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Great Halloween Costume Ideas for Brothers

Updated on October 9, 2014
This adorable photo from 1966 is in the public domain and was shared on Wikimedia Commons by JGKlein.
This adorable photo from 1966 is in the public domain and was shared on Wikimedia Commons by JGKlein. | Source

Costumes that two brothers can do together

Looking for Halloween costume ideas for your sons? From toddlers to teens, you'll find cool ideas here for costumes that you can either make yourself or buy ready-made.

My two boys and I put our heads together to come up with the best costume suggestions we could think of for two brothers.

Halloween is a great time to create family memories, and a cool tandem costume is something that your sons will talk about for years afterward ("Remember the year we went as . . .")

We'd love for you to share your ideas, too!

Costumes for younger boys

Mario & Luigi

These characters are VERY popular with the younger set. Mario and Luigi are, of course, the twin brother characters from the Mario video games by Nintendo. They are plumbers who rescue damsels in distress and thwart the plans of villains.

Luigi is taller and thinner than Mario, and Mario is portrayed as the braver of the two brothers. You can learn more about their traits from their Wikipedia pages: Mario and Luigi.

Making Mario & Luigi costumes from scratch takes some work, but it can be done. Here are instructions -- How to Make Mario & Luigi Costumes.

Buzz Lightyear & Sheriff Woody

Ultra-popular with kids are these heroes from the Toy Story trilogy. Woody is depicted as being a little taller than Buzz.

You could probably get away with wearing any kind of cowboy gear for the Woody costume, but if you want to be really authentic, here are instructions for making the real thing: Make your own Woody costume.

Here are two instructionals for making Buzz Lightyear costumes. One is a fairly easy version, the other is for folks who are seriously crafty and want to make the awesomest costume on the block:

Ernie & Bert

The best of best friends, everybody loves Bert & Ernie from Sesame Street!

Ernie, of course, is the shorter one of the two buddies, and is more outgoing. Bert is taller and quieter.

You can buy the costumes, but they sure are expensive. Making them is highly recommended. Here's how:

SpongeBob Squarepants and Patrick Star

You know there are plenty of kids out there who would love to dress for Halloween as the goofy best pals SpongeBob and Patrick.

I found some guidelines online for making these costumes yourself: Make your own SpongeBob and Patrick costumes.

There are also SpongeBob costumes that you can purchase, but the only Patrick costumes I've seen are adult-sized and very expensive.

Thing 1 & Thing 2

Thing 1 and Thing 2 are the energetic troublemakers in the classic Dr. Seuss book "The Cat in the Hat".

If your boys are irrepressible bundles of energy, they'll be perfect for this costume. And it would be oh-so-cute for twins!

"Thing" costumes are not difficult to make on your own. Here's how: Thing 1 & Thing 2 costumes.

Costumes for older boys

Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson

A very classy, but also fun, costume idea for brothers or friends. The brilliant and ever-calm super-detective, Sherlock Holmes, and his trusty partner, Dr. John Hamish Watson.

Holmes is tall and thin. Here's a detailed description of his physical appearance: What Sherlock Holmes looks like.

Watson is shorter and thicker. Here are his particulars: What Dr. Watson looks like.

I saw Holmes and Watson costumes commercially available in adult sizes only. That might work for older teen boys. For any younger boys, you'll probably have to make the costumes yourself.

Here's how to make Sherlock's costume: How to make a Sherlock Holmes costume.

Dr. Watson can wear a suit, as similar as possible to the suits men wore during the Victorian Era. He is often portrayed wearing a bowler hat.


Dr. Victor Frankenstein & Frankenstein's monster

The picture at right is the actual frontispiece from Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein. But the costumes that people associate with Dr. Frankenstein and his creation look quite different.

Here's how to get the look that people would be expecting. You can make it yourself:

or you can buy it:

The Blues Brothers

This costume idea is a great opportunity for a pair of brothers to ham it up, singing and dancing around as Jake and Elwood Blues, the blues-and-soul singing duo from Saturday Night Live. Or if singing isn't their bag, they can just look cool in their shades and quote lines from the movie.

Jake is the shorter brother, who was played by John Belushi. Elwood is the tall one, who was played by Dan Aykroyd.

You can easily make these costumes on your own. If they already have black suits, you're halfway there. Here are detailed instructions for doing it yourself -- Create your own Blues Brothers costumes.


Bart Simpson and Milhouse van Houten

Cowabunga! These best friends from The Simpsons are a classic teaming of the do-gooder (most of the time) and the troublemaker. The clothes are simple, and there's a limitless supply of funny lines from the show that can keep the humor going all night.

According to The Simpsons canon, Milhouse is one inch taller than Bart.

Here are instructions for a Bart costume: How to Make a Bart Simpson costume.

And I made a page myself with instructions for a Milhouse costume, since I didn't see any other Milhouse instructions online: How to make a Milhouse costume.

Picture is from the Season 3 DVD of "My Name Is Earl".
Picture is from the Season 3 DVD of "My Name Is Earl". | Source

Earl & Randy Hickey

A great humorous costume idea. Earl Hickey, the former small-time crook on a mission to straighten out a lifetime of bad karma, and his dim brother Randy, from the comedy TV show "My Name Is Earl".

Earl is the definitely the leader of the two brothers and is of average build. Randy is the portly one who lives to be his brother's sidekick. Both brothers have Southern accents.

I haven't seen any vendors who sell Earl or Randy costumes, but their costumes would be very simple to create using clothes you can find anywhere. I wrote my own page with instruction on how to do these yourself: How to make Earl and Randy Hickey costumes.

Good Cop & Bad Cop

"Now listen here! If you don't hand over some candy RIGHT NOW, there's gonna be trouble! You think I'm kidding around with you? DO YOU!?!?"

