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Greeting Card Software: American Greetings and Hallmark Cards

Updated on February 22, 2012

Greeting Cards

It seems like every time we turn around there's some sort of special occasion to commemorate. We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, promotions, and the holidays. Oh, yeah, that's right,Thanksgiving is right around the corner!

For such occasions, you absolutely need a greeting card. Whether it be a close friendship, someone you love, or an acquaintance, greeting cards provide that special touch for those instant 'kodak' moments.

This leads us to greeting card software. In the long run, greeting card software is cheaper and more personal than the typical Hallmark cards at the mall. If you want to get that special someone a meaningful gift then look no further...greeting card software!

Thanksgiving Hallmark Greeting Card


How to use Hallmark Greeting Card Studio

Hallmark Greeting Cards

When we think of greeting cards or holiday cards, inevitably hallmark comes to mind. For over 100 years, hallmark has stood for quality and creativity. Two pillars of card making that has endured the test of time creating one 'hallmark moment' after another.

The Hallmark company affirms that, "On special occasions and everyday, we will be the company that inspires emotional connections and genuine emotionally relevant life affirming awareness. The possibilities are everywhere."

And that's exactly what hallmark does. Hallmark greeting cards have the ability to make you laugh one moment and then make you cry the next. So why not make it a goal this year to create that magical moment for yourself?

The Hallmark Card Studio 2010 Deluxe is a special greeting card software program that allows people the opportunity to create one-of-a-kind Hallmark cards. With 3 simple steps, you will be creating the best, unique greeting cards that you've always dreamed about! So, go ahead, make your Hallmark moment special for the 2010 holidays!

Simply put, "Hallmark Card Studio is like having a Hallmark store in your computer. It has an event calendar that allows me to set reminders. You can e-mail cards with sound too. Its got a lot of great graphics. It's really fun and saves money. I'd recommend this to anyone that has a lot of friends and family." ~ Happy Hallmark Customer Review (amazon)

Avery American Greetings Cards

Another highly recommended greeting card software is the Avery/American Greetings Half Fold Blank Card. The program is great for printable birthday cards, anniversary cards, holidays cards, announcements, and much much more.

For some customers, the Avery is the preferred card style for home card makers. In comparison to the Hallmark greeting card software, Avery cards are less expensive and allow easier premium scoring for easy folding and clean, neat edges.

It really just comes down to preference, but if you are looking for a cheap and easy greeting card software program then the Avery/American Greetings Half Fold may be right up your alley!

Print Explosion Deluxe 3.0 Example

Greeting Cards for Mac Software

If you are Mac user like myself then you know that sometimes finding the best Mac compatible software is hard to get your hands on. It always seems like companies only have PC users on the mind and it can be really frustrating...Windows (shakes head).

Unfortunately, for those who love the Windows Hallmark Card Studio 2010 Deluxe software, there seems to be a problem with the Mac version of the Hallmark Card Studio. However, don't fret, there are some really great quality greeting card software programs out there.

There is one greeting card software in particular that has come to my attention...the Avanquest/Nova Development: Print Explosion Deluxe 3.0.

The Print Explosion Deluxe 3.0 has 13,000 professionally crafted designs, including thousands of store quality greeting cards to chose from. The software's enhanced user interface allows complete integration with iPhoto and iTunes.

Additionally, much like the Hallmark 2010 Card Studio, the Print Explosion has a quick and easy 3 step process. First you select a project, then you customize it, and finally you print the greeting card!   


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    • profile image

      Cap6697 4 years ago

      So where can we get a calendar and reminders that are

      part of the PC version of Hallmark Card Studio? Since

      having a mac I have really missed being reminded about

      just about everything.

    • drej2522 profile image

      drej2522 7 years ago from Augusta, GA

      Thanks there Ladybird! Happy Holidays!

    • Ladybird33 profile image

      Ladybird33 7 years ago from Fabulous USA

      Awww...very interesting and liked it a lot!!! I now have to consider it! Thanks for sharing!

    • drej2522 profile image

      drej2522 7 years ago from Augusta, GA

      haha...yeah, I just gotta send it via ecard!!

    • wavegirl22 profile image

      Shari 7 years ago from New York, NY

      Hes baaackk. .. did you send me my greeting card yet?

    • drej2522 profile image

      drej2522 7 years ago from Augusta, GA

      I agree the same time, greeting card software still looks clean and professional! Thanks for your comments!

    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 7 years ago from United States

      I think these are all good programs. It is certainly more personal and not that hard to design your own cards.