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Halloween Baby Pacifiers

Updated on September 25, 2014

Add A Great Accessory To Your Baby's Costume

I know they will get back at us later, but isn't it fun to dress up the kids for Halloween? I have pictures of my daughter dressed as a flower, and I'm sure the look on her face means she hated it! She sure was cute though. This Halloween you can find the perfect accessory for your baby- pacifiers! Now if your baby's not the pacifier type you may have a hard time pulling this off. But how cute (and silly) are these pacifiers!! The pacifier featured here can be purchased at amazon. Find a silly set of teeth, or top off that baby pig costume with a snout. However you dress them up, I think you can find a pacifier to go with the costume this year. Have fun.

What A Cute Little Monster

Your little one will be the cutest monster on the block with this costume. Wouldn't it look even better with a set of monster teeth? You can find this costume and more at amazon.

Photo Source: amazon

I Think He Needs A Bigger Toothbrush

Just In Time For Football Season

How precious is this? I am in love with this bunting by Cozy Cocoon. This costume is available up to size 6 months and can be ordered in a pink color for your little girl.

Photo Source amazon

Arr Matey

Sail the high seas and swash some buckles this Halloween by dressing the whole family as pirates. Baby can join in on the fun with this costume by Paper Magic on amazon. They will be well suited for plundering and pillaging the neighborhood.

Photo Source: amazon

Snooki Would Approve

Egads. I'm not sure what to think of this one, but for those of you who want to get a laugh this would be the costume for you. I can only imagine the full set up with the bling teeth! Hilarious! You will find this costume and more at amazon.

Photo Source: amazon

Real Bling For Baby

3ct Diamond Pacifier (278 Pave Set Diamonds)
3ct Diamond Pacifier (278 Pave Set Diamonds)

Wow. I am speechless. This 3 carat diamond pacifier is a stunner. Your child will literally be eating (or sucking) on the proverbial silver spoon.


Your Little Princess Will Look Adorable This Halloween

Not into the creepy costumes, vampires, or pirates, then find something frilly for your little girl. This princess costume should be just what you are looking for at amazon.

Photo Source: amazon

Prince or Princess Costume Accesories

What Will Your Baby Dress Up As This Halloween?

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