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Gumby, Pokey and Blockhead Costumes

Updated on August 20, 2015

Gumby and Pokey Costumes from


Gumby is a beloved cartoon character created by Art Clokey. His major companion was Pokey, an orange pony, with other friends being Prickle, Nopey and Goo.

The unique appearance of Gumby, which was influenced by the Gingerbread Man, makes him a fantastic choice for a costume; one that brings delight to all those who grew up watching the unique character.

As nice as Gumby is, he wasn't without his enemies. His major antagonists were called the Blockheads, who unsurprisingly, were identified by the block shape of their heads. These two guys were destructive and always caused problems wherever they were.

Concerning his friends, Nopey was his dog, who had only one word in his vocabulary which was - you got it, Nopey. Prickly was a yellow dinosaur who had an apparent idea that he was similar to Sherlock Holmes. Goo was a blue mermaid that had the ability to change into any shape, as well as spitting out blue goo balls, which she got her name from.

Other supporting characters were Gumby's mom and dad, whom were named Gumba and Gumbo, a sister named Minga, and a mastodon friend named Denali. The latter two were added much later in the story.

Gumby Costume Designs

Most of the Gumby costume designs I've seen are very close to how he looks, and so there is no question as to who it is being portrayed.

Pokey is a little different. In some cases if he weren't with the Gumby character some may just think of him as another horse, although the orange color does give a hint as to who it it.

Blockheads are also very easily recognizable with their signature look as well.

Together they are a great way to go to a Halloween party as a group, a couple, or in the case of Gumby, individually if that's how your going.

Gumby and Pokey Costumes

Here is a good look at how cool it is to wear a Gumby and Pokey costume as a couple. Of course the costumes could be worn just as friends as well. The point is they look great together and are a fantastic choice for a couple of costumes.

Both costumes are great, and it's fun to see how the two sidekicks look together. Looking at the Gumby costume, you can see why it's such a fun way to go to a Halloween or other costume party, as he simply has a look that no one else has.

Gumby and Real Horse Dressed as Pokey

I have always liked it when someone dresses up in a costume and then uses an animal as a character related to them.

This one of the real horse dressed up as Pokey is great, and to have the photo of Gumby walking him is awesome.

You could also use a smaller animal for Pokey, including mules and miniatures that would be willing and able to be dressed in a costume. Pets are always a great way to create a compelling look.

This only works if you have property where you can show off the costumes, or the place of the party has the facilities to welcome a costumed guest like this. Otherwise this is more for a photo that you can share later with others, or show families and friends that come to visit.

Also take note of the Gumby costume, as it's a good example of one that is homemade and looks terrific.


Homemade Gumby and Pokey Costumes

We continue on with the Gumby and Pokey costume theme, this time with a pair of homemade costumes that are pretty well done.

Unless someone is an expert at making costumes, these are the type that are desirable, as they look funny just because of the attempt to make them somewhat realistically, although not perfectly. It's those imperfections that are fun to look at, and I especially like the face of Pokey here. You can't help but smile at it.

DJ as Gumby

This was a funny photo of a DJ doing a Halloween party dressed up like Gumby.

Finding a secondary thing like shown here is always something that is hilarious and delightful when wearing a costume. It works whether you're doing some grilling or helping serve, or whatever other activity may be going on.

But you have to laugh when you picture watching Gumby doing the DJing for a party all night long.


Blockhead Costumes

Gumby wouldn't be Gumby without his antagonistic foes - the Blockheads, which are shown here up to some mischief as usual. It is a great looking set of costumes, with the customary letters G and J on each one to identify which is which.

Now you can see how a Gumby theme for a group of people could be a pretty fun endeavor, especially as each person wears a different character.

Some people choose to go as a gang of Blockheads, in which case they get the square shape of the head, color it, and wear clothing that reflects who these guys are. That's another simple way to go to a party as a themed costume group.


Pokey Costume

What I like about this Pokey costume is not only how good it looks as it is, but someone with a little ambition, or even better, two people, can look like Gumby and Pokey as they appear in the TV series by having this particular Pokey bend over on all fours.

That's what those flat hooves are for. Occasionally Gumby can stand at the side of this Pokey and have the pony bend down as if he's walking around like a real horse. It's a pretty funny effect that is appreciated by those that see it.


Gumby and Friends Costumes

One strength of choosing a cartoon character as your costume is the character is almost always surrounded by a supporting cast, and that provides great source material for those wanting to dress up as couples or as a group.

As you see here, that works well with Gumby and his friends (and enemies). You can choose from a number of interesting characters that look a little different than most.

Gumby, Pokey and the Blockheads are definitely cartoon characters that should be considered for your costume options for Halloween and other similar parties.


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