"Ma'am, I'm so sorry for the way my brother is acting. There's really no need for any unpleasantness. I know you're a nice lady, and I'm sure you want to do the right thing and just give us some candy . . ."

This costume is more about the acting than the clothes. It could be the hit of the party if your boys are really into their roles. They can each assume an identity as the good cop or bad cop, and act accordingly.

And making police costumes is very easy: Instructions for homemade police costumes. You could even write "GOOD COP" and "BAD COP" on their badges.

Spy vs. Spy

What could be cooler than going as the Black Spy and the White Spy from Mad Magazine's "Spy vs. Spy" comics. Your boys could even try to pull a few pranks on each other just like the real spies.

Here's a description of how to make them yourself -- Make your own Spy vs. Spy costumes.

There are also Spy vs. Spy costumes and props for sale:

Costumes for one older brother and one younger brother

A fisherman and a fish

A fun one. Let your big son show the world what a great catch his little brother is!

A fisherman's costume is very easy to pull together yourself. The fish is more work.

Homemade option:

David & Goliath

This is a good one for church parties or anywhere else. And your little guy will love being able to "take down" his big brother.

Here are instructions for how to make your own David & Goliath costumes.

A fireman and a Dalmatian

If your big guy has the makings of a future hero, this is the costume for him.

And there's nothing cuter than a little guy in a puppy costume!

Here are instructions for making them yourself:

Costumes for any ages

Superman & Lex Luthor

Maybe your boys would get a kick out of portraying the classic rivalry between superhero Superman and super-villain Lex Luthor.

Here are instructions on how to make your own Superman costume.

Lex Luthor has been depicted a few different ways over the decades. Some of his different styles are discussed on this forum page: Lex Luthor's looks.

Even thought the first depictions of Lex Luthor had red hair, the Lex that most people think of is bald, so you'll probably want to get a bald cap.


Batman & Robin

The Dynamic Duo are a classic choice, of course. The older brother would most likely be Batman, while the younger portrays Robin.

There have been modifications to Batman's and Robin's suits over the years. I like the ones from the '60s TV show, but your kids might have other preferences.

Want to make the costumes yourself?


Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner

If one of your boys is a Super Genius (or thinks he is!), he's perfect to be Wile E. Coyote for Halloween. And the boy who seems to get into the most dangerous predicaments without hurting himself was meant to play the Roadrunner! Beep, beep!

There's one thing that might be difficult for boys in portraying the Coyote and the Roadrunner. They're supposed to play their parts in silence!

Instructions for doing the costumes yourself:


Shrek & Donkey

Making Shrek and Donkey costumes takes a bit of work, but here are the instructions:

Shaggy & Scooby Doo

Shaggy & Scooby Doo

A fun costume for young kids or for teens, the groovy and hungry best buddies, Shaggy (his "real" name is Norville Rogers) and Scooby Doo.

If your sons are going to be eating everything in sight anyway, why not dress them as Shaggy and Scooby?

Here are instructions for making these costumes yourself: Make your own Shaggy & Scooby Doo costumes.

Do you have another idea of a great brothers costume? Share it here:

ADD YOUR OWN SUGGESTIONS: Halloween costume ideas for brothers

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    • profile image

      Ashley weaver 2 years ago

      Steve and joe from blues clues

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      My 5 year old went out today as Luke Skywalker, and his 6 month old brother as Yoda

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Football player and football, cop and prisoner, magician and bunny.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I have a 7 year old and a 17 month old. My little one is going as a monkey, and my older one is going as a banana!! I think it will be adorable!!

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I don't have any ideas but I have two grandsons whose mother will really appreciate this lens. Thanks for such a creative resource!

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      thank u so much!!! Ive ben looking for Bart outfits everywhere,now ill jus make my own!

    • Elsie Hagley profile image

      Elsie Hagley 4 years ago from New Zealand

      Nice lens. No I don't have any ideas, you have done a great job, some well thought out and achieved a great result. Thanks. Blessed.

    • profile image

      sojourner-1 4 years ago

      These are great ideas for brothersâ¦my luck both brothers would want to have the same costume...

    • Onemargaret LM profile image

      Onemargaret LM 4 years ago

      I like this lens a lot!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      goku and vegeta

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      scorpion and sub zero

    • profile image

      ernad18 5 years ago

      good idea.... nice lens

    • profile image

      shahrukh021 5 years ago

      cute costumes...

      i too liked the scooby and shagy costume, its the best one

    • sousababy profile image

      sousababy 5 years ago

      Love the Shaggy and Scooby Doo costumes. Great work.

    • puerdycat lm profile image

      puerdycat lm 5 years ago

      Actually did this one. Suited to two polar opposite personalities: the fisherman and his lure. My guy was not that into costumes, but dressing up as fisherman was OK. I dressed up as a long-legged furry thing. We attached me by elastic line to be occasionally reeled in. Have fun!

    © 2011 Joan Hall

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      • profile image

        Edutopia 5 years ago

        Great collection of ideas! When I was a kid my brother and I went as Robin Hood and one of his merry band. For the Halloween party one of us got to be Robin Hood and then when we went trick or treating we switched.

      • joanhall profile image

        Joan Hall 5 years ago from Los Angeles

        @anonymous: Oh, I love that idea! I'm definitely going to add that one.

      • profile image

        anonymous 5 years ago

        You could always do a farmer and a cow or pig or any farm animal.

      • ArtByLinda profile image

        Linda Hoxie 5 years ago from Idaho

        These are all great ideas~

      • sousababy profile image

        sousababy 5 years ago

        Oops, posted in the wrong spot. I once saw a person dressed up as a pregnant nun and thought that was hilarious (I know, not really a brothers costume - but I thought of sisters, hence nun).

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