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Great Gift Ideas for Teenage Nieces

Updated on November 7, 2012

Looking for Great Gift Ideas for Your Teenage Nieces?

If you aren't a parent of teenage girls, then finding great gifts for juniors can be a bit challenging. This is especially true if you are an uncle, but even as an aunt, finding great gifts for teenage nieces can be tough if you aren't really connected with current teenage culture. There are some safe choices for go-to gifts, of course, but if you don't want to be boring, then tracking down something fun rather than a gift card can be helpful. However, don't discount the popularity of that good old gift card. My teenage daughters love them, and finding a gift card that taps into the interests of your teenage nieces may be a simple way to show that you care!

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Manicure and Pedicure Gifts for Teen Nieces - Personal Care Gifts for Juniors are Great!

Teens seem to love personal care products, and unique manicure or pedicure products can be perfect. You'll find options ranging from cheap to indulgent, and some of the sets include lots of fun nail color products too. I loved the set I got from my Aunt when I was a teen, and I used it for years. I've done the same for my own nieces on various occasions and for my daughters.

Find Current Nail Care Sets for Juniors - Teen Nieces: Personal Care Gifts

Fun Crossbody Purses for Juniors make great gifts for teenage nieces

Make it especially fun by adding a few extras: gift cards, wallet, makeup, lip balm, jewelry, and other goodies!

Electronics Gifts for Juniors: Teenage Niece Electronic and Tech Christmas Gifts

Juniors love electronics, and your options are extensive in both variety of products and prices. If you don't have lots of people on your list, you may want to indulge a niece with a computer, tablet or Wii U console. If you are a little more limited, of course, then simpler electronics like iPod Shuffle, iPod speakers or basic ereaders may work better.

Digital Cameras for Teenage Niece Gifts for Christmas

COOLPIX L26 16.1 MP Digital Camera w/ 5x Zoom NIKKOR Glass Lens and 3 In. LCD - Red
COOLPIX L26 16.1 MP Digital Camera w/ 5x Zoom NIKKOR Glass Lens and 3 In. LCD - Red

There are always great digital camera deals during the holidays, and teens love having sleek colorful digital cameras. This model is great for quality and cuteness, but watch for special sales throughout the holiday season!


Trapper Hats for Teenage Nieces

Fun and clever trapper hats are really popular, and teenage girls can enjoy more tasteful designs or silly animal options during the winter season.

Crafting Kits for Christmas Gifts for Juniors

Artterro Wire and Bead Art Kit
Artterro Wire and Bead Art Kit

Finding the right craft set for a junior is a little more challenging. Skip the cutesy kits meant for little girls and look for something with more professional tools and fancy components if you don't want to leave your niece feeling like you think she's a baby!


Gift Cards are a Hit with Teen Nieces for Christmas $25 Gift Card (0108) $25 Gift Card (0108)

Find out what she loves and select a relevant gift card. Pick a general card like an Amazon card if she has lots of interests. This also works if she uses content for an electronic device that needs download funds!



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