Tammy to get up and join her children in packing up their things. Tammy even went shopping for items to spruce up their side of the dorm room. Tammy did a test run on how long it took to get to the campus and back to home. When they received the key to their room, Tammy handed each one of her kids a prepaid debit card along with instructions..."whatever you do, spend it wisely". Tammy also said, "This is for school supplies such as books, pens and paper". "I will not replenish the card until next year". "Anything extra, clothes, food and need to get a job".

Now that Tammy was alone in her three bedroom home, she decided to rearrange the basement. She hired a contractor to build a second living room, office/library and a full bathroom. As we know the office/library is where Tammy plan to do most of her writing.

The final adventure of turning fifty, Tammy went to the beauty salon/spa and had a makeover done. Instead of doning her usual gray hair, Tammy's new hair style was reddish brown with a feathery type cut. The make-up artist in the salon convince Tammy to have her eyebrows arched with the new technique of threading. When Tammy completed her day at the beauty salon/spa, she went to Macy's and replaced the old dress and shoes she wore with something more jazzy and up to date.

Christmas brought a new beginning for Tammy and a surprise for her children and friends. Tammy decorated the home with new decorations.   Although Tammy did not cook this year, she did cater the holiday meal. Everybody was so happy with Tammy's new look.

What will you be doing for your fiftieth year?


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    • Anthea Carson profile image

      Anthea Carson 

      7 years ago from Colorado Springs

      Nice hub. I like these kinds of articles they cheer me up, thanks, voted up


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