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Fun Halloween Cookie Jars

Updated on January 2, 2017

Halloween Decorated Cookie Jars

Now I've got somewhere to put my cookies! I found some great Halloween Cookie Jars and since I am the Halloween Kitchen Witch, I am clearing all my counters and shelves so I have a place to put them. What more fun decorating idea is there than Halloween? The variety is really amazing and it's going to be a tough decision as to which jar you'd like to buy, but just keep looking them over and I am sure you will find the perfect container to put your cookies in.

The cookie jar in the picture is of the Fitz and Floyd Witch Hazel cookie jar and you can find it for sale on this lens. It's just one of the unique Halloween cookie containers you will see on this lens,and it's one of my favorites.

You can find lots of collectible cookie jars with or without a Halloween theme. If you like old fashioned vintage cookie jars look for names like Mc Coy, American Bisque, and California Originals. Mc Coy made a black cat jar, American Bisque makes lots of animal cookie jars, California Originals made a very cool Count Dracula jar, but these would be for the serious collection.

The cookie jar picture is a Fitz and Floyd collector's item and I got the image from Amazon. It's for sale on this lens, so keep an eye out for it.

Who Stole The Cookie From A Zombie Cookie Jar?

Not Me!

I took that line from an old children's song, but it is fitting, isn't it? Who would dare steal anything from a zombie, even if it is only a cookie jar. Halloween is full of zombies, ghosts and goblins...and cookies! Here's a cookie holder for all you zombie fans out there, it is one of the most popular styles today. Now you know that cookie jar song is continuously going through my head, right?

Just lift off the brains and you're good to go!

Boston Warehouse Bones Cookie Jar

Next, keeping with the creepy and scary theme, I found a Boston Warehouse Bones cookie jar. The great thing about this cookie jar is you can accessorize it with really cool and creepy stuff, like the Boston Warehouse The Bone Collector Salt and Pepper Set, the Boston Warehouse The Bone Collector Dip Bowl and Spreader's a skull dip bowl and a bone shaped spreader, the Boston Warehouse Bone Collector Footed Candy Dish... you guessed it! It's a candy bowl and the feet are actually skulls! There are more accessories too, but I couldn't wait to show you the cookie jar, so here it is.

If you enjoy hosting Halloween dinner parties the Boston Warehouse Bone Collector is a pattern that would look great on your holiday table and at the same time it would freak out some of your party guests...just the response you are probably looking for.

Here's Frankie

Frankenstein, That Is

Here's Frankenstein and he talks! When you lift the lid of the cookie jar, the Frankenstein monster wishes you a "Happy Halloween". That might startle the kids more than the zombie! Can you imagine if you've never opened this jar before? Hearing him speak would certainly make you jump!

The Haunted House Halloween Treat Container

In Other Words, A Cookie Jar

Those are some very cute cookie jars for Halloween, but there are plenty more fun ideas where they came from! There's pumpkins, black cats, and what would Halloween be without a haunted house? How do I know this house is haunted? It says, "BOO" on the outside!

Here's Another Skull Cookie Jar

This dark skull looks ominous. It won't stop the cookie thieves, but it will sure make a good place to put the Halloween cookies you make.

Another Fitz and Floyd Cookie Jar For Halloween

This One Isn't Cheap, But It's Very Nice!

I really like this Fitz and Floyd cookie jar, but it's a bit expensive. I won't be able to afford my cookie dough if I buy this one. The kids will have to settle for some inexpensive store bought cookies! I guess when you consider how long a cookie jar can last and divide it by that amount of years, it sounds more reasonable, but this year I won't be spending that much on this. So I will just have to re-visit this lens and longingly check out the picture! I am also going to keep an eye out just in case it goes on sale!

The Pumpkin Cookie Jar

What's more traditional than a pumpkin at Halloween? This cute jar fits the bill! It's everything I need in a cookie jar for Halloween. It's seasonal, recognizable, and not too much money that it breaks the bank! Perfect!

The Halloween Cupcake Cookie Jar

Here is another very cute, and very unavailable cookie jar in the shape of a cupcake and all decorated for Halloween. I wonder if some of these decorations are only available during the holiday season. I hope so, because this is really cute. I just want to reach in and grab a cookie out of it, don't you?

Skull And Spider Web Cookie Jar

This cookie jar is in the shape of a skull but the lid is a spider that sits on top...very Halloween! This is not for people who are afraid of spiders or spooky skulls.

