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Retro Christmas Stocking Stuffers

Updated on October 25, 2014

10 Great Christmas Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas - Under $25 - Games & Toys

Kids nowadays aren't fortunate enough to be able to play with some great toys from the past, unless you introduce some of these gems to them, that I've listed here. Chances are though, they won't appreciate them as much, because of the cool toys they have available today, on the market - especially with smartphones and tablets.

What are some good gift ideas to put inside children's Christmas stockings? Well, here is a list of 10 great retro gift ideas to stuff inside those red yuletide socks! Sometimes it can be hard to think of what to put inside them, oh and of course, don't forget the most popular items, Candy!

This page is full of some great toys and game ideas, to stuff their stockings with. Small enough to fit, cheap enough to buy & cool enough enough to give! I'm sure some adults will enjoy these blasts from the past, and probably more so than the kids!

Plainly put, these are 10 of the best retro Christmas Stocking Stuffers for kids and they're all under $25 Bucks. You can't beat the prices! This list is chuck full of classic & retro toys from the golden era of toys, as well as some popular toys of today - toys of the past remade for today's standards and etc.

I wish they still made some of the rare toys I played with when I was a kid, and I also wish I could remember some of them more. I have some old pictures from when I was a kid, and I grabbed a magnifying glass to see what some the toys I got for Christmas were and all the memories came rushing back, but the majority of the, they don't make them anymore. Boohoo!!! lol

Giant 5ft Stocking!

5 FT Jumbo Red Felt Giant Christmas Stocking
5 FT Jumbo Red Felt Giant Christmas Stocking

Yeah, sometimes bigger is better! How's about waking up to find this giant stocking filled with gifts? It's not expensive and it's also pretty highly rated on Amazon.


Some Great Christmas Stockings To Hang By The Fireplace.....

Don't forget, the first thing you need is stockings! That way you can fill them with candy and all these great items down below. When I was a kid and would come downstairs with my brothers to see if Santa came, most of the time we'd forget about the stockings during all the Christmas present openings. Although, sometimes we'd make sure we checked our stockings first. There were always some real goodies in there! Candy and some really cool surprise toys that weren't wrapped under the tree.

We didn't have a fireplace to hang our stockings from, so we just nailed them to the wall and they worked out great. You should try to make sure the stockings are securely hung, because with all the presents inside of them, they easily fall off the wall. :o)

Ok, so before we get into what ideas you could put in your son or daughters stockings, here are some great Christmas Stockings to check out, in case you don't have them yet either......

5 Foot Jumbo Red Felt Giant Christmas Stocking - Now that's a big stocking!

Do You Hang Christmas Stockings?

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Pet Christmas Stockings - Dogs & Cats - Don't forget your pet's stockings too! Cats & Dogs Love Christmas Too!

MerryStockings Pet Dog Christmas Stocking
MerryStockings Pet Dog Christmas Stocking

This pet stocking doesn't come with a name on it and the seller doesn't offer personalization so you would have to do it yourself or pay someone else, or just leave it blank. Pet stocking stuffers? treats, toys, no problem!



First up: Yo-yo's!

I had a number of different yo-yo's when I was a kid. I always enjoyed playing with them but I never got good enough to master it and do more than one or two tricks. Now with technology and cooler toys on the market you can buy some pretty cool yo-yo's! Also, with the help of the internet you can learn some neat tricks to do with your wire ball. Here are some really cool yo-yo's to check out and some yo-yo videos on youtube!

A Light Up YoYo

Yomega Lightbeam (Colors May Vary)
Yomega Lightbeam (Colors May Vary)

A light up yoyo? we never had that when we were kids...sounds like fun.


Do You Know Anyone Who Yo-yo's?

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Rubik's Cubes & Other Puzzle Cube Games For Kids & Adults!

Does your son or daughter like a good puzzle game? Then why not stuff those stockings with a good puzzle game, like one of the most famous around, Rubik's cubes! I own a Rubik's cube and no I haven't solved it. I do love puzzles, all kinds! My grandmother even got me a puzzle book for Christmas when I was a kid, and I do mean a puzzle book!, it's a heavy duty, hardcore puzzle book and I still have it. I've always been good at solving mysteries and puzzles, etc. I've always been a fan of Sherlock Holmes & other great detectives of fiction and non-fiction.

Here are some great ideas for puzzle games, in the form of cubes and others......

Rubik's Cube Puzzle Game For Kids and Adults

niceeshop(TM) 3x3 Speed Cube 6-Color PVC Sticker Rubik's 3x3 Cube-Black
niceeshop(TM) 3x3 Speed Cube 6-Color PVC Sticker Rubik's 3x3 Cube-Black

This is an excellent Rubik's Cube, unlike some others you might find on Amazon that don't turn good and have stickers that fall off.


Do You Or Your Kids Like Puzzle Games?

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Puzzles Make My Brain Hurt So Good!


