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Halloween Costumes for your Infant

Updated on December 5, 2014

My own little Buzz!

As I was growing up I really enjoyed Halloween. I loved "Trick or Treating" as a young child with my siblings. I thoroughly enjoyed "Trick or Treating" as I got older with my friends, albeit with my parents walking behind us making sure we didn't get too outrageous, but Halloween came into its own when I was able to party with my friends.

I loved deciding on my theme for my costume, and then customising my costumes. It was great fun seeing what everyone had dressed up as and I can remember enjoying the feeling of catching up with friends and exchanging advice on which were the best places for vacation etc.

When I got married and started a family things changed. It wasn't about "Me" any more. It was about my little bundle of joy. I wanted him to have the same sense of fun that I had had. Obviously he was too small to go trick or treating so we organised a small family party to introduce him to the joys of dressing up.

The adults dressed up and of course our little bundle of joy was dressed up. His first costume was a monkey costume which I loved. Unfortunately it was lost in a house move along with a box of sweet baby photographs and clothes that we had kept. Luckily we have our memories.

No-one brought candy for our little one as he was too small, instead one of his Grandparents came us with the generous idea of all of the adults putting a few dollars into an envelope and donating it to the local animal shelter in our little boy's name. That idea was very well received by all.

Of course we still had a bowl of candy to hand out to any children who visited our door, and our little boy was spoilt by the attention he received from the Trick or Treaters. I know he won't remember any of this, but I know we felt that we have moved onto another new and exciting phase in our lives.

This photograph is of my little boy when he was 26 months old.

A lovely selection of costumes for your infant.

As you can see from the photograph above, my little boy loved Buzz Lightyear. The photograph above was taken when he was about 26 months. Yes, I know he was a big boy, he still is and hasn't stopped growing yet!!!

Do you enjoy Halloween now that you have an infant?

I would love to hear your experiences of how Halloween has changed:

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