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Ten Good Guy Magazines: Now you have the Perfect Gift

Updated on March 5, 2013

Top 10 Best Guys Magazines: How to get him to Read Quietly

Magazines can be great gifts. Here are all the good guy magazines listed. Whether your boyfriend, husband, son or dad likes sports, girls, golf or mechanical stuff there is an awesome pick for him. A magazine gift is not just a stack of paper but you are getting your friend or loved one relaxed sundays on the couch browsing stuff they think is freaking interesting. You are giving quiet sundays spent drinking coffee, eating bagels and quietly reading.

Can't go wrong with these Good Guys Magazines

A list of good guy magazines wouldn't be complete without a great sports magazine. ESPN is simply the top dog. Great gift for a guy who is interested in a few different sports. If he is primarily a baseball or basketball or football nut then just go with a specialized magazine.

Your guy is not a sports fan? What about cars? Car driver is one of the best car magazine for guys out there. If he likes roaring engines, he is going to Car driver.


Car and DriverCHECK PRICE

Golf Nut or just a Fantastic Man?

Your dad or husband is something of a golf nut? Golf Digest is the golf fan magazine. Loaded with tips for them to improve their game and with information about tracks etcetera.

If you are looking for a truly impressive gift for a guy who is into a different type of magazine Fantastic Man is absolutely gorgeous. Loaded with information and cutting edge fashion shoots. This is the best of both worlds, a coffeetable like volume, beautifull photos and in depth articles.


Fantastic ManCHECK PRICE

Boys like Playing with Girls and Guns

Playboy magazine setup by Hugh Hefner doesn't need any explanation. A dominant force in Mens magazines for decades. It's widely read and not just because of the naked ladies. It's somewhat of a running joke but the articles are pretty good. Great gift to cheer a buddy up.

Arms magazine is the top choice for gun fans. For someone who is nuts about shooting and collecting guns this is a perfect gift.



2 Tips to Get him away from the Broken Toaster

Popular Mechanics is a great pick for guys or men who are interested in how stuff works. And really what guy doesn't? This magazine will save from hours of discovery channel while he is quietly browsing the latest mega mech stuff. It's almost a gift to yourself.

Or is your husband/boyfriend/dad the type who likes to get busy around the house. "Fixing stuff"? Well this magazine will help him to really fix stuff. Who knows he might get some awesome things done.

Popular MechanicsCHECK PRICE

Family HandymanCHECK PRICE

Guys Like Fashion too

Maxim is a staple mens magazine. Beautifull girls with very little clothing and fashion and gadget articles. Your guy might pick up some usefull fashion pointers now and then. So while he gets to look at some girls you get a better looking boyfriend. Sounds like a deal?

The GQ is much more fashion and interview oriented. Personally I like it a lot better then the Maxim but that might be because I'm in my 30's. Lots of fashion advice for work and casual environments.




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