I'm sure by now, everyone knows that retro toy, "Slinky!" What a classic antique from the good ole nostalgic toys & games of the past. They make a bunch of different ones nowadays, plastic ones, metal ones. Trying to make them go down the stairs can be quite a task. The metal ones are usually the ones that can do it, but plastic ones can give a good run too. Just make sure you don't give one to a kid that's too young to understand the toy because they'll twist it up and you won't be able to use it correctly, seeing as how once it's bent it never closes or works the way it used to.

The Original Metal Slinky

Slinky Original Brand
Slinky Original Brand

Slinky, Slinky, everyone loves a Slinky!


My niece & nephews all have Slinky's, the plastic ones, they work great! They go down the stairs very easily and they're just fun! We've gone through a few of them over the years because when the kids are younger they'll break theme easily by twisting them around and even swinging them. If you do buy them a Slinky, make sure you buy one for each child because you know how sharing can be. I mean, obviously, you want to teach them sharing but you also want to teach them to take care of their toys, that way if someone breaks theirs and the other still has theirs intact.

Glow in the Dark Plastic Coil Spring Slinky

3" Glow In Dark Magic Spring (Compare To Slinky And SAVE) [Toy]
3" Glow In Dark Magic Spring (Compare To Slinky And SAVE) [Toy]

I'd love to see one of these go down the stairs with the lights off! Very Cool!


How Cool Are Slinky's?

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Slinky Hall of Fame Toy Pack

Silly Putty

I'm not sure but I think Silly Putty came out before Playdoh. Both ideas are great for Stocking Stuffers. I don't know if anyone remembers the green slime stuff too? My brothers and I used to have a He-Man toy that used to pour green slime on him by Skeletor lol good times!

Slinky Hall of Fame Toy Pack
Slinky Hall of Fame Toy Pack

Save some money and buy this package that comes with both the Slinky and a Yo-Yo, as well as some other goodies...


Rare Retro Collectible Toys On eBay....

If you're looking for some really good retro, collectible, nostalgic toys then the best place to check is, and will always be, e-Bay....


Another classic game from our childhood is marbles. Those different colored balls always held a mystery and a cool look about them. You just wanted to hold them and bang them around against each other. That's the whole point, to hit them against each other to collect them all and win. So why not share this game and the magic with your kids.

Classic Marbles Game
Classic Marbles Game

They make so many types of marbles nowadays which means kids probably don't get to see the original classic designed ones like this sack.


Here's a classic tin to hold all your marbles in, or to even use as a box for other items. Lunchboxes will always be a classic item to own and use. Stocking stuffers aside, a cool metal lunchbox would make a good gift for a kid, especially one with characters on it that they like.

This Marble tin set is perfect for a beginner. It comes with 48 different colored marbles, a handbook on how to play marbles, as well as different games to play.

Have You Ever Played Marbles?

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Marbulous - Translucent Marble Run (48 pieces plus 16 marbles)

Marbulous-Translucent Marble Run (48 pieces plus 16 marbles)

Now there's an epic marble toy that most certainly will not fit into any small stockings, only that 5ft stocking I showed at the beginning of this page.

Pick Up Sticks Game

Another great game gift idea to put in a stocking is Pick Up Sticks. It's a pretty fun game. I played it a number of times when I was a kid and I even have some sticks laying around my room to this day. The idea of the game is you have a bunch of colored sticks and you drop them all on top of each other and then each person takes turns pulling out a stick from the pile. Each one is colored and is worth a different number of points. You keep taking the sticks out carefully, without any of the pile moving too much or dropping a lot, otherwise you have to forfeit the stick or put it back in the pile by randomizing the pile again, of course keeping the ones you've already got so far, from the pile. At the end of the game, whoever has the most points worth, of the different colored sticks, wins!

Pressman Pick Up Sticks

I have these exact pickup sticks. The box is lone gone though because over time cardboard wears down, I keep them in a glass jar and play with them once in a while. The game is based on pulling out sticks without disrupting the pile, each colors have a different number of points that you add up at the end of the game to see who wins.

1, 2, Pick Up Sticks!

Pressman Pick Up Sticks

Have You Ever Played Pick Up Sticks?

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Matchbox & Hot Wheels Cars

I loved playing with cars when I was a kid and the two biggest name brands of cars for kids are Matchbox & Hot Wheels cars. I had so many cars and trucks. I even had little road mats and tracks. They were by far, one of my top favorite toys I played with when growing up. I like to think it teaches kids the principles and physics of driving and moving vehicles, at an early age. I mean, in regards to moving the vehicles around, spacial dynamics.... even though they'll still crash the cars into everything for fun....but their kids so it doesn't, obviously, teach them driving skills or responsibility with cars, let them have fun with it. They sell so many cool cars and tracks nowadays. My nephew loves playing with cars and trains and he just recently got a really cool car track and a train track. These cars are a great idea to put inside their Christmas stockings.

