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Great Grandma Gifts for Christmas and Other Occasions

Updated on November 7, 2012

Finding a Great Gift for a Great Grandmother

My grandmother is 94, and tracking down gifts from great grandchildren isn't an easy thing. She doesn't get around very much, but she has some favorite activities. The best gift, of course, is time. We don't always have the luxury of getting opportunities to visit. The kids, though, tickle her fancy some when she's around them. She doesn't interact a lot, but she gets a lot of joy in watching the youngsters flit around. She's got lots of great grandkids, too, and while I've lost count, I know that it's a huge clan. Photos are great gifts for a great grandma. Finding the right presentation for those photos can be fun, though. Some of the following are excellent choices based on things different family members have done.

Kindle Fire as a Gift for Great Grandma

This may seem surprising, or maybe it makes perfect sense. My aunts, uncles, and mom went in together on the cost of a Kindle Fire for Grandma's birthday. They were especially interested in the Angry Birds app being able to be played. The consensus was that it was a hit. As Grandma played, the response was an ongoing "I'll be!" I love Angry Birds, my kids love Angry Birds...never imagined that a great grandma might love it too.

Puzzles for Great Grandma

When you don't get out and about much, you may spend a lot of time passing time. My grandmother does a lot of puzzles, and my daughter picked up on this quickly, selecting and sending a puzzle on her own for Christmas. There are lots of beautiful puzzles available, and there are many value sets. You can circulate puzzles among other relatives if you want to get further use out of them, or you can send them on to a senior center when Grandma has finished with them.

Photo Quilts: Commemorative Gifts for a Great Grandmother

My Mom spent a year working on the photo quilt for Grandma's 90th birthday. It took a ton of coordination and scanning, but the quilt is beautiful. There are blocks representing each of Grandma's kids along with a block for both Grandma and Grandpa. Each sibling square includes surrounding photos of the grandchildren and family photos depicting great grandchildren. It's an heirloom, to be sure, and while you might not get an intricate quilt together for Christmas, you can find idea books and materials as you plan for a big birthday or special holiday for a great grandma.

Sees Chocolates for Great Grandma

See's Candies have been a favorite in my family for a long, long time. My Mom even works at a See's. As a result, she can buy special candies for Grandma to take when she's visiting. She doesn't take them every time, and she spends a lot more time now than in earlier years. However, she finds that Grandma is excited when there are treats. This was equally lighthearted as a fun point of visits with my paternal grandmother before she passed away. One of the last visits I had with her included a fun time of everyone choosing a candy from a box of See's.

See's Candies 1 lb. Truffles
See's Candies 1 lb. Truffles

Pick softer candies if nuts and chews are hard on a great grandparent's dental work. See's Truffles are generally rich and soft. You don't have to go overboard, but a little lighthearted fun is great and a small treat can be a bright spot in the day.


Older Video Collections for Great Grandparents

While there is a lot of access to older movie titles via cable, a nice collection of favorites can be great. Shirley Temple was the rage when my aunts and uncles and Mom were young, and sentimental favorites can be a great gift for a great grandma.

Mysteries, Comedies and Other Genres: Different Faves for Different Great Grandmas

One grandmother may love the musical, another the paternal grandma adored Agatha Christie books and related movies. There are lots of possibilities, and a good long chat about favorites will provide you with lots of ideas.

Smart Televisions or Big Screen Devices for Great Grandmothers

A huge television is easier to view, and Grandma spends a lot more time watching television these days. You can explore a device that's suitable in size to the area she watches from so that she can watch in comfort.


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