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Green Halloween

Updated on August 25, 2013

Green Halloween Tips for 2011

Halloween is a fantastic time of the year for both kids and adults, but with all those decorations, costumes, candy, and more it can also mean a lot of waste. Luckily it is possible to make Halloween more green if you take these eco-friendly tips into consideration and do a little forward planning.

It's always great to hear about other people trying their best to save our environment. Many people don't think about the holidays as a good time to keep this process going! Here are some great tips for having a green Halloween!

Green Halloween Tip #1 - Better Halloween Candy

By choosing your Halloween candy wisely, you’ll be helping to protect your kids’ health as well as the environment. Take a trip to your local health food store to see what’s on offer. Opt for organic treats that aren’t full of artificial ingredients, as well as fair trade chocolate or even homemade baked treats.

Though it is harder at Halloween due to the nature of trick or treating, try to limit the amount of wrapper plastic used on your Halloween treats this year! That's one good way to REDUCE your impact on the environment at Halloween.

Halloween decorations - not so green!
Halloween decorations - not so green!

Green Halloween Tip #2 - Beware Of The Decorations!

When it comes to incorporating eco friendly tips into Halloween, you may just find that it makes things even more fun! You don’t need to buy plastic decorations from the store: take advantage of what nature has to offer and decorate your home with leaves, pumpkins, apples and natural candles. Don’t forget to choose reusable plates and cutlery instead of disposable items if you really want to do the best you can for the environment.

Green Halloween Tip #3 - Recycle/Reuse Your Halloween Costumes

Eco friendly tips almost always revolve around reusing or recycling so you don’t have to buy new, and Halloween is no different. By renting a costume, making your own from old costumes or reusing costumes you’ve bought in previous years, you’ll be doing your bit to reduce waste this Halloween. Try making your costumes out of old clothes that would have otherwise been thrown away, or buy second hand clothing at low prices to use for fabric.

Green Halloween Tip #4 - Use Recyclable Treat Bags

We all need bags to carry around our Halloween treats, but they needn’t be bad for the environment. Instead of plastic or paper bags, get your hands on some reusable bags that can be recycled for many years to come. Canvas bags are an excellent choice – take a look around stores to see if you can find any Halloween-themed bags, or simply decorate a plain canvas bag yourself.

Out of all the eco friendly tips, what you do with everything after the event really does matter. Don’t just throw away pumpkins, use them for compost, and try to keep any decorations you bought so they can be used again next year. If you did end up buying a costume and won’t wear it again, give it to a friend or donate it. Every little gesture helps!

If there are any Green Halloween Tips I missed, please share them below!

Any Good Green Halloween Tips I missed?

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