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Grinch Gift Ideas

Updated on August 21, 2015

The Grinch

The Grinch from Doctor Seuss has become a very popular character, which many stories of redemption help the anti-hero to be, as we see a villain change and turn away from their original intentions or proposed actions.

While we first got a taste of the Grinch in the Doctor Seuss book "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," he became more widely known when he appeared in a television cartoon adaptation of the book in 1966. The book was published in 1957. It's amazing to think the Grinch has been around for well over 50 years.

If you don't remember or aren't aware, the first Grinch television show was narrated by Boris Karloff - the actor who used to play in horror films decades ago. It was in that cartoon that I first was introduced to The Grinch.

More recently Jim Carrey starred in the role of the Grinch in a feature film.

Because he's become somewhat of a lovable character over the years, and I think because many of us related to him in relationship to how we ourselves change from who we were early in our lives to more of a positive influence in the world and for those around us, it has resulted in a number of products and gift ideas for those who are fans of interesting character.

We'll look at a few of those now to generate some thoughts on what you may want to buy if you're a Grinch fan, or if a family member, friend or colleague are.

The Grinch Oval Ceramic Mug

One of the more ubiquitous but appreciated gifts for anyone that is attracted to a certain collectible theme is that of a mug. A mug is always there to use for any type of beverage, and can also be used as a decorative piece when not being used for that practical purpose.

The terrific green Grinch ceramic mug shown here would be a wonderful gift idea for those who would appreciate it. Just be sure this popular Grinch mug isn't already part of their collection.

For those wanting to heat up something in this wonderful Grinch mug, it is microwave safe, and can also be safely cleaned in a dishwasher.

I really like the way the face and countenance of the Grinch is successfully displayed on this cute mug.

Grinch Mug

Grinch Mug
Grinch Mug | Source

Grinch Message Banner

This banner is a great example of the lesson the Grinch learned while attempting to steal Christmas.

It's size of 12 inches wide and 45 inches long makes it a great addition for any Grinch collection, and would display well in any room in the house.

Any Grinch fan would love to receive this as a present, and it of course offers a nice lesson to explain to children or grandchildren.

Grinch Banner

Grinch Banner
Grinch Banner | Source

Heart of Grinch Riding on Sleigh

Since Christmas is the major time of the year to use and display a Grinch collection, this village accessory of the Grinch's changed heart riding on a sleigh with all sorts of presents, would be a great addition to a Christmas village scene.

It's really cool to see the Grinch in front with a smiling face and holding a present he's about to give out. Also fun is the reindeer dog on top of the heart present bag with the wreath in its mouth.

Grinch Christmas Village Accessory

Grinch Sleigh
Grinch Sleigh

Green Christmas Grinch Serving Tray

Here's another wonderful Grinch item that can be of practical use or displayed as part of the Christmas decorations. The flat surface makes it perfect for setting in a cabinet or leaning against the wall on top of something.

Of course its original purpose remains in place, which is to use it as a way to serve up some Christmas goodies. Again, I like it that the designers chose to have a smiling Grinch, as a lot of Grinch items can be of him before he had his change of heart; in those cases he has a more devious, and even evil look on his face.

Christmas Grinch Tray

Grinch Tray
Grinch Tray

Grinch Lounge Pants

Of all the Grinch stuff I have, my favorite is actually a pair of lounge pants that are very similar to these ones. The only difference is my pair excludes the red colors, and has a design that is dark green and lime green, as you see below.

They are very light and practical, being made from 100 percent cotton. Also featured on the pants is his friend Max.

The drawstring and elastic waist make this a good fit for most people.

Since the Grinch is so popular, this is only one of a number of designs you can choose from if the design isn't appealing to you. Of course collectors of Grinch items will probably want to buy at least one of each.

Grinch Pants

Grinch Clothing
Grinch Clothing

Santa Costume of the Grinch

This Santa costume of the Grinch is fantastic, and hard core Grinch fans, along with those wanting to delight family and friends, would make quite a splash when suddenly appearing in this costume.

What a great way to top off your love of the Grinch than to appear as the character in a costume like this, generating all sorts of delightful and surprising comments and responses.

Here we have the Grinch obviously before he has a change of heart, as his face is one that shows he's thinking of doing some mischief. But, hey, you've got to have some reminders of what the Grinch was like before he was transformed, as it's part of the story and persona of the fascinating Doctor Seuss creation.

Grinch Costume

Grinch Costume
Grinch Costume | Source

Gift Ideas for The Grinch

I was tempted to go on with a number of Grinch gift ideas, but realized it could become quite a long list, as there are a plethora of products to choose from made in honor of the green guy.

This is just to whet your appetite with several of those that can be used in daily situations; with some being able to be used throughout the year if you choose to, such as the mug and tray. Others can be used during the Christmas holiday season, which allows for a couple of months for a growing number of people who like to start things early.

What's great about the Grinch is his popularity continues to last over decades, and that ensures fans and collectors will always have new products and items depicting the Grinch to add to their collection.


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