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Want to dress up in a cool Steampunk Outfit this Halloween?

Updated on September 12, 2015

Steampunk costume ideas for Halloween

A Steampunk themed Halloween outfit is awesome because it is so versatile in terms of character choices. You can find a sexy and sassy Steapunk Halloween costume if you portray a Victorian/Jules Vernian Showgirl or you can dress up in something elegant, stoic and cool to act out the role as pampered Steampunk princess.

The Steampunk fashion style allows you to put together a creative, playful and geeky Halloween costume that is bound to make you stand out.

In this article you will find both full pre-made ready to go Steampunk outfit as well as creative ideas for DIY Steampunk Halloween dress up costumes.

Here are Steampunk clothing patterns so you can sew your own stuff and there is an extensive list of Steampunk accessories that you can buy to complete the look.

Get wild and creative with these hats, glasses, gloves and jewelry as well as other fun Steampunk looking items that you can purchase to create the ultimate Steampunk Cosplay or Halloween costume.

Picture shows a Steampunk accessory set. Courtesy of Amazon

What makes a good Steampunk outfit/costume? - The SP is in the details

The Steampunk fashion is a mix between Victorian age styled clothing and accessories and outfit details with roots in the mechanical and invention sphere. In short, imagine that the character you are trying to play wearing your Steampunk outfit was born in Victorian Times, but in a parallel universe where the scientific progress was a bit further ahead than in our reality.

The secret to putting together a really great Steampunk costume is to pay close attention to the details. You can have a pretty standard set of clothing, but if you add a bit of cogwheels, some cool rusty goggles and maybe some straps or a corset you will most likely end up looking very Steampunk.

You can easily make or buy a basic Steampunk costume and then add jewelry, gloves, shoes and goggles to make it look incredible.

There are a lot of variations to the standard Victorian/Jules Verne inspired Steampunk. You can get creative and do a Wild West based Steampunk or maybe a pirate style Steampunk like the set above.

Steampunk Victorian Vampire outfit

InCharacter Costumes Boy's Steampunk Vampire Costume, Black/Red, Large
InCharacter Costumes Boy's Steampunk Vampire Costume, Black/Red, Large

A stylish Steampunk look for men. Get in touch with your inner Vampire and Gentleman and don this outfit for Halloween. The ladies will love your look and if you add a cane to the outfit you get the satisfaction of swinging it around nonchelantly.

Outfit includes: Jacket,capelet, vest, cravat, hat, boot covers, goggles and comes in three sizes.


Steampunk outfits and costumes for adults

Purchase a pre-made Steampunk dress or outfit to avoid the hassle of having to create it yourself. There are some pretty cool looking ready to go Steampunk costumes on the market.

Steampunk bell dressBUY NOW

Mens Steampunk costume BUY NOW

Sexy Steampunk outfitBUY NOW

Steampunk Victorian Duchess EnsembleBUY NOW

Steampunk engineer outfitBUY NOW

Steampunk Victorian Brocade Dinner DressBUY NOW

Couples costume set for a Steampunk Halloween

If you are a couple you can wow your friends by wearing coordinated Steampunk outfits for Halloween.

The Showgirl and Gentleman costume sadly only comes in one size, however if you want to match your partner, this might be a nice set for you.

Couples Halloween Steampunk Outfit SetBUY NOW

Steampunk Shoes, Boots and Pumps

To complete your Steampunk Halloween Costume

One of the places where the Steampunk style really shines is on footwear. Metal meets fabrik and leather to create some very cool and raw looking shoes and boots.

If you can not afford to get both a great Steampunk outfit and the shoes I would advice you to go with the shoes. It may be possible for you to create the Steampunk look using clothes that you already own, but a nice pair of Steampunk pumps are hard to whip up.

Womens Steampunk shoes with heelsBUY NOW

Womens flat Steampunk shoesBUY NOW

Womens Steampunk metal platform pumpsBUY NOW

Womens Steampunk ankle boots with high heelsBUY NOW

Womens furry Steampunk ankle bootsBUY NOW

Womens convertible pumps/bootsBUY NOW

Womens Steampunk buckle and platform bootsBUY NOW

Womens high Steampunk bootsBUY NOW

Womens lace up/spike heel Steampunk bootsBUY NOW

Steampunk accessories - Jewelry, glasses, gloves, hats and other great details for your Steampunk outfit

When putting together a Steampunk Halloween outfit, it will really be the accessories that make or break the whole thing.

You can turn a normal black dress into a Steampunk costume if you add a cool victorian style hat, a necklace and a ring with some gear on it and finally a pair of goggles. Anything mechanical that smells of science will do and give the rugged/engineering look of the Steampunk style.

Fingerless Victorian Steampunk glovesBUY NOW

Lace-Up GlovelettesBUY NOW

Steampunk Scalloped GlovesBUY NOW

Steampunk Victorian Goggles with magnifying glassesBUY NOW

Golden Clear GlassesBUY NOW

Steampunk Monocle - Clear lensBUY NOW

Deluxe Steampunk Top Hat BUY NOW

Mini Clock Parts Steampunk Design HatBUY NOW

Stripped Steampunk womens top hatBUY NOW

Laboratory Chaterlaine Alchemy NecklaceBUY NOW

Leather and Canvas Steampunk Pouch BagBUY NOW

Gears RingBUY NOW

Revolver Walking StickBUY NOW

Vintage Glass Ball Steampunk WatchBUY NOW

Walking stick with dragon handleBUY NOW

Which piece of accessory is an absolute must for a Steampunk outfit to be a succes?

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Steampunk Cosplay and Dress up resources.

Do you have time and nimble fingers? Want to have a truly unique set of Steampunk clothes? Do you want to really stand out in the crowd at Halloween and dazzle everyone with your one of a kind dress that looks exactly like something from the Universe of Jules Verne?

If you want to try your hands on sewing your own Steampunk dress, but you aren't feeling 100% comfortable just counting on your own visions, then you can get inspiration and help from the sewing patterns listed here:

Misses Steampunk Costume Sewing PatternsBUY NOW

Pre-order Steampunk Your Wardrobe (released on 1st of Sep 2012)BUY NOW

Victorian Style Costume PatternsBUY NOW

Below are some links to good guides, tips, tricks and ideas for you if you are looking to sew and create your own Steampunk Halloween Outfit.

Are you planning on dressing up in Steampunk style this Halloween?

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