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Gorgeous Ethical Mothers Day gifts for Lovely Mums

Updated on September 18, 2015

It's Mothers' Day on Sunday March 1oth, when those of us lucky enough to have Mums say thank you for their love and support. Most people adore getting flowers and chocs. But what about something a bit different?

Champagne Bottle Cheese Plate
Champagne Bottle Cheese Plate

Champagne bottle cheese plate - cool, funky, useful and fun

The clever people at Sarah Hill Glass in Wem, Shropshire, create fab recycled contemporary glass gifts, each of which is unique - no two are the same. Their amazing 31.5 x 14cm champagne bottle cheese plates are made from used bottles, heated until they soften into a wonderful dish shape. It makes a quirky, unusual and thoughtful gift that's as practical as it is good-looking. It even comes complete with a wood handled cheese knife. Choose from clear glass and deep green.

You can also buy olive green and clear glass olive dishes, also made from slumped used bottles, with a curved neck so it's easy to carry and hold. And the gorgeous embossed grapevine design on the reverse gives it a real Mediterranean feel. It comes with two olive pickers, too. Ideal for displaying peppers, hors d'oeuvres, canapés, crisps, pickles…

Madelaine Lavender Heart - Sage
Madelaine Lavender Heart - Sage

French chic and a delightful fragrance

French style is hot right now and with Ochre & Ocre’s pretty 10 x 11cm lavender-filled hanging heart makes a splendid gift for mums of every age and taste. It’s hand made from 100% organic cotton and stuffed with fragrant lavender grown in the Cotswolds. Your mum can hang it in the wardrobe - or anywhere else in the house – for fab smells and a stylish touch of Gallic je ne sais quoi. They also make pinnies, oven gloves and tea towels, all with the same French feel.

Recycled PET Exfoliating Gloves - Red
Recycled PET Exfoliating Gloves - Red

A stunning rose body polisher made from recycled plastic bottles

It’s surprising what you can do with recycled plastic containers. Instead of clogging up landfill sites and landscapes, they’re much better used to make beautiful, useful gifts for special people. Take the delightfully pretty 11.5 x 11.5cm rose-shaped exfoliating body polisher. It looks gorgeous but it’s actually made from a minimum of 50% recycled PET plastic bottles. What’s PET? It’s polyethylene terephthalate and it’s also recycled into carpets, T-shirts fabric, trainers, sleeping bag stuffing and warm coats. The same people also make facial mitts and exfoliating gloves, which also make unusual gifts for mums.

Envirosax Eco-Bag - Bloom - Purple Peony
Envirosax Eco-Bag - Bloom - Purple Peony

The beautiful Envirosax Eco-Bag

Last in our list of popular ethical Mother's Day gifts, there's the Envirosax Eco-Bag, a symphony in vibrant pink, gold, burgundy and baby blue, with a dramatic purple peony design, contemporary and smart as well as practical. It's made from polyester, which is extremely lightweight. And because it rolls up into a tiny, weeny package it's a dream to carry around.

How's this environmentally friendly? It means you're much more likely to take it with you wherever you go, encouraging and increasing re-use. If you've got a stash of unused 'bags for life' you'll appreciate the sentiment! It's also very durable and doesn't fade, so has a long life. It's roomy too, with space for around two standard carrier bags' worth of shopping. Plus it's water resistant and machine washable.

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