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Great Gifts for Inquisitive Kids: I Spy Books, Games and Puzzles

Updated on November 30, 2012

Christmas I Spy Presents: Great Gift Ideas for Inquisitive Kids

Is there a child who isn't somewhat inquisitive? Every child works his curiosity out in a unique way, and curiosity is one of the most important parts of learning! The sense of wonder leads to so much exploration and growth. From birth, a child is exploring his universe, making connections and learning. It's tough to see that spirit of wonder fade, especially if you encounter it at the middle school level. There's less wondering about why things work and more wanting to be done with an assignment so that it's just done and out of the way. It doesn't have to be that way, but sometimes, we don't realize how easy it is to quench a curious spirit.

I love I Spy materials because they challenge my kids to explore. Their inquisitive nature is piqued by the fun books especially, a favorite choice at the library. I've seen the same books come home year after year. We've explored scene after scene in search of specific items. The premise is simple. Intriguing collections of things are used to compose a picture. Among those things are specific items. A list of things to find is given, and children search the picture to locate those hidden items. Fantastic! Hours of Fun! Really!

The kids are a bit older, but they still enjoy the books. This is a great source of interactive fun for a parent and child. It's great for travel, an activity that can engage a youngster simply because of the complexity of each page. Themed books are fun for holidays. If you haven't encountered these materials, they are lots of fun for curious children.

Christmas I Spy Books

I Spy Christmas books are great for leading up to the holiday. They also make great Christmas gifts for neighbor kids, grandchildren or nieces and nephews. You can also put them under the tree as Christmas Day gifts, but I think these are best for the lead up to the holiday. My children have a lot of nervous energy in the days before Christmas, and that energy can get negative if there isn't some focus. Things to do keep that grumpy attitude at bay, making it a little less stressful for Mom and Dad. In fact, what a great place for Christmas I Spy books and other Christmas tales: Put them under the tree so that there are goodies to enjoy as children let those sugarplums and such dance through their heads! Keep them guessing by switching things out every day or two.

Books as Christmas Presents: I Spy at Varied Levels

You'll find I Spy books can be tough for little ones to read but wonderful to look at. The School Days I Spy book is such. The kids love to look, but those who are pre-readers need some attention, wondering what they are supposed to find. This is an opportunity to interact quite a bit with your child. Older siblings can also help younger siblings. That can be tough if you have bickering and rivalry issues, but these books are a lot of fun to look at, making it a little more likely to nurture a spirit of cooperation.

Lots of I Spy Books for Inquisitive Children

You'll find I Spy Books with reading levels indicated. This is great for those kids who are early readers. You'll find a few board books, wonderful for toddlers who love to look. Use these books to teach youngsters to care for books. I've dealt with some youngsters who decide to draw in or tear pages of books, and it's important to help them understand that they need to be careful.

Love I Spy But Lacking Funds?

Online auctions are great for tracking down children's books at great prices. Check out the listings below for some of the latest lots of I Spy materials. I love the fact that I can make use of someone else's books at a savings. Both seller and buyer truly benefit. As your children get older and move on to middle and high school, you may decide to clear your library of this type of book, and auctions are great for moving this kind of material out. If you are trying to populate your library, this is a wonderful approach. I've also experienced years in which Christmas gifts had to be second hand purchases because of a stretched budget. You can track down some quality items without breaking the bank, especially with books.

I Spy Games and Toys

I SPY Original Bingo Game
I SPY Original Bingo Game

I love variations on traditional games, and Bingo is one that gets lots of variations. An I Spy Bingo Game is a great choice for addressing an inquisitive child's interests while providing a means of interacting. Bingo games are especially well-suited for elementary school children, but I've had some success with middle school children playing forms of Bingo as well.

There are many more games based on the I Spy series of materials.


I Spy Memory

I SPY Memory Game
I SPY Memory Game

Memory games are varied quite a bit, and this is one of the easiest game choices for younger children. Sets are often very affordable, and the concept is easy for young children to grasp. The manipulative impact of games is great for tactile kids and I Spy materials appeal to visual learners.


I Spy Games and Toys

You'll find relevant products in board games and electronic games. The theme is fun for children, and making it a source of play on popular devices like LeapPad Explorer and a source of fun board game interaction.

I Spy for Leapster and LeapPad Explorer

LeapFrog Explorer Learning Game: I SPY Treasure Hunt (works with LeapPad & Leapster Explorer)
LeapFrog Explorer Learning Game: I SPY Treasure Hunt (works with LeapPad & Leapster Explorer)

Make the electronic gifts and consoles your kids love coordinate with the I Spy concept.


Have Your Kids Discovered I Spy Materials?

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