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The Top 10 Halloween Costumes With Glasses

Updated on September 7, 2014

Wear glasses like me? Then you'll love these Halloween costumes with glasses!

Let's face it - glasses just don't look convincing paired with certain Halloween costumes. When was the last time you saw Superman crash into a building because he'd forgotten his specs at home? Could you imagine a Cinderella who can't dust the chimney because the dust has clouded her lenses? Yes, contact lenses could be a good replacement option, but if you feel more comfortable with your glasses on, why not simply go for a costume that complements them?In this article, you'll find the Top 10 Halloween Costumes with Glasses. These costumes are fun to wear and perfectly suitable for Halloween. Most importantly, you can easily replace the glasses that come with the costume with your own specs and continue to look the part.

Photo courtesy of Amazon

1. Harry Potter Costume

The #1 Halloween costume for people with glasses

Harry Potter is by far one of the most popular movie characters with glasses. With the release of the first book and film, kids with specs all over the world must have rejoiced in seeing a hero who looks just like them!Below are two excellent Harry Potter costumes for boys which have been highly rated on Amazon. Your child can either dress up in the traditional Hogwarts Gryffindor robe, or wear Harry's quiddich robe.

2. Where's Waldo Halloween Costume

The #2 Halloween costume for people with glasses

Waldo and Wenda have been popular book characters for what seems like eons. Children never tire of searching for these mysterious characters dressed in stripy jumpers and blue jeans in the midst of thousands of other characters.And the best part? They both wear glasses! As a wearer of specs, you can simply replace the glasses that come with the costume set with the glasses you wear on a daily basis.

3. Benjamin Franklin Costume

The #3 Halloween costume for people with glasses

If you dress up as any historical American figure, you can probably get away with wearing glasses. I have decided to display Benjamin Franklin here as an example of how glasses can actually accent a Halloween costume. They emphasise and symbolise the intellect of these great historical individuals who transformed America into the great country it is today.

4. Velma from Scooby Doo Costume

The #4 Halloween costume for people with glasses

Girls may find it even more challenging to think up a four-eyes friendly costume for Halloween. Thankfully, there are a handful of choices for spec-wearing women out there, one of which is the forgetful yet extremely brainy Velma Dinkley from Scooby Doo!There are a couple of Velma costumes available for purchase on Amazon - one for women and one for girls. However, if you prefer to create your own Velma costume, you won't find it hard. All you need is a baggy orange sweater with a turtle neck, a short red pleated skirt, and orange knee socks paired with red Mary Janes. Oh, and of course, your beloved glasses!

5. Ugly Betty Costume - The #5 Halloween costume for people with glasses

Where Ugly Betty lacks in looks, she makes up for in personality and spunk! This makes her a favourite costume for Halloween for both those who wear glasses and those who don’t.

The costume you see here comes with an Ugly Betty wig, glasses, teeth with braces, and necklace. To make the costume even more recognisable, you could purchase the Ugly Betty poncho to go with this set!

6. Indiana Jones Costume

The #6 Halloween costume for people with glasses

Though Indiana Jones doesn't wear his glasses while he is out taking down bad guys in foreign countries, he does wear them when in his office. As such, your glasses wouldn't look out of place when paired with an Indiana Jones costume!The two costumes you see below are highly rated products on Amazon for kids who want to dress up as this adventurous hero.

A Mask is a Four-Eye's Friend - Use masks to your advantage if you wear glasses

Wearing a mask can be a fabulous way of hiding your glasses! Plus, you'll have a wide array of characters to choose from, as many of the most famous movie and book characters out there have a mask of some sort. Just think of Darth Vader, Spiderman and the serial killer from Scream, to name a few.When purchasing a Halloween mask, just make sure it isn't too tight, as you don't want the mask to squish your glasses against your face. You could end up feeling very uncomfortable!

7. Austin Powers Costume - The #7 Halloween costume for people with glasses

Yeah, baby, yeah! Austin Powers is the hippest dude to grace the '60s with his suave moves and way with the ladies. With this cool costume, you'll never have to worry about your glasses looking out of place again.The costume comes with a button-up blue jacket, blue trousers, a white cravat, and black plastic glasses which, of course, you won't need. It is an officially licensed Austin Powers Halloween costume.

8. Ned Flanders Costume

The #8 Halloween costume for people with glasses

Howdely-doodley! Ned Flanders, despite his Bible thumping ways and irritatingly upbeat nature, is still a favourite character on the hit TV show The Simpsons. He and Homer always find some way of getting in one another's way, often to hilarious outcomes.While there isn't an official Ned Flanders Halloween costume on Amazon for purchase, you can easily put together your own Flanders costume by buying some basic clothing items - his long sleeved green sweater, pink dress shirt, grey trousers and shaggy brown moustache being the four main items you need.

Image of Ned Flanders fabric wall scroll courtesy of Amazon.

9. Clark Kent Costume

The #9 Halloween costume for people with glasses

Yes, I did say that Superman doesn't wear glasses, but his alter-ego Clark Kent certainly does! In fact, his glasses are the most eye-catching part of his look.To dress as Clark Kent, all you have to do is wear a business suit with a white dress shirt and tie. Underneath the shirt, be sure to wear a Superman shirt and perhaps a plastic muscle plate so that when people ask who you are, you can rip open your dress suit and reveal your true identity!

Image of Clark Kent print courtesy of Amazon.

10. Professional Costumes

The #10 Halloween costume for people with glasses

The best thing about professional costumes is that glasses are almost a required prop to make them look complete. Would a doctor look as intelligent without his specs? No. Would a mad scientist look as brainy? Definitely not.What's more, when paired with a female professional costume such as a nurse, vet or secretary, glasses can actually increase the sex appeal of your costume! What have you got to lose?

Which Halloween costume with glasses did you choose? - Can you think of any others?

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