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Halloween Costume Ideas for Teachers

Updated on October 1, 2014

Halloween Costume Ideas for Teachers

In many school districts, teachers and school staff are expected to dress up in a costume for Halloween. There may be Halloween parties, a parade, and perhaps even a costume contest.

Here are some good ideas for teachers. Most of these costumes are cheap to buy or easy to make. Whether you'd rather order a costume or make your own, I hope this page helps give you an idea. I've tried to pick out costumes for all subjects, including English, Math, Science, and History, and all age levels from primary/elementary school age to high school.

This is a Red Queen Costume, from Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll Great idea for female Middle School and High School teachers!

History teachers could use Halloween as a chance to dress up in period clothing as well. You could become a Civil War soldier, a pilgrim, a Victorian lady, or a Renaissance man. The only downside is that putting together a genuine looking period costume can become pricey. A quick search brings up ensembles that cost $100-200.

Science Teachers

When I was a kid, I dressed up as a mad scientist one year. My Mom ordered me a lab coat and bought me a beaker. If you are a middle school or high school science teacher, putting together a costume might be as simple as putting on a crazy wig and fake nose and getting some accessories out of the stockroom. After all, mad scientists come in many shapes and forms!

English Teachers

Halloween is full of possibilities! You can dress up as a character or an author. Perhaps you should think about what book your class has just finished reading, and then put together a costume for one of the main characters.

As to pre-made costumes, whatever is the current year's fad is probably what you'll find. Every year, new costumes are manufactured based on last year's hottest movies.

Some costumes that will work every year are Wizard of Oz costumes, Cat in the Hat costume (perfect for Kindergarten teachers!), Sherlock Holmes costume, and of course, Harry Potter!

Cat in the Hat Costume - Easy & Cheap Dr. Seuss Costume Idea

elope Dr Seuss Cat In The Hat Accessory Kit
elope Dr Seuss Cat In The Hat Accessory Kit

This is an ideal costume for a primary or elementary school teacher. This kit contains a hat, bow tie and gloves. It's an easy costume to wear. Great for people who don't really like wearing costumes.


Easy to Wear Costumes

You don't have to focus on your subject, but rather just find a comfortable and inexpensive costume that kids love. If you're teaching young children, an animal costume might be a winner.

Funny Banana Costume Idea - Looking for something unique and hilarious?

Math Teachers

What kind of costumes are related to mathematics? While there are many famous mathematicians, from the time of Euclid to more recent characters like Alan Turing and John Forbes Nash, most of them you'd have to wear a name sign to be recognized. The only mask you may find at the costume shop is that of Albert Einstein. A wig full of fluffy white hair and you may find your students guessing correctly... maybe.

Another idea is to dress up in subject matter. I'm thinking of a pi costume, either a homemade pi symbol or maybe a slice of pizza pi. Or you could try for a large X if you are an algebra teacher. Just cut out your design from some large sheets of colored poster board and pin it on the back and front of your clothes.

For an easy to wear store bought costume, try a Rubik's Cube. It's geeky and gender neutral. The couple of positive reviews state that it's comfortable to wear and well constructions

Rubik's Cube Costume Idea - Great Idea for a Math Teacher

Slice of the Pizza Pie Costume - Fun Food Costume Idea

Morris Costumes Pizza Slice Costume - One Size - Chest Size 48-52
Morris Costumes Pizza Slice Costume - One Size - Chest Size 48-52

Math teachers can be a slice of "pi" this Halloween. If you want to make it a themed event, there are also costumes for hotdogs and fries.


Did you dress up for Halloween last year? - If yes, I'd love to hear about your costume!

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    • Michelllle profile image

      Michelllle 4 years ago

      Cat in the hat is the all time best costume for a reading teacher. I loved the Sherlock Holmes costume too.