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Great Gift for a Young, Hip, Daughter-in-Law

Updated on December 13, 2014
Shih tzu planter
Shih tzu planter | Source

Oh, the anxiety that comes with trying to purchase an awesome gift for your chic, young, fun daughter-in-law. I know what to buy for my sons. It doesn't matter if I'm looking for a serious gift, a gag gift, or something for whatever milestone they've reached. I can think of a million things to buy. The only problem with buying for my children is that, at times, I would like to have had more money to spend on them. They are easy to buy for; but a girl? I don't know what to get for a girl.

I love my daughter-in-law. She's a sweetie and good for my son. But, I haven't known her for almost 30 years of life, like I have my children. That makes gift giving a little more difficult.

It's even harder when I'm older, un-hip, and not at all fashion savvy. Nope. I stopped purchasing clothing items for my children a long time ago to save them the embarrassment. It's almost like a sitcom; the young person receives the ugly sweater from mom. Who has done that that to their child? This lady. They are probably very happy that I've stopped giving clothing items.

I do know what scents my sons like. And what foods and snacks they crave (when they are in the army, you start to remember their favorite, less-perishable, and less-meltable snacks). I can usually remember favorite music favorite movie genres, favorite colors, preferred sports teams, and all of those other teeny details that make gift-giving easier.

But a daughter-in-law.... oh wow. What to get?! Then, last year, I found it. Not only was it a great gift for my animal-loving, sweet, cool, daughter-in-law, it is a great gift for any pet lover. I was very happy to send her this item.

It's a Shih-Tzu dog planter, for 4" plants, from Georgetown Home & Garden. I knew I had to get it for her as soon as I saw the puppy-planter's eyes. The eyes look just like her dog's eyes. Sooo cute. I ordered it from Amazon, from my easy chair in Baltimore, and had it shipped to them in Florida. It was shipped and received with no problems at all. My son told me that she loved it, and wasn't saying it just to be nice.

I saw it in person when I visited them. It was as adorable as it is in the photo. It does only hold a 4" round planter pot; if it is used as a planter. I believe theirs started out on the covered patio and then moved indoors. It is currently their cutesy trinket catcher. It would be great as a key holder too. My son has a boxer, and I have thought about ordering the boxer planter for them next.

Painted Yorkie Dog Planter
Painted Yorkie Dog Planter

Look at that face! How adorable!


Do you know someone who loves animals?

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The planter as a gift for someone on your list or a gift to yourself.

Because the planter is painted metal, if it were mine (hint hint to any of my loved ones reading this) I would place it in a protected area if I placed it outdoors. I would keep the plant in the plastic container, rather than placing the potting soil directly into the metal planter. Or...I would just place it somewhere inside and use it to catch my keys.

If you have a gift to buy for an animal lover, whether they are young, hip, and adorable or whether they are older, uncool, and with not a lick of fashion sense (I'm referring to me), consider these adorable planters. There is a large variety of pets, livestock, wildlife, and birds to choose from. I am only listing a small sample of the planters here. All you need to do is hit any Amazon "buy now" button on this page to take you to the planters and you can search Amazon to find the planter of your choosing. I am sure you can find the perfect breed and style for the pet lover on your gift list this year.


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    • Mommie-Moola profile image


      4 years ago

      These are fun!

    • OhMe profile image

      Nancy Tate Hellams 

      4 years ago from Pendleton, SC

      These are sure fun looking planters and I love your background!

    • mel-kav profile image


      4 years ago

      These are great - I love them!!!

    • Lady Lorelei profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 

      4 years ago from Canada

      Those are hilarious. I like the scruffy yorkie. He is cute.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I love these little animal planters! I can see why your DIL liked it; I would! And yes, I use gift items like this for things other than little plants, but it would also be a great planter for herbs in a window.


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