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Great American Smokeout

Updated on November 24, 2014

Are You in or are you OUT?

This year the Great American Smokeout is November 15th, this is the day to encourage smokers to finally QUIT smoking cigarettes. Every year this comes and goes and I have personally ignored this day completely. I wipe it right out of my mind because this is not a day that I like.

Why? Well you see I am a smoker.

While, I know that smoking is bad for my health, it also has health consequences for those who live with me, children and even pets. Note, I left my husband out of that equation because you see, he is a smoker too.

The costs are significant, not only health but financially speaking. Did you know that a carton of cigarettes in my state costs $60? Since my husband and I both smoke and we approximately each smoke a carton a week, the expense of cigarettes would amount to $480 a month and this turns into $6,240 per year. That is a pretty big number, I am thinking that I could go on a fabulous vacation or something with that money. After doing this math over and over again, it is still not enough to make me want to quit.

So what is wrong with me? Am I sick or what? I really do not know...

On this Great American Smokeout, are you ready to snuff out cigarettes once and for all.

Photo Credit: ScottiesRock

Will the Smokers please stand UP!

Great American Smokeout
Great American Smokeout

Photo Credit: ScottiesRock

Are You a Smoker?

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Why Quit Anyway, I like Smoking

I am not going to write about all those health benefits associated with quitting smoking because, let's face it... we already know all those facts and those of us who smoke have still have not quit. So what would make a smoker want to quit. I think I know the answer.

I can only speak for myself, in which case I believe it is FREEDOM. Now you may be wondering what exactly do I mean by freedom. Well, sometimes cigarettes feel like there is this gigantic ball and chain attached to your foot. You can't go anywhere without your cigarettes and you spend a lot of time thinking about how and where you will be able to smoke where ever you go. You may even choose the places you go based on your habit. So thinking about that, I would say that smoking actually inhibits us from doing the things we really want to do. Also, do I have to mention feeling like a leper. The dirty looks you get when you light up. It definitely gives you an uneasy feeling.

Once a long long time ago, smoking was viewed as COOL and most likely this was the allure. However all of this has changed for the good. Today cigarettes are totally UNCOOL among our youth. And that is a great message to be sending.

How Many times have you quit smoking
How Many times have you quit smoking

Photo Credit: ScottiesRock

How many times have your tried to kick the habit?

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Quitting Smoking is Really Hard

YES, giving up cigarettes may be one of the hardest things you may do in your whole entire life.

A non-smoker who is reading this may be thinking... "How hard could it be, just throw the darn things out."

Well, cigarettes are an addiction. Addictions in general are extremely difficult to break especially cold turkey. This addiction contains chemicals which our body and minds believe we need. Any chemical dependency is extremely difficult to stop and usually requires medication and therapy. Cigarettes are no different and should be placed right up there with drug and alcohol dependency.

Depriving yourself of the nicotine your body has become accustomed to can have some adverse affects on your body. These include depression, anxiety and total restlessness. However, these effects will go away over time. So therefore there are medications and other smoking aids which may help you in your quest to stop smoking. It is always best to talk to your Doctor before quitting cigarettes to discuss all the possible medications and side effects you may experience.

Photo Credit: ScottiesRock

Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking

Allen Carr was a heavy smoker for over 30 years. He had miserably tried to quit several times and failed. But in 1983 he succeeded with kicking the habit with what he considers to be an easy way to quit. Allen Carr has taught and shared his secret for success to many who have now joined the ranks of non-smokers and has written several bestseller books on smoking cessation. Are you looking for an easy way to stop smoking, then Allen Carr may be your answer. Carr's Easy way method has such a high success rate with his drug-free method. Over 10 Million smokers have finally QUIT.

Allen Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking
Allen Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking

The reviews for this book are unbelievable. As I read through them I was amazed at how many people quit smoking from simply reading this book. Many of them were skeptics and hard core smokers who did not really have any desire to quit at all. But after reading Allen Carr's Bookand using no drugs or nicotine replacement products they quit and never looked back.

Read Reviews for Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking!


It's all in the numbers

So just how much do you smoke? Some people can only smoke a few cigarettes a day, while others can't. I don't know about you but I am someone who cannot do anything that is not 100% or excuse my language, half assed.

How Many Cigarettes a day do you Smoke?

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Herbs and Supplements to Quit Smoking

There are many herbs and supplements available which may help you quit smoking. St Johns Wart is a natural mood enhancer which helps with depression and aniexty and quitting smoking. Lobelia was once used by Native Americans to treat asthma, pneumonia and coughs. It is now believed to aid in addictions by reducing the effects of nicotine in the body by the release of dopamine.

Now these supplements are not FDA approved and it is wise to always check with your doctor.

I am a firm believer in always trying to go the a more natural route before adding more chemicals into our bodies. Always clearly read the labels of all supplements and herbs to make sure you understand how they will work.

As we smokers know quitting cigarettes is extremely difficult. However, there are many medications and programs available to help you. Vitamins and Supplements are also an important element in your success. It is important to tap into all the resources available to help you win the battle over cigarettes.

Cigarettes on the Chopping Block - Kick the Habit

Broken Cigarette
Broken Cigarette

Photo Credit: ScottiesRock

Types of Nicotine Replacement

Patch, Gum, Nasal spray, Inhalers and Lozenges

These types of Smoking Cessation aids are approved by the FDA to help people quit smoking. They are known as nicotine replacement products, and are available in patches, inhalers and gums. They work by allowing low levels of nicotine into your body and slowly diminishing these levels over time. They are used daily as the nicotine is slowly weened out of your system and the cravings for cigarettes disappear.

