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Gothic Masks and Veils

Updated on June 30, 2014

Goth Masks and Veils

An interesting side effect of people who really practice a Gothic lifestyle, is it has had a strong impact on many people, which don't live the lifestyle, but enjoy some Gothic cosplay.

Consequently, you can have real Goths and imitators blending together a Gothic festivals, although no one really minds. It's just the way it is.

That has also resulted in people dressing up for costume parties and Halloween in Gothic attire, as well at almost every Carnival celebration there is, if not all of them.

So the Gothic mask and veil is a very popular choice at these times to wear, although those immersed in the Gothic lifestyle can be found to wear them in everyday life. That is usually related to a facial veil than an actual mask, but there can be exceptions.

Either way, Gothic masks and veils look very cool, and there can be some very outrageous ones, as seen below.

Gothic Glasses and Goggles

I know this first photo is stretching it to call it a Gothic mask. But eyeglasses, for real Goths, is definitely an important accessory, and those goggles on the top of her head have the look of a mask. They could also be considered Steampunk.

But most importantly, I couldn't pass up showing that doll, which was meant to be a general replica of her look. Pretty cool!

Gothic Masks

Gothic Mask

This Gothic cat mask looks great. The silver color against the dark background of her hair and clothing helps it to stand out nicely. The way it flows with her eyes is also very compelling.

Gothic Cat Mask

Dark Gothic Lace Mask

I love this Gothic lace mask. The photo is a fantastic one, including the way she has her eyes closed to showcase the dark eye shadow which blends in as part of the lace. The dark lipstick on her light face also gives it an astounding look. Great Gothic Mask!

Gothic Lace Mask

Gothic Fantasy Lace Mask

This Gothic mask is edgy in that it is usually included as part of a fantasy someone may have, although it could be used as part of the cosplay some real Goths or imitators at parties and Halloween may indulge in.

All of these darker masks go great with darker clothing.

Gothic Fantasy Mask

Middle Eastern Gothic Veil

The veil below is very cool, and has a Middle Eastern look and feel. The draping down over the shoulders while hiding the lower face is really nice looking.

Leaving one part of the forehead open adds a very nice touch to the Gothic veil.

Gothic Face and Shoulder Veil

Gothic Head Mask

Speech fails me on this extremely unique Gothic mask below. How do you describe it, except to show the photo of the mask? I'm not sure why the man is only wearing the mask with no top, but I think it would have looked much better with a dark suit to complement it. Still, a very bold mask which would take a lot of courage to wear. You would get a lot of attention with this one.

Unique Gothic Mask

Gothic Carnivel Mask

Looking at the ornate Gothic mask below tells you we're looking at someone celebrating a Carnival, as it's something you would normally only get away with there. It has a little bit of everything with it, including the veil over the eyes and the piece between the eyes on the forehead. Also a pretty bold look.

Ornate Gothic Mask

Venetian Gothic Masks

These white, pasty looking masks are amazing. They are also a little creepy looking, having almost a sense of foreboding with them. For another cool effect, you could color your face white without a mask, and add some of the darker veils or eye masks to give a similar look.

You will find many of these at Carnivals in Europe such as in Venice.

His and Hers Gothic Masks

Gothic Masks and Veils

Practitioners of the Goth lifestyle can be seen with masks and veils, but for masks, overall, it's something you see come out at times when people are celebrating and everyone gets in on the action. Veils are more a part of the daily dress patterns of Goths, especially Gothic women.

But as an option for cosplay, Halloween and other costume events, they're a terrific choice.


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