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Halloween Animals And Their Sounds

Updated on December 20, 2014

Listen to them, children of the night ...

This page pays tribute to the animals of Halloween, those "children of the night" who regale us with their sonorous and evocative music. Their naturally spooky sounds provide the perfect backdrop for Halloween, the scariest of all seasons.

The "lead singers" in this motley cast of characters are, of course, the wolves with their familiar forlorn howls. These fearsome creatures have long been a Halloween tradition, and no celebration of this holiday would be complete without them. Other spooky howlers that can also make up a Halloween musical ensemble include coyotes, jackals, and baying dogs. There are many other mostly nocturnal creatures that round out a Halloween animals soundscape, including meowing cats, screeching bats, hooting owls, cawing crows, croaking ravens, ribbiting frogs, chattering toads, squeaking rats, laughing hyenas, hissing snakes, and humming crickets.

Below is my ode to these mellifluous children of the night.

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"Sing, Ye Children Of The Night" by DIY Mary

Sing, ye children of the night.
Perform a concert here tonight.
Regale us with your voices pure.
Bewitch us with your strange allure.

Black cats, werewolves and bats, oh my!
'Tis the season for pumpkin pie.
While Autumn's cold snaps take their toll,
Your eerie harmonies console.

The howling werewolves take the lead
in this motley Halloween stampede.
Late nights when Dracula's awake,
says he, "What sad music you make."

As the night unfolds and the werewolves howl,
black cats are also on the prowl.
The world can hear, when they carouse,
their pealing, sonorous meows.

The sounds of screeching vampire bats,
squeaking crickets, toads and rats,
and other noises fill the night
with a symphony of Halloween fright.

Old McDonald had a farm,
but his beasts don't have quite your charm.
So sing, ye children of the night.
Your music keeps our spirits bright.


An ensemble of Halloween animals opens for "Love At First Bite" (1979).

What are your favorite Halloween animals?

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Can you think of any other animals that should also be included in the Halloween soundscape?

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    • KimGiancaterino profile image

      KimGiancaterino 5 years ago

      I think you've covered them well ... and many of these critters live in my neighborhood. Boo-lessed!