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Halloween Costume Ideas For Couples

Updated on September 23, 2014

Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

If you are one half of a couple then Halloween costume ideas for couples can be the perfect solution for costume parties or Halloween.

If you are boyfriend and girlfriend, or even married, finding couples Halloween costumes doesn't have to be so hard. There are lots of places to get ideas and also outfits.

I find that some of the best costume ideas for couples can come from movies, TV shows or even cartoons. These are great as almost everyone will know who you are both dressed as. Also, you'll probably be with each other at the party and both costumes together will make a bigger impact if they are co-ordinated, rather than two separate themes.

There are quite a few Halloween costumes for couples that are also funny. Some of them are everyday items that go together and compliment each other, but they are so common place that we never really think of them.

Have a look at this page for some really cool ideas for you and your partner to wear this year for Halloween.

Vampire Costumes For Couples

Take a bite out of Halloween!

Classic Couples Halloween Costumes

Traditional Halloween Costumes For People in Love

When I think back to Halloween parties I have been to and seen couples together, there are some common themes or outfits they tend to choose. You can tweak these to suit your own style and taste, but these are the most common outfits I've seen people in a relationship choose.

The most common combination has got to be the vampire and his victim. This tends to be a popular choice, especially among younger couples as it makes for a great excuse for lots of making out! And with the popularity of Twilight, Underworld and the True Blood TV show there are lots of outfits and props to choose from. When I think of this, I can see Jason Stackhouse and his most recent girlfriend in True Blood.

You can go the classic route and have the Bram Stoker Dracula costume which is scarier than some of the more modern versions, which tend to ooze more sex appeal. If you do this then the guy tends to be the bloodsucker and the girl will be the swooning victim. If you want to make it funnier, you could reverse the roles and make the guy the victim and his girlfriend could be a stunningly sexy vampire.

If you are too busy arguing who is sexier, or who wants to play the daylight dodger, then you could go as a vampire couple. Then all you'd have to argue about is who turned who into a vampire. Although you might have to find someone else to be your snack at the party, if you decide to really get into character. Just remember to stay away from the garlic bread!

Who's Side Are You On?

Eric Versus Bill

See results

What Do You Think of Halloween Costumes For Couples?

Do you think it's cool when couples co-ordinate and come as a theme or do you find it sad and a little too matchy matchy?

What do you think of couples dressing in a theme for Halloween?

Movie Themed Halloween Costumes

These are sure to be popular in 2013!

Rubie's Costume Matrix Reloaded Trinity Costume
Rubie's Costume Matrix Reloaded Trinity Costume

Trinity was the envy of everyone when the Matrix was released and went on to cut a dashing figure in the movies that followed.

Although it's been a while since the movies were big hits, as soon as people see you in this costume they'll know exactly who you and your partner are supposed to be!

And it's a great way to be really sexy without being tacky!


Oz The Great and Powerful Costumes

There was also Oz The Great and Powerful. As a couple one of you could be Glinda the Good Witch and the other could be The Wizard that was promised to come to Oz.

I'll let you fight over who wants to be who.

Instead of Glinda, you could choose to go as Theodora or even Evanora.

And if you have a more wicked side, try going as Theodora after she had her heart cut out. There are some stunning costumes from this movie.

There are lots of Oz costumes to choose from.

Want to be Super Charged This Halloween?

Rubie's Costume Man Of Steel Deluxe Adult Muscle Chest Superman Costume
Rubie's Costume Man Of Steel Deluxe Adult Muscle Chest Superman Costume

Henry Cavill helped relaunch the Superman franchise in Man of Steel. He was super sexy and yet really human too.

Dressing up as Supergirl and going with Superman is a great idea. I especially love the Supergirl costume shown above. You can decide which of the Supermen costumes you want your partner to wear and you can fly off to the party together.


Caveman and Cavewoman Costumes

In 2013, there were The Croods who took us back in time.

If caveman and woman is more your thing then you could go as Eep and Guy.

These costumes would be fairly simple, but to add a special something something, get a Belt toy to wrap around your waist. You can't do the cute couple thing without Belt! That would just be cruel.

Also these costumes are highly versatile. You can decide how much you want to sex these up.

Men can add a club for more effect and show that they are really manly.

If you want to choose a more retro caveman and woman costume then you can't go wrong with Fred and Wilma Flinststone.

The Great Gatsby Costumes

1920s Costumes

One of the best movies of the year has got to be the Great Gatsby.

This movie is full of inspiration for Halloween costumes for couples.

What could be more iconic than a lady in a flapper dress and a guy in a dapper suit, looking like a gangster?

There are so many options that it should be easy to find something that fits for all body types and lots of different colors too.

For an authentic look, woman can add a headband with a feather and a cigarette holder. Men just need to ooze confidence and wealth.

Popular Movies in 2013

Try looking at the top grossing movies of 2013 for more Halloween costume ideas for couples!

You Don't Have to Be a Sewing Genius to Make Your Own Halloween Costumes

If you are looking for something really awesome this year for you and your beau to wear, then you might want to create your own costumes.

This will let you customize them exactly how you want them. All that's limiting you is your imagination and perhaps your skills with a sewing machine.

However, this couple below didn't let that stop them. They made a truly epic costume together and shared the duties. She did the sewing, and she says she doesn't have skills at sewing stuff, and he drew the pattern on the fabric and sorted out the lights.

Intrigued as to what they actually made and how it turned out? Then click to play the video below!

Superheroes Know How to Arrive in Style!

Here's some idea both new and old

Superhero Costumes For Couples

If either of you like skin tight lycra then going as a Superhero could be a great choice.

You could decide to both go as heroes or you could decide to go as a the Superhero and their normal everyday non special powered sidekick, or even with their well known damsel in distress.

Examples of this could be Batman and Robin, Superman and Lois Lane, Batman and Cat woman would work too. Wonder Woman and Colonel Steve Trevor.

I know I dream of Jeannie wasn't a Superhero but she had powers. And your partner will look great as Major Anthony Nelson in a military uniform. Women love a man in uniform!

Go as Super Cute Cartoon Characters

Cartoon Halloween Costumes

A lot of people think that cartoon characters are just for kid, but there are lots of costumes that are great for people in a relationship.

For instance, going as Smurfette is not only cute, but she's really adorable too. All the other Smurfs love her so choosing a Smurf partner should be easy.

Roger Rabbit had one of the sexiest cartoon girlfriends on the planet, Jessica Rabbit.

Popeye and Olive are another option.

Then you have just about the whole Disney collection to choose from such as Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Cinderella and Prince Charming, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell (or Wendy), every Disney Princess has a partner.

Funny Costumes For Halloween

If you know not to take yourself or Halloween too seriously...

Do You and Your Partner Go Together Like Bacon and Eggs?

Rasta Imposta Bacon and Eggs Couples Costume
Rasta Imposta Bacon and Eggs Couples Costume

This is a really cute and funny costume to choose if you want to go to a Halloween party with your partner.

If you like funny costumes then there a few more below.


Are you going to a Halloween party with your partner, friends or sibling? What do you think you will be wearing this year?

What are Your Plans for Halloween?

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    • PippiDust profile image


      4 years ago

      You have a lot of great ideas here, I like The Great Gatsby costume.


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