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Gothic Makeup and Face Painting

Updated on June 25, 2014

Gothic Makeup

An interesting part of looking into the various looks associated with Gothic makeup, is that what some would consider face painting, adherents of the lifestyle would think of as the normal look they use makeup to create.

In other words, there are those who choose the Gothic look to use at a Halloween or other costume party, while others may look very similar, but create that appearance and look on a daily basis without thinking in any way about cosplay.

There are some exceptions, in that the Gothic look is done in a horror manner which makes it obvious what it's being used for.

So this article could be used by either type of person, with one group thinking of it in terms of generating a fun and unique one-time look for a party situation, while others will incorporate certain Gothic looks as their way of life.

Either way, the Gothic look is compelling and will command attention, whether it's wanted or not.

Gothic Face Painting and Makeup Designs

One difference between Gothic face painting and makeup is the tools you use. There are paints made specifically to create a face painted look, while makeup can be creatively used in a way that you can't tell the difference, based upon the design.

You can combine them, depending upon what facial look you want to create.

We'll now look at a number of Gothic looks using both methods.

Gothic Face with Purple Body Paint

To create the "undead" eyes look, dark eye shadow was used, being finished off with the long trails beneath the eyes. False eyelashes were added to produce and even deeper, darker look.

As for the body paint, white was sprayed on first, and then purple to create the illusion of depth.

Finally, the plum lips were added to complete the Gothic look. Very nice.


Dark Eyes, Red Trails

With an occasional exception, Gothic makeup and face painting is centered around the look of the eyes, although secondary elements like the color of the lips and foundation on the face are important as well.

In this example there are the dark eyes with the red trails used to signify blood dripping from them. One thing I like about the eyes is the way the dark area was enlarged to the point where the trails were dripping over it. It's very effective with this Gothic face, giving the sense of a walking undead.

There is also a white base that helps emphasize the rest of the darker elements included on the face. The only thing I would have done different would have been on the lips. A deep black or red would have looked better with the Gothic zombie design.


Gothic Rose, Butterfly Face Painting

This image was included just to show how some people may interpret the Gothic look.

Here we have a Gothic butterfly with a rose. Did you notice the rose also doubled for the head of the butterfly? That is revealed by the subtle inclusion of the antennae sticking out of the flower on the forehead.

I like the color of the design, with the red and orange hues of the rose and butterfly, as well as the nice scrolling dark lines outlining the image. The little touch of silver offers a nice glitter to add a little shine to it. Pretty cool, even though most people don't think of this look when contemplating Gothic.

It is a good option for some who may not want to incorporate a darker theme into their facial design.


Gothic Makeup Video Tutorials

Next we have several Gothic makeup video tutorials, all of them sporting a different look to generate a number of ideas.

There is inspiration from everything from Edward Scissorhands, "Samara" in - The Ring, and three other unique looks, expressing a range of possibilities depending on individual preferences for Gothic faces, and in one case, an entire Gothic ensemble.

Edward Scissorhands Costume Make-Up (by kandee)

"Samara" - The Ring Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Dramatic Gothic Makeup

Bunny Alexander Gothic Makeup Routine

A Head to Toe Goth Look Tutorial

Great Gothic Look

I really like the Gothic look on this woman. As mentioned earlier, overall, the eyes are the key to the rest of a Gothic appearance, and when they're done right, the rest of the look can be built around it.

We have all of that here, with the gorgeous and creative makeup around the eyes, including the red underneath and the cool addition between the eyes. The red lipstick blends well with the red under the eyes, along with the red hat. They flow together nicely.

That braid also adds a fantastic touch to the overall look as does the rest of the outfit.

This is an example where it could be considered a great costume for Halloween or another party, or the way a Gothic may dress on any given day.


Gothic Couples Costume Makeup

Here we have a great example of how easy and simple it would be to create a Gothic look for a Halloween party, even when the desire is to appear in that fashion as a couple.

Again, the dark eyes are the center of the Gothic costumes, with the rest built out from there. In these cases the faces have a white base with the dark eyes and accompanying trails and touch-ups.

As for a couple theme, too bad the woman went with the more clean look, as it clashes some with the more ominous look of the man's Gothic look. She should have also extended the dark color surrounding her eyes to her eyebrows, as the space in between is too clear, in contrast to the man, where the dark is closer and it merges more into the eyebrow.

There also should have been more shadowy parts added to the woman's face, as the man did, as it's much more convincing.

As for the clothing, it shows how easy it is to pick a few things out from your wardrobe or buy some props like the hat and scarf or choker to add to the Gothic look.

This couple has the right idea, and with a couple of changes would look awesome.


Different Gothic Eye Makeup

You've probably seen it when the eyes are made up in two different looks, creating an interesting image. That's the case with the Gothic eyes below, where the thickness of the makeup is different on each eye.

There are times when this is done with an ever more disparate design, making it ever more compelling.

This isn't so noticeable because of the use of the leaf design around the left side of the face as you look at the photo, as it hides the thinner liner underneath. That's a very nice and attractive touch.

Here again we have a Gothic look that could be used by someone practicing the Gothic lifestyle, or someone wanting to use it in conjunction with a costume at Halloween time.

The leaves and the unique lines on the lips make it a look that could be used for dual purposes, as the rest, as measured by Gothic standards, would easily be considered an every day look.

Whatever the purpose of use, this is a great Gothic look.


Gothic Face Painting and Makeup

This gallery of Gothic makeup and face painting photos reveal how compelling and enchanting the look can be. That's why so many women, and to a lesser extent, men, choose to use it as a Halloween or other party costume, as it always portrays a sense of the darker elements of life, although as evidenced by the butterfly and rose look, it can be taken to a far lighter level while retaining some of the Gothic element in it.

Between the photos and video tutorials, it should give you numerous ideas to create the Gothic mask and costume you want to be seen in.


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