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Great Gift Idea For the Eight Year Old Girl Who Has Everything

Updated on June 22, 2014

The Gift That Labled Me "The Best Godmother Ever"

I have one godchild.This is probably a good thing because I adore her and overlook money when it comes to getting her the perfect gift. She loved a book series, I bought her the whole 19 book collection and wrapped each individually. Then a few months later she got a nook from her mother. She owns a nook, a DS3, and wants an ipod touch because "her cousin has it." As for other toys, she pretty much has it all. I refuse to buy her technology gifts. I'm not opposed to technology but I grew up playing with Playmobil and American Girl dolls. I once begged my parents for months for the new handheld Nintendo color. So they bought me it for my birthday, loved it for a week, then stopped playing it. The same thing with the ipod I "just had to have." Kids should play not stare at screens all day but enough of that and back to her.

Her birthday came up in July and I was so nervous on what to get her. I spent hours researching online for gift ideas. I used to get her a new coat (from Gap Kids because everything they have is so cute!) and clothes before I realized she wears a uniform everyday. So what to do?! I stumbled upon the answer during another frustrating search. Adopt an endangered animal in the name of the person! I tried out the idea on others. Some thought it was cool...others thought it was kinda weird. However, I knew she loved pandas and they were definitely on the list!

She came to visit for a family get together and I told her about it. She ran around telling everyone. My other little cousins were jealous for not receiving such a great gift! I got her address so I could send her it and she was thrilled! Knowing a panda out in China was adopted for her so beat an ipod touch. I was numero uno godmother!

So how much is it to adopt an endangered animal? Honestly, it ranges .For twenty-five dollars, the adoptee will get a certificate with their name and a picture of the panda with a card on panda information. I opted for the fifty dollar version as it includes an animal plush of your panda as well as what is in the twenty-five dollar choice. You can get a package of 100 dollars or 250 at the most. What is included varies upon the cost. I personally thought the idea of a plushy of her chosen animal was a great idea. I mean, now she could look at it and be reminded of the gift.

By the way, you can adopt just about any type of animal that is endangered. Sea turtles, sharks, birds, the list goes on and on. If you still do not know which one to choose, there is an option for you to pay monetarily and they can pick it.The money goes towards a good cause and the receiver knows you did something awesome for them. So win and the environment also wins. The only problem I have now is...what to get the girl with a panda and everything else.

* Picture from

Blue Planet - The Must Be Narrated By David Attenboro Famous Series

Blue Planet: Seas of Life (Five-Disc Special Edition)
Blue Planet: Seas of Life (Five-Disc Special Edition)

Several years ago, my brother informed me he got me a gift I would really love. He got me all of Blue Planet and Planet Earth. Both narrated by David Attenboro (which he lectured was the best of all narrators!). I love Blue Planet. Attenboro's voice is soothing and yet has the emotion to describe without detracting from nature's beauty. My favorite of all the disks is 'In the Deep.' I love to turn off all the lights and watch it on my family's huge television. Who knew such an intense array of colored creatures who make such beautiful light shows exist so far below us? You don't have to be animal obsessed to be in awe over the mysteries of Blue Planet but you do need to give it a try!


Endangered Plushies

These are all different plushie options for endangered species. Younger girls may not be able to understand the whole adoption scenario but do love some cute stuffed animals. I normally am not a fan of stuffed animals but have to admit I still have a few favorites hidden away somehwere. One of them I got was years ago at the Monterey Bay aquarium, a sea otter, it cheered me up during a horrible two week bout of the flu which took up most of our California vacation.

World WildLife Foundation Posters

Know they really really love a certain animal? Then get them a poster or two depicting it. When I was little, I had the cutest poster of this endangered bear species. I haven't seen it up in years because of all my watercolors. Anyway, the point is posters are a fun and cute way to wake up and see something cool or cute or weird. If you want to be really cool, then get a cheap plastic frame for it (that's what my mom did) so they don't need to apply stick-tac or pins all over the I used to.

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    • profile image

      briancdrury 4 years ago

      I love creative, meaningful gifts! Great job coming up with something that she will always remember!

    • profile image

      miaponzo 4 years ago

      Plush animals are always a hit :)