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Group Halloween Costume Ideas

Updated on August 22, 2013

Halloween Costume Ideas

It is never a bad idea to dress up alongside friends or family members in a single Halloween theme. In fact wearing a Halloween costume in a group draws more attention to you (and of course everyone in the group) and makes the attire more colorful. Imagine how superb your group photos turn out, and the bonding that will result from the adventure.

I have only dressed up in group for Halloween once. It was with the other members of my campus club. We considered many options before making our choice. In this article I have shared the best alternatives we considered and other fantastic group Halloween costume ideas.

Beatles Band Costume

The active years of the Beatles band maybe about four decades behind us, but their legacy still lives on and their popularity is fairly on the high side. Ask me how I know- the mammoth turn out for Paul McCartney’s (a member of the Beatles Band) concert in my city recently confirms that wearing a costume of an English rock band that dazzled the world for a whole decade between the 60’s and 70’s will still long catchy this Halloween.

A group that is comprised of just guys would look awesome in this costume. If your group is a mix of both boys and girls, the guys can go with this while the girls can dress up like any of their favorite contemporary female artist (like Beyonce, Kesha, Jenifer Lopez, Nicky Minaj or lady Gaga). The theme would then become 60’s music and pop music.

Candy Costume

The candy costume is predominantly worn by ladies. It makes the group of people wearing the costume look sweet and yummy. You can combine dresses that have paintings of popular candies like M & M, skittles, and twix. Even though you end up choosing one kind of candy make sure you vary the color. Remember, variety is the spice of life.

I’m a big candy eater, so a group of girls wearing a candy Halloween costume will definitely make me turn around and admire. This is my first choice recommendation for anyone who is shopping for an all-girls-group costume.

Superheroes Group Costumes

This is arguably the most popular group costume idea. You would never meet someone that would be unable to identify any of the superhero characters in the image. Try as much as possible not to have more than one person dress up as a particular super hero. This is about the best idea for a “mixed sex” group.

Vampire Family Costume

It is always a good idea to reflect the scary aspect of Halloween – a vampire family costume makes sure of that. I know there is a bunch of people out there that don’t like horror movies, but don’t worry! Nobody will dislike your vampire costume. If you are not too comfortable going ahead with the vampire costume, then you could try a zombie costume as it commands more social appeal.

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