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Grown Up Christmas List

Updated on September 11, 2014

Grown Up Christmas List Ideas

Grownups just like children have their very own grown up Christmas list items that they want over everything else. Just because you get older does not mean that Santa Claus stops bringing you gifts. It is important for you to have a list ready for the Santa in your life. If you are not sure yet what you want for Christmas, this list of the top items that adults would love to receive can help you. Not all gifts have to be practical. The best gifts are both practical and fun.

Natural Skin Care

More and more, adults and young alike are interested in taking better care of their skin. The natural skin care products are more popular than ever.

One of these amazing products, Argan oil, also known as liquid gold, is extremely popular because it's very versatile:

- it's a perfect moisturizer

- it tames frizzy hair and repairs split ends

- it helps calm eczema and psoriasis flareups

- helps acne prone skin

- it's an all around great beauty product to have in your arsenal.

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Good Quality Headphones

Everyone has a portable device of some kind that they use to listen to music or watch videos. There are very few places where these devices are used where they do not need headphones. A good set of headphones can make the sound much more dynamic and mean the difference between garbled sound and crisp high definition sound. This does not have to be an expensive gift but it is not wise to buy headphones at the dollar store. Instead, purchase a set that has a good rating online and that offers the best bang for the buck.

iPad or Tablet Case

It is not uncommon for adults to have an iPad or a tablet they take with them everywhere. While cell phones can do just about as much as tablets of any kind, some simply prefer the larger screens that most cell phones lack.

A case for an iPad or tablet makes a great gift because it helps to protect the expensive technology when it is not being used at home.

Electronics Docking Station

Nearly every tablet, media device and smart phone have a docking station that can be purchased separately. Yes, you need to tell Santa what type of docking station you need, but this is a great gift for the techie in the home. A docking station allows the user to put their gadget into a slot that charges the device while allowing it to still be used. There are other options such as keyboards and other functions that are not available without the dock.

Personalized Branding Iron

Wait, what? A branding iron? Yes, for those who love to barbeque, nothing is better than searing in your name on a great quality steak. These can be purchased with just about any name. Most sports teams also sell these with their team’s logos on them. Imagine your next tailgate party with steaks or other foods decked out with your team’s logo on it!

Just because you’ve grown up and have responsibilities does not mean you don’t have your own grown up Christmas list. Everyone has things that they want that they may not buy for themselves but would love to receive as a gift. Put your wish here, and who knows? you might just get it ;)

What's On Your Christmas List This Year?

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    • Kailua-KonaGirl profile image

      June Parker 5 years ago from New York

      I want a Kindle Fire, but have no one to buy it for me so I will have to buy it myself. LOL.

    • Camden1 profile image

      Camden1 5 years ago

      I really want a single-serve coffee maker - and I've been good this year!