Spiders, Spiders Everywhere

This holiday cookie jar is full of spiders and that makes it perfect for Halloween. Spider cookies, spider treats, give me something good to eat!

The Nightmare Before Christmas Cookie Jar Collection

Jack and Sallie from The Nightmare Before Christmas are some of the coolest Halloween characters around and here's an assortment of Nightmare themed cookie jars for you to take a look at. These are hard to find items and they are pretty expensive, but each would be considered a highlight of a cookie jar collection.

Lots Of Halloween Nightmare Before Christmas Cookie Jars

The Nightmare Before Christmas has lots of Halloween cookie jars and you can find some of them on eBay. There's Oogie,

The Wicked Witch Cookie Jar

The Wizard Of OZ

What's scarier or more perfect for Halloween than this Wicked Witch of The West Cookie Jar. Right out of The Wizard of Oz this mean old witch is one of the best places for cookies this October.

Here's an interesting cookie jar for Halloween or anytime of the year. It's Dorothy Gale's house from the Wizard of Oz and this cookie jar lets us see how Dorothy got those ruby red slippers.

Darth Vader Cookie Jar

The bad guy from Star Wars, Darth Vader, himself makes a great decoration for the Halloween holidays. If you like to dress up in Star Wars costumes or are a die-hard fan, check out the other cookie jars from this movie. There's Baba Fett, Yoda, A Clone Trooper, even Darth Maul!

A Toxic Waster Security Warning Alarm Cookie Jar

The alarm is going to go off the minute anyone tries to get your cookies! This Toxic Waste Cookie Jar is 9" X 5.5" and it uses 2 AAA batteries. The alarm is sensitive and will let you know when the lid is removed. Have no fear, your cookies will be safe.

The Cutest Monster Cookie Jar

It's Mike From Monsters Inc!

Monsters Inc is a great movie about the cutest bunch of monsters ever. This Monsters Inc Mike cookie jar would bea a great addition to your Halloween decorating ideas. Bake up a holiday storm and save those sweet treats in this bright and colorful container.

Kookie Jars My Cookie Monster Cookie Jars

There's A Monster In Pink And A Monster In Blue

These little monsters are sure a Halloween treat in themselves. Imagine how welcome one of these little monsters, or both, will be in your house, especially when they are filled up with those homemade holiday cookies you like to make. The pink jar has little horns and the blue jar has three eyes!

The Space Ship Cookie Jar

I've never seen a Space Ship cookie jar before and I've gotta tell you, I like it! This is a great Halloween holiday cookie jar particularly if someone in your house is going to dress up as an alien this year. This light up UFO cookie jar is Out Of This World!

This Space Ship Cookie Jar Lights Up! It needs 2AAA batteries.

Furry Bones Octopee Octopus Cookie Jar

And The Furry Bones Panda Cookie Jar

Look at this unique cookie jar designs. Kids and adults will both stop to take a look at this treat container. It's

If you like these Furry Bones jars you will be happy to hear there are statues, salt and pepper shakers and other fun items with this same cute and spooky theme.

The Ultimate Halloween Cookie Jar

The Pumpkin

If you have always wanted one of the Halloween cookie jars you have seen but didn't want a fancy or a scary one, how about this pumpkin? It's plain, it's simple, it's the ultimate symbol of Halloween. Everyone likes pumpkins in the fall. You can see them on porches all over town, so why not on your kitchen counter filled with delicious homemade cookies.

Get Some Halloween Cookie Recipes

You have the cookie jars and the Halloween cookie cutters, now all you need is the recipes!

Is your favorite cookie jar listed here or is there one out there I don't know about? Tell us about it or share one of those cookie recipes with us!

Hey Cookie Lover Leave A Message - What's Your Favorite Halloween Cookie Jar?

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    • profile image

      Atul 3 years ago

      I bought the large bat patretn for my mom, who has made a very feminine pastel bat with pink wings and a little fuzzy grey bat, but I agree with the other people, we would LOVE teeny tiny bats, this guy is so cute please put him in the next tiny collection!

    • profile image

      Nam 3 years ago

      Great article Rob! You hit the nail on the head. Makes me wedonr why more people don't look into getting involved in this industry. Very low risk to get started yet people will spend their life fortunes on riskier business investments. That is why it is up to us to show every one there is a better way.

    • christmasbaby profile image

      christmasbaby 5 years ago

      Love these cookie jars, they are so much fun.

    • womenscostumes profile image

      womenscostumes 5 years ago

      I got the zombie cookie jar! I think it's so funny!!