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Graduation Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

Updated on September 18, 2014

Find Your Girlfriend a Graduation Present She'll Love

So your girlfriend is graduating, and you're at a loss as to what to get her. This is a familiar situation for many people, and it's a tricky one. You want to find a proper graduation gift for your girlfriend that she'll really love and enjoy, and hopefully something useful in the next phase of her life. Graduation is a strange and exciting time, where she is transitioning from one stage of life to another. She'll be excited by the prospects her future holds, and the opportunity to grow and become an adult and a professional.

The best graduation gift ideas for your girlfriend will be ones that accentuate this exciting time of change and growth. Gifts that make her feel more mature and capable as an adult, and gifts that encourage her to take the next step, stretch herself and grow further in her interests are the best. There many ways you can potentially go, and you'll want to be careful and discerning in your choices.

This article is intended to help anyone who is searching for a graduation present for their girlfriend. We'll narrow down your choices by identifying a few popular gift categories, and highlight specific themes that she'll probably really like. We'll talk briefly about what she'll really like in a gift, we'll touch on some specific items and give real life examples. Read on!

Picking the Right Graduation Present for your Girlfriend. - A few tips and suggestions:

If you're searching for a graduation gift for your girlfriend, you know that it's tough to figure out exactly what she wants. Women can be very particular about what they like and dislike, and you want to make a purchase that you're 100% certain she'll love. So here is a list of tips and advice intended to set you on the right track. These tips are general advice, and obviously everyone is unique, but hopefully they'll help get your creative mind working!

  1. Think Adult and Professional:

    As I mentioned earlier, graduation is a transition into a new phase of life, and that can be a really exciting thing. Any kind of gift that is a reminder of this will be a big hit. Specifically, a graduation present for your girlfriend will be really popular if it makes her feel adult, professional and capable. I'll get into specifics in a bit, but a gift that will help her professional or educational career is a great thing.

  2. Personalized is Good:

    It's the thought that counts! It's true, and she'll truly appreciate your gift if you make a concerted effort to personalize it to her. If your present emphasizes your personal connection or inside joke, or just shows how familiar you are, it will go a long way. How exactly this shakes out is up to you, but there are many ways to personalize your gift to her specifically.

  3. Inspire Her Creatively:

    Another great graduation gift idea for your girlfriend is anything that can inspire her creativity and foster her artistic side. These kinds of gifts are usually well received, especially if she is a student of the arts, or enjoys reading, writing, painting, music or anything along those lines. This obviously depends on the person you're looking for, but if she has an artsy bone in her body it's a pretty safe bet.

When buying a grad gift for a girlfriend:

Some things to consider.

Before you make a purchase, it's really a good idea to see if it's practical or not. Think about where she is going afterwards, and whether the gift will make a lot of sense in her future life. A sentimental present is fine and good, but the most gratifying gifts are the ones that get used. If your present can intersect with her interests and a practical daily use, you've hit the nail on the head.

If you are stumped, consider going to someone who knows her really well. It's amazing what people can pick up, and the subconscious clues she'll give to her friends and family. The best friend is a really fantastic resource, as well as the parents (especially if she's particularly close with one of them). Siblings can be helpful too. Don't be afraid to ask, this kind of thing is tricky and deserves some thought.

Also consider how you're planning to give the gift. Don't let giving a graduation gift to your girlfriend overshadow the grad events themselves. Wait until a suitable time after the celebration so you can focus on each other. Otherwise, she will be distracted and you might not get the exact gratifying response you were hoping for!

A journal is a great gift for your graduating girlfriend

Journals are a great, cheap grad gift for your GF

Is she a writer, or a sketcher? A fancy journal is an awesome graduation gift for a girl. Most people love the opportunity to write and express themselves creatively, whether that means sculpting impromptu poetry on the bus, writing the next great Broadway show while sitting in the park, or documenting her travels around the world. A beautiful journal is a super personal and thoughtful gift, and it's literally a 'blank page' she can write upon and make it her own.

You do have some options. Obviously journals are usually 'one use' items, so you'll want to ensure that it has lots of pages, and high quality paper. If she's an artist or enjoys doing sketches, you should make sure the paper is a sufficient weight and quality. Cheap paper is harder to write and draw on.

Journals are great presents for a graduating girlfriend because they can be personalized. You can get them embossed, engraved or stitched with her name and a message. Also, since there are so many styles and types out there you can express your love for her with the item itself, picking out her favorite color or a material she loves.

eReader: Give your girlfriend the gift of literature on graduation day

An eReader Loaded With Her Favorite Books

If she is an avid reader, you should consider getting her an eReader loaded up with her favorite books or poems. eReaders make fantastic gifts for your girlfriend, because they are easy to use, lightweight, easy to travel with, and they have a real 'wow' factor as a present. An eReader is basically a digital book reader, allowing you to download and enjoy your favorite titles without having to tote a book around. The screen is specially designed to be easy on your eyes, like ink and paper.

