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Green Hornet Halloween Costume Ideas

Updated on January 1, 2016

I Found The Coolest Green Hornet Costume Ideas For Halloween

Consider this lens your own personal Green Hornet Costume Guide! In it you will learn a bit about the Green Hornet and his side kick, Kato. Find out about where it all started, The Green Hornet Radio Show followed by comics, a TV series in the 1960s, and a movie starring Seth Rogen in 2011. Meet Britt Reid and Kato, his faithful side kick, and find out some fun facts about Kato too. The Black Beauty was the Green Hornet's car and that baby was loaded, learn what super techno features the car had. When you are done with all that you will understand why this is such a SUPER HOT Halloween costume idea for adults, both men and women. Find out why is everyone so crazy about the Green Hornet?

Like The Green Hornet Radio Show?

If you like the Green Hornet Radio Show, or never heard it and would like to, I found a place where you can listen to each of the first 53 radio episodes for free. What's better than that? Learn all about the Green Hornet and Kato from the radio show that first aired on January 31, 1936. The very first Green Hornet radio show featured Al Hodge as Britt Reid/Green Hornet and Raymond Hayashi as Kato.

The radio show's theme song was "Flight of the Bumblebee" by Rimsky-Korsakov and there is a video at the bottom of this page where you can hear it. The Green Hornet started out in radio in 1939 and as this Superhero duo became more popular there were Green Hornet comic books, movie serials, a feature film, and a Green Hornet TV Show! The radio episodes of the original Green Hornet radio show are a great way to learn all about your favorite Super-Villian crime fighting pair, the Green Hornet and Kato.

The Green Hornet 1966

TV Series Starring Van Williams And Bruce Lee

The Green Hornet TV series first aired on September 9, 1966 and ran until March of 1967. The show starred Van Williams as Britt Reid/The Green Hornet and an unknown in America Chinese actor named Bruce Lee played the role of Kato. Well, that really started something, didn't it! Bruce went on to become one of the most famous martial artists in the US and stole the show as Kato. Check out some of the TV episodes I found and added to this page. Have some fun while you watch the Green Hornet and sidekick Kato in action fighting Super-Villains and making the criminal element in the city feel "The Sting of the Green Hornet".

The Green Hornet 1966 Video

You Are Getting Closer To Green Hornet Costume Ideas!

Keep Scrolling!

What Is The Green Hornet Black Beauty?

The Black Beauty Is The Green Hornet's Car

The Green Hornet's Car, a 1966 Imperial Crown sedan, was called the Black Beauty. The car was customized for the TV show at the cost of 50,000.00. The car was kept where no one would find it, in a secret area underneath Britt Reid's garage. This car was loaded!

Some of the far out features the Green Hornet's Crown Sedan had:

  • 2 retractable Browning machine guns on it's hood
  • Armed FIM-92 Stinger missiles in the front bumpers
  • A flame thrower on the grill
  • Benelli M2 20-gauge shotguns were hidden in the lights
  • The rear bumper had some Stinger Missiles
  • Tripod mount in the trunk with Browning machine guns
  • Retractable anti-riot spikes
  • 6 AR-15 Carbines
And that's not all! The Green Hornet's Black Beauty was a real beauty of a car and she was loaded with Super-Villain crime fighting tools Britt and Kato could rely on. It would be perfect for city driving today!

Green Hornet Black Beauty - Britt Reid's Garage

Green Hornet 2011

Like The Old Green Hornet Or The New One?

Which is your favorite Green Hornet?

Do you like the Green Hornet TV series or the 2011 movie best?

Meet Britt Reid - The Green Hornet

Britt Reid is a millionaire who publishes newspapers, but he has a secret. He fights crime under the guise of "The Green Hornet" and this secret identity is known only to a very few people. They keep quiet knowing that Britt's life depends upon their silence. Britt dresses with impeccable taste and style, but his alter-ego, The Green Lantern wears a black eye mask, a black hat and a black suit with a green vest and a long green over coat.

The eye mask and the hat hide the Green Hornet's true identity and his outfit is pretty simple to put together yourself if you feel like making your own Halloween costume this year. The eye mask is the key to this costume, so make sure you have one of these.

Kato of Green Hornet Fame - Who is Kato?

Kato is a mechanic and a driver for Britt Reid and he is a Super-Villain fighting sidekick to The Green Hornet. This is a simple costume to put together. Kato too, wears an eye mask, he also wears a suit, but his is more fitted than the one The Green Hornet wears and Kato's hat is that of a chauffeur.

Kato, in the original TV show, was played by the magnificent Bruce Lee. The role of Kato helped propel Bruce into the American spotlight, he was already a star in his native Hong Kong. In the 2011 movie, Kato is played by Jay Chou, and he does a good job in that role.

Who's Your Favorite - Kato vs Green Hornet

Who is your favorite character? Is it the Green Hornet or is it that super cool cute as can be Kato? Guess who I like best!!

Of the two crime fighters, The Green Hornet and Kato, who is your favorite?

Green Hornet Costumes For Women

Go Green Girls!

The Green Hornet might be a man in the movies, but on Halloween every woman can dress up in this simple Halloween costume too. Women can easily fit right into the Green Hornet persona with a small bit of costume change magic. Instead of wearing the traditional men's suit as a costume, add a skirt or even a dress to the equation. That's enough to turn this costume around from a man's outfit, to one that is perfect for any woman who chooses to wear it. It's fun to be a Super-Villain crime fighter, and a millionaire newspaper publisher on top of that, so go on, men and woman, get your Green Hornet costume ideas ready for some Halloween fun.

Baby You Can Drive My Car!

Holy Crime Fighting Costumes Batman!

Green Hornet Trivia - Who Knew?

Britt Reid is the nephew of the Lone Ranger.

The Officially Licensed Costumes For The Green Hornet

You can put together your own costume or you can buy one of the officially licensed Green Hornet costumes that are available at costume stores in your area, online, or even on this page. These costumes focus on the main parts of the Green Hornet's wardrobe but, guys, you have to supply your own pants and shoes. Read the description before you buy the costume so you know exactly what you are getting.

The officially licensed Green Hornet and Kato women costumes are different than the ones for the guys. For the ladies, the Green Hornet costumes have a green mini dress, some nice long green gloves and a matching green hat. The Kato ladies costume has a black dress that's sexy, a chauffeur's cap and that eye mask that's so important for this look.

Bruce Lee's Kato

Bruce Lee was a great Kato and as a fan I had to add some of his TV show memorabilia on this page!

Green Hornet 1966 Vintage Collection

Theme Song For Green Hornet - Flight of the Bumble Bee

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