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Great Grinch Wallpapers

Updated on December 26, 2012

Awesome Wallpapers of the Grinch

The Grinch has become one of the great anti-heroes of Christmas, probably next in line behind Scrooge, with both characters experiencing a change of heart concerning their attitude towards people and Christmas, which has endeared them to fans over the years.

That has resulted in some awesome Grinch wallpapers to enjoy on the desktop computer or other screen, which can be shared and enjoyed by those who have watched the Grinch and his life as it transforms before our eyes.

What that does is provide us with great material to use on our computers, no matter what the size screen we're using at the time.

Another nice feature is because The Grinch has been shown in cartoon and feature film form, it offers us the option of using a cartoon Grinch scene, one from the movie starring Jim Carrey as the Grinch, or both, as we'll see in some of the Grinch wallpapers included in this article.

For me, using a unique image of the Grinch which captures him at specific moments in his life story works the best for wallpapers. Let's look at a few now to show you how they appear.

Wallpaper of Grinch Sneaking in Living Room

This first Grinch wallpaper is a really good one for those that enjoy having all that Christmas color on their screen.

It's also one of the best depictions of The Grinch before he turned from his wayward behavior and won the hearts of most people.

For those wanting to include a little of the bad Grinch to look and laugh at, this is a really good piece of digital art.

Also nice is the unique interior setting of this house from the movie.

Colorful Grinch Wallpaper

grinch wallpaper
grinch wallpaper | Source

The Grinch and Jack Skellington Wallpaper

This is a very interesting and funny wallpaper of The Grinch and Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

There is somewhat of a morphing of the two characters, creating some great effects.

My personal favorite is probably Jack Skellington with the Santa beard, although The Grinch looks pretty cool with his very different look.

Going with the traditional red and green Christmas colors with the characters added to the relevance of the wallpaper.

Having said all that, what really makes this a great wallpaper is the facial expressions of the two characters. That's worth placing it on a computer for sure.

(Okay. I confess. I knew it was Oogie Boogie, but I'm sure he's related to the Grinch so that has to count for something.)

Oogie Boogie and The Nightmare Before Christmas

oogie boogie and jack skellington
oogie boogie and jack skellington | Source

Wallpaper of Grinch Taking Christmas Tree

This is one of the more identifiable and unforgettable images of the Grinch as the height of his meanness, where he is sneaking around while stealing the Christmas tree from a home in Whoville. The look on the "reindeer" dog's face says it all as to how he feels about it.

What's cool about this wallpaper is how it personifies the Grinch before he changed. If there is one word that would describe the Grinch as far as his actions go, it would be 'sneaky,' and this image captures the essence of that negative characteristic in him perfectly.

The exaggerated expressions on the face of the Grinch and the dog are part of what make the characters so memorable to fans.

Sneaky Grinch in Cartoon

cartoon Grinch
cartoon Grinch | Source

Grinch Wallpaper Scene from Cartoon

Why I like this particular Grinch wallpaper is the decision to include a wide spectrum of the story in one image. The disparate images of the story actually come together to give a basic pictorial of who the characters of the story were and what they represented. It of course only makes sense to those who have seen and know the story.

It's a pretty cool design to have the dog popping out of the blue box. You can tell his nature and character is one that is better than that of the Grinch, even though he caved when the Grinch pressured him to partake in his mean deeds.

The wonderful picture of the residents of Whoville holding hands to the right of the face of the Grinch speaks of the camaraderie enjoyed by the inhabitants of the town.

This is a terrific wallpaper for those wanting an overall view of the story in one collection.

Grinch Cartoon Scene

grinch scene from cartoon
grinch scene from cartoon | Source

Grinch Wallpaper of Him Riding in Sleigh

This high-powered wallpaper image of the Grinch riding in the sleigh with the reindeer dog right in your face is fantastic.

Those two light bursts in the back look great, working as a backdrop to the Grinch, as well as producing the effect of major power.

With the light showcasing the Grinch and his dispassionate face, it increases the sense of power and ominous feel to what he is doing with that power.

But in the end, this is just a cool looking Grinch wallpaper, and of all the good one's here, probably my favorite.

Dog Pulling Grinch in Sleigh

grinch in sleigh
grinch in sleigh | Source

Grinch Wallpapers

Grinch wallpapers, as with many things that are associated with the Grinch, are terrific looking, and as mentioned it seems fans just enjoy getting a look at the Grinch - whether it's before or after his personal change - because they know how the story ends.

And whether it's the cartoon Grinch or the Grinch played by Jim Carrey in the film, all of the images of him and his unique and fascinating facial expressions make him a great addition to any computer screen.


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