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Great Toddler Gifts: Step 2 Puppet Theater

Updated on November 11, 2012

Toddler Puppet Theater by Step 2: Fun Pretend Play

I love gifts that tap into the creativity of my kiddos. Puppets are a lot of fun, and my family has enjoyed using the Step 2 Puppet Theater. While my youngsters have somewhat outgrown the size, they still occasionally pull out their puppet stage and goof around. It's been great fun when cousins have visited, and you don't need to have real puppets to make it serve their creative needs. Stuffed animals work well. That said, a few good puppets are great for rainy day fun, and it's always wonderful to see what a child will imagine.

My kids took an interest in a wooden puppet stage at the local library, and this clued me in to the fact that they might enjoy a real puppet theater of their own. The Step 2 Version has some great accents.

Step 2 Puppet Theater For Toddlers - Promote Imagination and Pretend Play

Step2  Puppet Theater
Step2 Puppet Theater

I picked this stage for my youngest two children when they were 3 and 4 years old. It was a hit. It's easy to assemble, great as a Christmas morning WOW gift for your little ones. I love the overhead lights that add a sense of theatric drama. The tough plastic of Step 2 products is a great characteristic. The opening curtain is excellent. Very fun!


Do your kids like to act out stories?

Narration is a great way to measure reading or listening comprehension. Acting and puppetry can provide a unique teaching tool, allowing youngsters to rerelease favorite stories.

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Quality Puppets for Use with Step 2 Puppet Theater for Toddlers and Preschoolers

If you want my personal recommendation for great puppets, Folkmanis puppets are awesome. They are much like stuffed animals but with puppet construction that makes them perfect for story telling and drama. You'll often find some of them in national park visitor's centers, but these are just a small sampling of what's available. Little ones will love the finger sized puppets, and the full sized puppets are amazing in quality and pricing! We have the wolf and the hare, along with a spider. I have many on my wish list, though.


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