Matchbox 9 Car Gift Pack (Styles May Vary)

Matchbox 9-Car Gift Pack (Styles May Vary)
Matchbox 9-Car Gift Pack (Styles May Vary)

I loved my matchbox cars and they weren't as detailed or elaborate as they are now. This item to the left is a 9 car random set, which means when you purchase it on Amazon, you get a random box of 9 cars, which can be fun to see what ones you get. Whichever ones they end up being, they're fun regardless and will be played with.


Did You Play With Little Cars When You Were a Kid?

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Bouncy Balls

I love bouncy balls, trying to get them to bounce as high as I can. They're crazy fun too! because they can fly so high. The only downside is that they can travel so far that they might get away from you. They're still fun though, bouncing them out in an open area or around your house. You, the parents, might get easily annoyed with them bouncing off the walls and ceilings after awhile, but it sure is fun!

Bouncy Ball Overload!

Rhode Island Novelty Assorted Super Bouncy Balls (250 Count), 27mm(Discontinued by manufacturer)
Rhode Island Novelty Assorted Super Bouncy Balls (250 Count), 27mm(Discontinued by manufacturer)

That's Right! 250 Bouncy Balls for one low price! It'll be a madhouse!


Bouncy Bouncy Bounce!

Do You Enjoy Bouncy Balls?

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Popular Stickers & Wall Decals For Kids

Best Selling Stickers & Wall Decals For Kids

It's a proven fact that kids love Stickers and Wall Decals! There are all kinds of stickers to choose from and they'll all fit snuggly into Christmas stockings, saving room for more stuff to be in there too. The hottest stickers and wall decals for kids are Melissa & Doug stickers, as well as some other popular ones. Here are some ideas to choose from.....

Melissa & Doug Play House! Reusable Sticker Pad

Melissa & Doug Play House! Reusable Sticker Pad
Melissa & Doug Play House! Reusable Sticker Pad

This is a great stickerbook because you can use the pages to put all the stickers on instead of the walls and furniture, like kids like to do with them.

There are almost 200 stickers and 5 pages to use that each have their own background.


Do Your Kids Love Stickers?

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Wall Decals Turn Your Kids Room Into Another World!

Troll Dolls

Another, classic, retro, nostalgic, blast from the past toy is Trolls! These toys are great for little girls, playing with their long, cool colored hair. I'm sure you remember trolls! They're these cute little smiling figurines with long hair. They're more of a girls toy, they're considered dolls. At this point, they're highly collectible too and getting rare etc.

As far as boys toys, to put in their stockings, the opposite of dolls, the most famously recognized, best selling action figures are G.I. Joe's! Here's an article you might like that I put together about these toys and how much I enjoyed them when I was a kid. I'm sure your son would love some of these in his Christmas Stocking!:

Gi.I Joe's - One Of The Best Toys Ever!

Treasure Troll Doll

My Lucky RAINBOW Mini Troll Doll
My Lucky RAINBOW Mini Troll Doll

Rainbow colored hair is awesome, they even have many other different colored hair trolls on Amazon to choose from.


Did You Or Your Daughter Ever Play With Trolls?

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Pen & Pencil Toppers

Another great gift idea for kids Christmas stocking stuffers are Pen & Pencil Toppers! These are so cool, I had some when I was back in school. They're like these little figurines that sit on the end of your writing tools. You can take them off and play with them or keep them on and have your writing utensil look cool! Here are some great ideas for pencil toppers, as they are so commonly referred.

Do You Have Any Pen or Pencil Toppers?

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Pencil Toppers For Both Boys & Girls

Those NFL Helmet pencil/pen toppers are more boy oriented, but have no fear they make plenty of pen or pencil toppers for both boys an girls. They have animal ones and even other cool designs on Amazon that aren't gender specific, as always it comes down to what kids like what. The next toppers are more girl oriented....

Lalaloopsy Exclusive Set 32 Pencil Toppers

Don't Forget Candy For The Stockings!

Last, but not least! Candy!!! The number one stocking stuffer idea, always! Halloween isn't the only candy day. So fill up those Christmas stockings with some great candy ideas! Here are some of the most popular ones from my youth and for today's youth!

There are many different ideas for candy to put in the stockings, traditional and non-traditional. Be aware of peoples allergies in some cases. Some of my favorite ideas are any ideas lol I can't even think of a type of candy that I don't like right now, I know there are some that don't like but I'm drawing a blank right now.....mmm candy! lol

Tru Sweets Organic Candy Canes, 10-Count Canes (Pack of 6)
Tru Sweets Organic Candy Canes, 10-Count Canes (Pack of 6)

You can't go wrong with these candy canes, they are completely organic. They contain no corn syrup and no gluten! I've never tried them before but I want to. If you or someone you know is vegan or allergic to certain ingredients then check these out.


What are some cool things you remember getting in your Christmas Stockings?

Do you have anything to add?

Please leave a comment if you stopped by?

What Are You Putting In Their Christmas Stockings This Year?

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      Bartukas 5 years ago

      Perfect gift lens thank you

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      KandH 5 years ago

      Very nice lens - thanks for sharing, bringing back some great memories and giving me some great ideas for my kids' stockings this year :)


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