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Cool Grinch Costumes and Masks

Updated on March 27, 2015

Grinch Costumes and Masks

The Grinch has been made famous, first from Dr. Seuss, and then from Hollywood, where actor Jim Carrey portrayed the contradictory character in a popular movie going by the same name as the book: "How the Grinch Stole Christmas."

That has lent itself to a variety of Christmas costumes and masks associated with the Grinch, and depending on what part of his life the character is being portrayed, he can be seen as a lovable Grinch that has changed, or the more nasty Grinch who wanted to ruin Christmas for everyone in the city.

So you can get a Grinch costume that can be a friendly Grinch, or one including a mask that has a grouchy Grinch.

Both are a lot of fun, and I've found that adults and children always respond positively to a Grinch costume, whether it's naughty or nice.

In the case of Children who know the character, they always express their opinion one way or the other on how they feel about the Grinch when they see someone in a costume or some clothes with the image of the Grinch on them.

All of that adds to the enjoyment of wearing a Grinch costume, and after all, getting everyone involved in the event is a lot of what Christmas is all about. A Grinch Christmas costume is one way that definitely does all of that for you.

As for Grinch masks, most of them are images of the Grinch when he's more diabolical, although some have him wearing that smirk on his face with somewhat of a half smile to show he's only smiling on his face and not on the inside.

But there are also some Grinch masks that reveal his smiling face after he has experienced regret for his actions, so that's something that could be worn for those wanting a more happy and wholesome Grinch as part of the festivities.

For the creative types, you can of course get some green paint and color your face, adding some of the features of the Grinch to ensure everyone knows who it is you're dressed up as. Then you can use your own facial expressions to display the Grinch you want to share with those you're interacting with.

Grinch Costume with Sly Look on Face

In this first Grinch costume and mask set we get the look at what appears to be that smile mentioned earlier, which could be considered more of a smirk than anything else, as there is no smile on the eyes, and you can see he's definitely up to something by this expression.

What I like about this photo is it shows how someone can easily enter into character with the Grinch by simply placing his or her fingers in that position and wiggle them in that way that implies you're thinking of something mischievous to do.

Grinch Costume


Grinch Costume Thinking on What to Do Next

As you'll see with most of the Grinch masks and costumes included in this article, it's the idea that he's always thinking about something mean or nasty he can do next that dominates who he is.

That also finds expression in the Grinch masks and the mannerisms of those choosing to wear the costume.

And even though the Grinch face below looks completely different than the first one, the person he is still comes out, and that is of an individual with a restless mind and as a result, restless actions. All of that can be part of the fun of dressing up as the character and acting out a few of those personal traits of the Grinch, or at least occasionally posing as if you are, as you see in the Grinch characters here.

Grinch Pondering


Homemade Grinch Costume

For those with a creative bent, this Grinch mask and costume is one that is homemade, although admittedly it's done at a high skill level; one which many of the readers here may be a little intimidated by.

But when you consider you can do some Grinch face painting and easily add a couple of the elements that make Grinch look like who he is, and it's not quite as daunting of a task as you may think when you first look at the overall Grinch look below; especially the face.

How the face was made was a plaster cast of the face of the individual to wear it was made, and from there clay was used to recreate the nose and forehead of the Grinch, with layers of liquid latex created and applied with spirit gum to complete the look.

The costume was made using the fabric encasing method, with duct tape cut into pattern pieces in order to make it so it fit exactly as it should on the person to wearing it.

Really great job. To see more detail on how it was done click on the link below the picture.

Personal Grinch Costume


Mean Grinch Mask and Costume

Now for those wanting a more nasty looking Grinch, the mask below definitely adds that dimension to this costume and its persona.

It also shows how you can get a mask and put together your own Grinch body and/or costume. In this case the green hands and pants used for the legs works more than good enough, as does the Santa costume.

Even though it may not look quite as good as the other costumes on the lower part, this Grinch costume is all about the mask, and most people looking at this will be focusing entirely on the mask of the Grinch, which looks so dastardly.

Bad Grinch


Naughty Grinch Costume

Next we have a look at someone wearing a different Grinch costume, but incorporating the same mask above into it.

Looking closely, you can see how the bottom of the costume is completely different than the one above, and the person, for some reason decided to wear white gloves. They may not have been able to find green gloves, or didn't think of maybe coloring them in some way to create the real color of the Grinch's skin. And there isn't even an attempt to include a costume on the legs.

Now all of this is to show how a compelling Grinch mask can be overwhelming to those viewing it, and you don't necessarily have to have a great costume on the bottom of your body to be successful with your Grinch costume.

I would try to get something green if at all possible, but you can do without it if you must. Of course that assumes you have a very noticeable mask that attracts the eyes primarily to the facial area.

Bad Grinch Posing


Great Grinch Costumes and Masks

As you can see above, there are a lot of ways to successfully put together a Grinch costume and mask to create the desired look you're trying to accomplish, and in the mean time delighting family and friends who get to see it.

Learn and use a few of the characteristics associated with the character of the Grinch, and you'll be sure to attract attention to the costume and help everyone get engaged in what you're doing.

In the end, as I've learned more than once, wearing a Grinch costume is a lot of fun, and when you add the inevitable comments and looks you get from children and adults, it makes it all satisfying and worthwhile.


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