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Gypsy Halloween Costumes

Updated on August 4, 2015

Gypsy Costumes

The choice of wearing a Gypsy costume for Halloween is a good one. Whether true or not in real life, Gypsies are imagined to have colorful costumes and to be cloaked in mystery, which makes for a great theme for the season.

Part of this is due to the lifestyle chosen by Gypsies of living very private lives, giving occasion to rumors and gossip, enhancing their reputations for better or worse.

That imaginary concept of the Gypsy generates a lot of creative ideas for costumes, and include some wonderful color and concepts to have fun with.

A number of women decide to dress as a group of Gypsies, which is always a terrific experience to enjoy together. Some couples also choose Gyspy attire as a theme for their Halloween costumes.

Gypsy Costumes

This first photo is of a more modest Gypsy costume. It works because it's true to the genre, but you probably would only recognize it as Gypsy because of the head piece. The flared sleeves look really nice, as to the simple but pretty colors.

Modest Gypsy Costume

Homemade Gyspy Costume

If you're crafty or creative at all, the Gypsy clothing style lends itself to fairly easy creations to make, as the woman below shows. Think in terms of some layers, the shawl, wrap around the waste, and the piece on the head, and you can put together a Gypsy costume that looks great and is cute. Oh, almost forgot, remember the beads too, as you see around her neck, as well as the jewelry bracelets. Combined, all of these elements make for a great Gypsy costume.

Homemade Gypsy Costumes

Gypsy Costumes for Couples

Now in the photo below, we get a look at those wonderful colors we associate with Gypsy clothing. There is no doubt as to what this couple represent. The colors are amazingly vibrant and look fantastic.

As you can see, incorporating similar colors into the costume looks amazing. Great choice for couples.

Couple Dressed as Gypsies

Group of Ladies in Gypsy Costumes

While I'm not convinced Gypsy women would be caught in this type of clothing, these women evidently think so, and are obviously having a lot of fun dressed together as a group. But ladies, you should have had the typical gypsy head piece to make it look official. They look more like belly dancers than Gypsies, but they don't seem to care, as they're having great fun dressing up as Gypsies together..

Group Gypsy Costumes

Girl in Gypsy Costume

Here is another homemade Gypsy costume for a child. Again, notice the layered look via the wrap. Also the simple wrapping of a thick an accessory around the head works good. It's cute and very effective as a costume.

Gypsy Costume for Child

Vibrant Gypsy Costumes

Here are some great ideas for a Gypsy costume. You have the gorgeous color and wide-armed sleeves that are fantastic. The bodices look great with this type of theme. What a beautiful set of Gypsy women's costumes.

Group Gypsy Costume

Gypsy Halloween Costumes

Gypsy costumes are a magnificent choice for a Halloween costume. When done correctly, there is absolutely no question as to what it is you're portraying. Also the fact they lend themselves to group and couple costuming makes them even more desirable.

In most cases, the decision to go with the vibrant colors and traditional Gypsy look seem to look the best. Just be sure to have that Gypsy headband or bandanna on your head for the best results.


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    • kittythedreamer profile image

      Kitty Fields 

      8 years ago from Summerland

      Voted up and awesome. Love gypsy looks!


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