The obvious one is the Kindle, but there are other brands too. You'll have some options. If she's not very technical and wouldn't appreciate 'bells and whistles', she'll probably be totally happy with the base model. If she likes tech-y things, maybe consider going for the Kindle Fire instead!

If you're planning to get an eReader for your girlfriend as a graduation gift, you'll need to do some sleuthing so you can load it up with her favorite literature. That's up to you, but you'll want to be sure she doesn't catch on to your plan!

A Camera: An inspirational grad present for your girlfriend

Is your girlfriend a shutterbug? A retro style camera is something she'll love

It's a pretty big investment, but a camera is a grad gift idea for your girlfriend that she'll probably appreciate for years to come. It's a really nice gift if she's going away to study after graduation, because it will allow her to document her new environment and the changes in her lifestyle. For those with an artistic side, a camera is an incredible outlet, and since a picture is worth a thousand words she'll have another way to communicate and share with you.

There are a lot of fancy cameras out there. Before you buy one with tons of bells and whistles, make sure that she'll be comfortable using all the features. If she's not very tech savvy, a fancy DSLR camera might be a bit overkill, and in that case you should try to find a simple point and shoot type. However if she's inquisitive and likes technology, get one with manual features and lenses. Vintage-look cameras are really big right now, just a hint!

Artist's Supplies: One of the best graduation gifts for your girlfriend

Foster her creativity with this thoughtful present

For the burgeoning artist, art supplies make a fantastic graduation gift idea for your girlfriend. Art supplies are awesome because she will use them and think of you while she does! You'll be helping inspire her creativity, and those kinds of gifts tend to go over really well.

Pick whatever medium she enjoys the most. If she's into painting, obviously she'll have a need for high quality brushes, paints and canvasses. If she's a sketcher, she'll need some really good pencils and an art book with nice, high quality paper. In almost any event, art portfolios (mentioned earlier) are really useful, as well as framing stuff. Even just a fancy art bag to hold all of her gear will be really appreciated.

Just make sure that she names one of her pieces after you!

Leather Portfolio: A very useful and professional grad present for your girlfriend

A great grad present for a career minded gal

The leather briefcase or leather bound portfolio makes a fantastic present for your graduating girlfriend. Why? It's at once a really professional and stylish item that can work in a work or school setting, and it's very practical. It can carry tons of stuff and help her organize her life.

I'd pick based on her interests. If she's interested in creating art, taking photographs, doing sketches, writing poetry or prose, I'd stick with the leather bound portfolio. It's a great way to carry these things safely and in style. If she is moving into the professional work world, or if she's going to school for something along those lines, you should lean towards the briefcase. Briefcases have a bad rap, but they can be really attractive, modern and stylish if you choose well.

Also don't feel like you have to go with leather. There are portfolios, briefcases and bags that use canvas or other fabric that are just as nice. Pick based on what she'd like more.

Tea Accessories: A cozy present for your girlfriend's graduation

Tea is a present that just about everyone enjoys

If she's a big fan of all things tasty and cozy, you might want to consider getting her tea and tea accessories. This type of present works well if you're getting her many small things rather than one big thing. The art of looseleaf tea is one that my wife really gets into. There are some incredible flavors out there, and the brewing technology is a lot of fun too. And tea stuff makes a great grad gift for your girlfriend because she likely won't expect it.

Tea accessories are a great opportunity to be a bit cheeky and cute, so play off her interests. If she likes cats, for example, there is bound to be a cat inspired teapot just waiting out there for you! You can play off of what she loves or what she finds amusing. The important thing is to not skimp on the tea itself! You'll know what I mean when you watch her melt after the first sip.

A Laptop, Netbook or Ultrabook: A grad present she'll use every day

Laptops are an expensive but amazing graduation present for your girl

A laptop is a fantastic graduation gift for your girlfriend because she will literally use it every day. Laptops and computers are ubiquitous, and (particularly if she's heading to college, graduate school or a professional career) she will really need a good computer to use. Laptops are awesome because they are so portable, they are practical wherever she is.

You'll have some options and different price points to choose from. The least expensive is the netbook, which is essentially a miniature laptop. The screens and keyboards are quite small, but netbooks fit into any small bag or purse and the battery life tends to be really good. Ultrabooks are super slim laptops meant to be lean and light. They often don't have CD drives, so if she needs one of those they may not be the right choice. You'll also have to choose between Windows and Mac. Either way, laptops are awesome gift ideas for your girlfriend, if you can afford it!

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