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Grab Bag Gifts on a Budget

Updated on September 26, 2014

Grab Bag Gifts for your Secret Santa Party!

Grab bag parties or Secret Santa parties during the holidays are often popular with large families or with friends and even with co workers that want to spread holiday cheer and get into the holiday spirit by sharing a gift of thanks and appreciation.

In our business, to celebrate the holidays, we started doing a grab bag exchange so that everyone can participate and get a gift that is easy to afford. As my immediate family continues to grow with lots of nieces and nephews, we've done secret Santa gifts that let everyone get a gift without making all of us max out our credit cards! Plus, it's fun to see how creative everyone can get with a surprise gift!

Buying a grab bag gift that is suitable for anyone doesn't have to break the bank and can help you stay on budget while still giving a thoughtful, appreciated and useful gift.

Here you'll find some of my favorite secret Santa/grab bag gift ideas under $5, under $10, under $20 and under $25 suitable for any price range that your group decides on. Many of these grab bag gifts are also unisex gifts so could be suitable for guys and gals in your office or family. So go ahead, respond to that party invitation with a big YES and let's start shopping for the perfect grab bag gift to bring along!

Heated Massage Cushion - One of my favorite grab bag gifts ever!

Everyone would appreciate a massage cushion after a long hard day of work. Wouldn't you?

One of my favorite gifts to get and receive has been the heated massage cushion.
I use mine on a soft sherrill chair and share it for my facial customers who love it as well!
After a long day at work, an at home massage hits the spot!

Heat on the lumbar/lower back is where many people have pain - this cushion provides relief at a great price to help you stay on budget!

Products that help to Relieve Stress - These Secret Santa Gifts will be loved and appreciated over and over again!

My husband and I use our massage pillow and herbal pillows almost daily to reduce stress and strain from office and computer work. They're gifts that keep on giving!

I love shopping all year long for next year's Christmas gifts when stock is full, the selections are great and the prices are best from November through February.

Gifts for Tired or Cold Feet - Everyone would love these grab bag gifts that pamper the feet!

North American Healthcare JB4550 Vibrating Foot Massager
North American Healthcare JB4550 Vibrating Foot Massager

Soft fabric full of micro beads offers two settings to soothe and invigorate tired feet and uses batteries so can be used almost anywhere! My husband got these as a gift for Christmas one year and everyone at the gift exchange was trying to get them from him! He won and uses them after a long day at work to warm and soothe tired feet!

OTC Acupressure Roller Wood Foot Massage Stress Relief, 5 Wooden Rollers
OTC Acupressure Roller Wood Foot Massage Stress Relief, 5 Wooden Rollers

Give the gift of a foot massage roller for your grab bag.


I love getting or giving gifts that help to relieve pain easily and naturally without medications such as these cost saving ideas. At one of our grab bag family gift nights, there was actually a fun tug of war going on for these two gifts!

What's your favorite type of grab bag gift to give?

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A large, warm, wool striped big plaid pashmina scarf is a great unisex grab bag gift

"Buying a grab bag gift that is suitable for anyone doesn't have to break the bank and can help you stay on budget while still giving a thoughtful, appreciated and useful gift".

Wine Lovers Gift

Holiday ornaments make a great unisex gift such as the cute wine ornament and is inexpensive enough that you'll still have money left over to get a nice bottle of wine to go along with it.

Consider Office Gag Gifts for your Secret Santa Grab Bag Idea - Funny gifts help the mood of the party and your friends!

Even after the party, your coworkers will have lots of laughs with these silly gifts that put a smile on everyone's face.

Here's a funny desk top organizer that all your office friends would love to have and it's super useful too. Give a smile with your gift and this is one you'll like to have for your own office space.

Check out these top rated bacon shaped band aids as a funny idea for that office or family grab bag gift.

I want these for my nursing home residents to put a smile on their face the next time they get a little cut!

There are lots of other options besides bacon too.

2015 Calendars for Home or Office - Make a great Grab Bag Gift suitable for anyone!

Not everyone uses a smart phone, ipad or other high tech gadget for making appointments and keeping track of goals or to-do lists. Calendars work well for people that work from home, students and for families plus it's a gift on a budget your wallet will appreciate!

© 2012 Cindy

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