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Halloween Activities

Updated on October 30, 2016
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Halloween is just a bit of modern fun, imported from America, and that's how I see it when I write my ghostly pages with horror photographs

Halloween Activities, Halloween Pictures, a Ghostly Poem and Halloween Poll

You'll find here lots of free Halloween pictures which you can use on your own websites. Not so wonderful, but probably worth using, as they're free.

You can also get some ideas for Halloween fancy dress, and buy some too. There's also a little Halloween Poem, written by me. Last but not least, there is a Halloween poll.

So have fun, use the Halloween freebies, and maybe learn something about Halloween.

Halloween Ghouls


Free Use of My Halloween Pictures - Just Do an Appropriate Acknowledgment

You have my permission to to use any of my Halloween pictures on this web page for free, provided that you acknowledge that you have done so and link to my Glorious Confusion HubPagesBio Page. I would love to hear from you if you do this.

Halloween Tombstones


Don't be Frightened - I Only Want to Bite Your Neck - I'll be Quite Gentle


A Ghostly, Ghoulish Poem

Halloween Ghoul - A Poem

Halloween Ghoul

Blood trail leads from empty coffin,

Over to the moon-bathed manor

Shadowy figure swathed in rags

Blood soaked, death-stained

Wild eyes sightless

Bony fingers black and bent

A Chilling shriek,

A silent scream

Welcomes in the Halloween

© Diana Grant 5th October 2011

Blood Sucker Vampire - Don't you wish you could do that with your tongue?

Blood sucker vampire
Blood sucker vampire | Source

Take This Poll About Vampyres, or is it Vampires?

Just a bit of fun!

Vampires are often depicted as very attractive people who have gone a bit wrong.

They can be sent on their way with garlic, a cross or a stake through the heart.

And they only come out at night. They have to get back in their coffins or close the curtains during the day, to avoid crumbling into a nasty heap of dust.

If they play their cards right, they can be immortal, but this has its own problems, because Vampires need to drink blood for sustenance, and after a few thousand years, this could get monotonous.

If you were a Vampyre, would you rather be put out of your misery by one of the above methods, or would you prefer to suck blood and turn other innocent people into Vampyres like you?

See results

Avoid Graveyards on Halloween!

You might get a very nasty shock

if you don't take this advice

Two of my Zazzle Designs with a Weird Theme

A bit of Scary Fun

You Can Get this Fire-Breathing Monster Design on a Mug or T-Shirt on Zazzle:


How About a Party Tie - "Masquerade"


Ghostbusters - Just Right for Halloween

And be Thrilled by Thriller Michael Jackson

Don't forget to leave a comment before you go - it's good to hear from people all around the world

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