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Smurfs Halloween Costumes Tips to Make or Buy

Updated on May 18, 2014

Make or Buy Your Smurf Costume ~ They're Smurfy Good Fun

The Smurfs Halloween Costumes~looks like it will be a blue Halloween this year as kids want to become their favorite Smurf character. You can find Smurf Halloween costumes for babies, little kids, and even for those big kids that remember the Smurfs from their childhood. Heck, even your pet can have a Smurf costume.

Some people will choose to buy a Smurf costume, and some will choose to make one. Whichever you choose I have included both some tips for making one and the materials needed as well as Smurf Costumes already made.

We Want To Know If You Are Buying Or Making Your Smurf Costume

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Tips for Making Your Own Smurf or Smurfette Costume

Some people will choose to buy a Smurf costume, and some will choose to make one. Here are tips for making your own Smurf costume.

  1. Smurfs are blue- Blue face paint is one option, or you can buy one of The Smurfs masks that are available. You will need a sponge to apply the makeup or face paint.
  2. All Smurfs have the same color clothing except Papa Smurf and Gargamel. White Trousers (pants), blue shirt, white shoes and a white hat.
  3. Papa Smurf has a red hat and red trousers (pants)
  4. All Smurfs have blue tails Smurf tails are small and round. You can make these with one of the Smurf Blue colors, like Royal Blue.
  5. The Smurfs Smurfette Costume has a white dress and white shoes and hat. Her legs are blue, and you can get a pair of blue tights (stockings) then use a blue face paint for her face.
  6. Smurf Mittens You could either buy the official Smurf Mittens, or just buy a pair of Smurf Blue Mittens from your favorite store.
  7. Long sleeved blue shirts these work best because it is usually cold out, plus the shirt covers the arms, so you won't need to color them.
  8. All Smurfs are named after their personality or interests Accessorize your Smurfs Costume to match your favorite Smurf. If Brainy is your favorite, get a pair of big glasses (plastic framed ones) or take a pair of old glasses and pop the glass out for your child. Handy Smurf has a toolbox, Artist Smurf has a paint set, etc.
  9. For Babies and Toddlers You can buy a sweatsuit that is blue and white, or just white sweat pants and a blue hoodie and put an iron on patch on it. This way your child stays warm, and they can wear the outfit again.

Making a Smurf Tail

All Smurfs have blue tails: You can make these with pom-poms or anything round. Attach by sewing, velcro, or a safety pin if you run out of time.

Smurf Nose - With Makeup

Latex Body Paint is NOT Recommended by Manufacturer

You may have seen, or heard, about using a latex body paint to get that Smurfy blue look. However, the latex is not recommended because it sticks to hair and is painful to remove. It also doesn't come off with soap and water!

Colors for Smurf Blue

To make a Smurf Costume use either royal blue, or dark blue. This works for the Smurf tail and for your Smurf shirt. Long sleeved shirts are best to hide your non-blue skin.

Blue Gnome/Smurf Blue Body Paint and White Gnome Hat

For UK Shoppers

If you want to be a Blue Gnome or a Smurf, the two things you will want are blue face paint and a gnome hat. If you are making your own costume you can make your own Gnome/Smurf hat.

The Snazaroo Blue Face Paint here is enough for a whole body, or a house full of little Smurfs, or Blue Gnomes, to paint their faces. The White Gnome hat is an adult size , but they also come in smaller sizes. There are several Gnome Costumes for both adults and children, some that don't look at all like The Smurfs, but are fun. Click here for Amazon.UK's selection of Gnome Costumes.



Adult White Gnome Hat-Perfect for Smurfs

Painting Your Face Smurf Blue

making your own Smurf costume you will want a blue face

To paint your face blue like The Smurfs pick the Neptune Blue, and apply it with a sponge. The good news is that this face paint is easily removed with soap and water.

Halloween Nail Art for Smurfette

Making a Smurfette Costume

This is pretty easy, blond hair, a white dress and shoes, and blue tights. The good news is your child can wear the dress, shoes and tights again after Halloween.

Kids Smurf Hat - Smurfs Costume Accessories

Smurfs Iron On - make your own Smurfs Costume with a Smurf Iron On

Make your own Smurf Costume with these Smurf Iron On's.

Toddler Smurfs Costume

Adorable Smurf Halloween Costume can also be worn for a Smurf Party at another time.

Fun Smurf Halloween Mini Book - Smurfs Halloween Comic

As your child is getting ready for their trick or treating why not give them this little book to entertain them. You could also just put it into their bag as a Halloween treat.

I hope as a Smurf Collector myself that I have offered you something of value on this page. If you are going to make your Smurf Costume, or buy one did you find this page useful?

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    • KimGiancaterino profile image

      KimGiancaterino 5 years ago

      Boo-lessed ... Happy Halloween!

    • JoyfulReviewer profile image

      JoyfulReviewer 6 years ago

      Blue is cool. Nicely done. Thanks for the fun costume lens!

    • profile image

      julieannbrady 6 years ago

      AH ... how adorable ... hope to see some Smurfs this Halloween too!

    • Sylvestermouse profile image

      Cynthia Sylvestermouse 6 years ago from United States

      Ah, gotta appreciate anything blue, even the smurfs :) They are cute costumes!

    • yayas profile image

      yayas 6 years ago

      Thanks for tips on how to become a Smurf for Halloween. I also appreciate the warning against using Latex Body Paint. It reminded me that some people are highly allergic to latex, too.

    • Lee Hansen profile image

      Lee Hansen 6 years ago from Vermont

      Wow, the Smurfs are here! Love the doggie Smurf costume, and the tips for DIY costumes.

    • TheLittleCardShop profile image

      Malu Couttolenc 6 years ago

      Woww there are so many good ideas for smurf customs, perfect for Halloween! The gargamel custom is so cute! Fantastic smurfung page :)

    • Richard-H profile image

      Richard 6 years ago from Surrey, United Kingdom

      Great instructions for making Smurfs costumes. If someone turned up at my door this Halloween dressed as a Smurf, I know it would scare the bejeez out of me ;)

    • Wednesday-Elf profile image

      Wednesday-Elf 6 years ago from Savannah, Georgia

      Cute costumes for all those Smurf fans this Halloween!

    • indigoj profile image

      Indigo Janson 6 years ago from UK

      Ouch, quite right to avoid latex. Toddlers and dogs make adorable Smurfs. I think you'd have to be braver to wear this look as an adult... but then Halloween is a time when anything goes!

    • justholidays profile image

      justholidays 6 years ago

      Ah the Smurfs! Sadly, I'm not a kid any more and couldn't wear those costumes featured on here. But even so, I would be unable to choose one. And I love the Smurf dog costume too!

    • LisaMarieGabriel profile image

      Lisa Marie Gabriel 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Sweet - the dog smurf is funny! :D Sound advice with the paint too! :)

    • Stazjia profile image

      Carol Fisher 6 years ago from Warminster, Wiltshire, UK

      There are going to be some cute kids on Halloween if they go as Smurfs - I don't think they will scare anybody, though. Good instructions on making a smurf costume although I'd probably be tempted to buy one from the selection you show.