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Group Halloween Costumes for Adults

Updated on September 18, 2017
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Sharon is a certified Human Resources Manager with a passion for writing. Halloween is a favorite holiday and an opportunity to dress up!

Not just for kids!

Group Costumes aren't just for kids!
Group Costumes aren't just for kids! | Source

Halloween Group Costumes

Are you going to a Halloween party with a group of friends? What could be more fun then dressing in a theme together! There are countless ideas for Halloween group costumes.

As an adult I have never personally dressed up in matching costumes with friends for Halloween but I know my children loved to dress up as a gang of witches, ghosts or goblins. It's just more fun as a group.

One of my favorite scenes from the TV Show, Big Bang Theory, is when they are all dressed up as a group of superheroes. The costumes were hilarious! (More about that later!)

You can buy entire groups outfits together or mix and match depending on the number in your party. You could just go out as a gang of outlaws, or a bunch of animals. Try putting together the cast of a favorite movie or TV show. Let's take a look at some of these ideas and perhaps they will inspire you to just have fun!

What a Sweet Line Up - Dress Up as M and M's!


Be a cool chocolate candy for Halloween! This is a very simple costume for a group and it is also super easy to wear. These costumes are pullovers so its easy to get dressed in them and they are large enough to accommodate a coat if you live in a colder climate - like me!

You can create a whole group with these costumes and they cost less than thirty dollars each which is very economical. The colors come in blue, red, orange and bright green as pictured so it's best for a group of four.

You could, of course, dress as the same color too! Just pick your favorite color. My favourite colour is green, what's yours?

What Colour is your Favourite M&M?

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The Brady Bunch - great group costumes!

I grew up watching the Brady Bunch and I never missed an episode. I certainly identified with all the characters and the trials and tribulations of growing up in the 70's.

My favourite character was Marcia. Yes, Marcia was someone that was so cool in that era and I really looked up to her. Alas, now her character is anything but cool and how the times have changed!

Dressing up for a party as the Brady Bunch is still cool in my opinion especially if you can get enough people together to represent the whole family! Now how "keen" would that be!

All the Brady characters are available on Amazon. Put your bunch together! There is even an Alice costume. Everyone loved Alice the always pleasant housekeeper!

Characters from The Wizard of OZ

Wizard of Oz Characters

Pick your favorite character from the movie and have fun with it. The Wizard of Oz is a classic movie. How cool would it be to dress up as Dorothy or perhaps the Good Witch although it would probably a lot more fun to be the Wicked Witch of the West.


Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz is an easy costume character for Halloween. You could also add Toto to the outfit by carrying a stuffed animal dog.

All the characters are available on Amazon. Even the good and wicked witch. You can always save some cash and make these costumes on your own after all a witch is a witch and the good witch is a princess more or less.

Big Bang Theory Halloween - Justice League of America!

The characters from The Big Bang Theory all dressed up as their favorite superheros for their Halloween episode. Penny is a little reluctant to dress up as Wonder Woman but I think in the end she enjoyed participating. She refused to wear the black wig so we have a blonde Wonder Woman. Halloween is just more fun when you dress up with a group of friends, don't you agree?

The funniest part about this episode is the Aquaman suit. Nobody wants to get stuck with it and the costume is attached to the seahorse which is hilarious. Raj reluctantly accepts that he must be Aquaman.

Would you ever dress up as a group?

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Aqua Man: The Costume Nobody Wants (at least on Big Bang Theory!) - Don't forget your blonde wig.

It's difficult to find an Aqua Man Costume especially with the Sea Horse as in Big Bang theory. The lyrca outfit is available on Ebay but you will need a blonde blonde wig to complete the look. Apparently Aquaman was a blonde.

You can substitute any blonde wig to finish the Aqua man costume. I especially like this superhero because it is a little less mainstream. I don't think you will see too many Aquamans out on Halloween. Be unique, be Aquaman!

Or you could all dress in White!


Want a super simple idea for a group costume? Just dress in the same color! Just make sure it's the exact shade and perhaps the same types of clothing would look cool too. An example would be everyone wearing a purple turtleneck with white pants and black shoes. You will certainly get a lot of attention and questions about who or what you are representing. Just give yourselves a cool name like the "Eggplants" or something, similar to naming a music group. This is a super easy way to create a group outfit especially if you can decide on colors you all currently have in your wardrobe. Sweet!

Have You Ever Been Part of A Group Costume?

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      No I haven't... :)

      But very nice lense m8 :)

    • MirceaFlorea profile image

      MirceaFlorea 5 years ago

      There should be an Avengers group. I loved that movie

    • Pam Irie profile image

      Pam Irie 5 years ago from Land of Aloha

      No, but these group costumes for Halloween are so clever. It looks like a fun way to attend any Halloween party or gathering.