James Dean Smoking
James Dean Smoking

How old were you when you fired up your first cigarette?

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E Cigarettes

The Electronic Cigarette was introduced In 2004, by a Chinese company. It looks like a cigarette complete with a glowing tip. It has been marketed in two ways. With refillable nicotine cartridges, so a smoker would be able to get nicotine into their body in places they normally would not be allowed to smoke.

And as a quitting smoking aid to replace the physical attributes of smoking either with or without the nicotine cartridges. The FDA is in the process of investigating e cigarettes to determine their effectiveness on quitting.

I have had some friends who have used these and some had found success and while others did not.

Photo Credit: Smoke Reviews - Electronic Cigarettes

Are you scared to quit?

I don't know about you but I must admit that it really scares me to quit. Last time I tried to quit cold turkey I felt like I lost my best friend. As sick as it sounds, it's true. I definitely will need a lot of help if I am going to succeed at this.

What is your biggest fear about Quitting Smoking?

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X-Halers Smokeless Cigarette - CD Program to Stop Smoking

Have you struggled to quit smoking and have not succeeded then maybe a smokeless cigarette may be your answer. A program which includes an e cigarette and a plan to help you break the habit once and for all. The e cig is smokeless and contains no nicotine and is used to fulfill that oral fixation you have developed by smoking cigarettes. You remember Kojak and his lollipops.

X-Halers Smokeless Cigarette (NICOTINE-FREE) and CD Stop Smoking Program
X-Halers Smokeless Cigarette (NICOTINE-FREE) and CD Stop Smoking Program

Included with this e cigarette is a 40 minute CD to help you quit once and for all. On the CD there is a program to help you quit smoking when used in conjunction with the e cigarette. The X-Halers Smokeless cigarette just may be the program that turns you into a non-smoker.


Acupuncture and Hypnotherapy

Acupuncture is a type of therapy used often to treat smoking addiction. Acupuncture is a Chinese science of inserting tiny needles in the throughout the body, to stop smoking these are inserted in the ear. Ouch! Sounds like it hurts? No actually it doesn't hurt at all.

During hypnotherapy, patients are placed in a relaxed state which is very hard for many patients. Thus making hypnosis impossible. The key is to be able to get into this relaxed state. Once in this state the therapist will introduce some skills for coping with the urge to smoke as well as the withdrawal symptoms.

Hypnotherapy is an alternative type of therapy which has worked for many people and is beginning to be accepted by more and more Hospitals. Hey! Whatever works, right?

Photo Credit: Hypnosis- Real Clear Science

Hypnosis Video

Smoking is Suicide
Smoking is Suicide

Photo Credit: smoking is suicide- noose by KellyKAshcraft, on Flickr

Why do you want to quit?

What is the main reason you would want to Quit Smoking?

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Medications to Help Quit Smoking

There are quite a few medications available as prescriptions from your Doctor. Many of which have had great results. These medications are contain no nicotine and aid in depression and turn off your brain to nicotine. While no drug is 100% they are tools to aid in quitting.

Zyban or Wellbutrin is an anti depressant but also help people kick the habit. Chantix is one of the newer medicines. You may have heard about some really bad reactions to this drug. However, please understand that this is limited to only a very few and most of the users have never experienced any adverse reactions.

How these medications work are very similar, both block the flow of chemicals in the brain, the part that makes you want to smoke. You will start out on a higher dose and taper down over time. The first week you will be allowed to smoke as your body builds up the medication, it takes about a week for the these to work.

It is always important to share with your Doctor a complete list of all medications, supplements, vitamins etc you are currently taking to avoid any interactions with these medications.

Photo Credit: Chantix

LifeSign QuitKey Smoking Cessation Computer

The LifeSign QuitKey slowly weens you off cigarettes and tells you when you are allowed to smoke. It attaches to your key chain and is very compact making it easier to carry with you at all times. The process takes about a month overall to finally quit.

No drugs, no chemicals... It's just a little bit of retraining of the brain.

LifeSign QuitKey Smoking Cessation Computer
LifeSign QuitKey Smoking Cessation Computer

It completely changes your smoking pattern and tells you when and when you can't smoke. Stopping the Cravings! I was amazed when I was reviewing this little device at all the customer reviews. They were very good and many people have shared their success stories of quitting cigarettes by using this little device. LifeSign QuitKey Smoking Cessation Computer may just be that diamond in the rough.

QuitKey has some great Customer Reviews, Click here to read them.


To Quit or not to Quit

All the facts we know about the risks involved with smoking, many of us will still continue to smoke. However, many will make the decision to quit once and for all. Will you be one of the winners of the Great American Smokeout?

So are you going to kick the habit this year on the Great American Smokeout?

Thanks for visiting! Please take a moment to sign my guestbook. Have a great day!

Celebrity Smokers - More Lepers like Me

Click thumbnail to view full-size

On this Great American Smokeout, How many people will finally QUIT cigarettes? I guess what it comes down to is How many actually want to quit. Making your mind up to kick the habit is definitely the first step. Basically you have got to want to do it.

Do you want to do it? Or have you done it?

Please share with us any success stories you may have about quitting this nasty habit. So many people have quit cigarettes and have found freedom from this addiction. But a lot of us have tried and failed. Can you please shed some light on this so maybe one day we can become Free from this addiction too!

One day soon, I hope to be able to tell my story.

GOOD LUCK and BEST WISHES to those of you who are going to make the decision to quit cigarettes and CONGRATULATIONS to those of you who have successfully beat the addiction of nicotine.

Thanks and have a great day.

Quitting Smoking Success Stories

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