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How to Decorate with Crows for Halloween

Updated on September 18, 2016
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I enjoy painting fantasy art, art shows, creating delicious dishes, spending time with my grandkids, taking walks and reading a good book.

How to Decorate for Halloween with Black Crows

Find ideas for decorating for Halloween using black crows or birds placed among the other scary props or Halloween holiday decor. Black birds such as crows and even ravens symbolize death and the afterlife. Just seeing a flock or "murder" of crows in real life circling overhead is a bit eerie. Just think about what the word "scarecrow" means; to scare away the crows from the cornfields.

Crows in movies have always been bearers of forthcoming tragedy and doom. The symbol of a crow on the scene may mean death is coming soon or that some one already died and their soul is this crow. That is the theme of the cult movie "The Crow" featuring Brandon Lee who died in the making of this film.

I used many Halloween crows as props in my Haunted House that I designed years ago. You can read about it in my lens Designing a Large Haunted House. In fact, I also used an automaton Raven for my Edgar Allen Poe theme one year. It repeated "Never More" every time someone walked by. With glowing red eyes, it was a scary character!

Photo by Nancia

Realistic Feathered Crows -Set of 2 - Great Halloween Prop! by Unknown
Realistic Feathered Crows -Set of 2 - Great Halloween Prop! by Unknown

These crows look great when placed among other Halloween props, decorations and decor. Buy more than one set for a better effect. Birds do flock together!


Facts About Crows

Crows are from the genus Corvus in the family Corvidea

Also called: Raven, Magpie and Jays

May have evolved from Asia

Crows are now considered among the most intelligent animals in the world!

Scare Crow
Scare Crow

Black Crows in Folklore and Symbolism

Why they are spooky Halloween characters

Crows have been listed in legends and mythology as a "bringer of death" or associated with death in many cultures around the world. I was very surprised in researching crows, as to the symbolism of the crow. I can see now why they are included as scary or spooky creatures at Halloween. In many pictures or graphics of Halloween, there is always a crow or two somewhere in the picture, just waiting and watching.

Throughout time and in many countries around the world, the legends that follow the black crow, raven or magpie are similar. In Australia, the Aboriginal mythology depicts the crow as a trickster, Norse mythology mentions the crow as answering to the god Odin, Irish mythology lists the crow and raven as associated with death and Greek mythology has several tales of destructive and mischievous crows.

I see black birds and crows in almost all the Halloween d├ęcor around the neighborhood, in Halloween or dark artwork and in haunted or scary movies. The crow is as part of Halloween decorating as the Jack-O-Lantern and skeleton.

Photo by Nancia

Black Feathered Small Halloween Crows - 3 Pc Black Birds
Black Feathered Small Halloween Crows - 3 Pc Black Birds

Another great small set of black birds to use with your Halloween decorating! In fact get several packages and add them to a black wreath for your door. Scary!


Round and round they go

Flies a murder of crows

Which ever way the wind blows

Only Heaven knows

— NanciaJohnson

"Murder of Crows"

flock of crows
flock of crows

Crows gathering in flocks are also called a "murder of crows". When I first heard this term for a flock of black crows I thought someone was "pulling my leg" or kidding me. But in researching to verify this term, I found it to be true. It is interesting how words get applied to things such as this.

I am not quite sure where the term "murder of crows" originated from except that through history there is mention of crows being a bird that scavenges on dead carcasses of other animals, birds and reptiles. There is even a legend that in a group they keep order by following a lead or group of leaders and if any crow doesn't follow, the offending crow is killed.

Thus, a Crow is a symbol of death for Halloween

Photo courtesy of the Daily Mail in the UK

"The Birds" - Classic Movie by Alfred Hitchcock, 1963

This 2 minute clip is the scene of the black crows in the playground at the school, then attacking the children. Still a scary movie today. Hitchcock was a genius in classic fright films.

Do you Find the Crow to be a Scary Creature?

Of the many scary or spooky Halloween creatures, do you find the crow to be one of them? Maybe you just don't like how they group together in a flock or believe the mythology and folklore passed down through the generations. Or do you recognize the crow as the intelligent bird it really is?

We all have our own beliefs and thoughts on the symbols of Halloween. Most have been developed over time and are mostly fiction than fact. I am not aware of a proven fact that the crow brings death or participates in attacks on people as in the Hitchcock movie. But it does make a good scary story!

Package of 3 Artificial Black Feather Halloween Flying Crows - 4 3/4" Long, Beak to Tail
Package of 3 Artificial Black Feather Halloween Flying Crows - 4 3/4" Long, Beak to Tail

Add some flying black birds for an added effect of scary Halloween scenes. It reminds me of the Hitchcock movie "The Birds". A classic!


The Crow - Movie featuring Brandon Lee

Another favorite classic movie of ours at home. We include this one in our list of scary or spooky movies to watch each Halloween season. Brandon Lee plays someone who has died and comes back to evoke revenge or vengeance towards those who betrayed him. The crow is his dark spirit creature; therefore, the name The Crow. I hope you enjoy this trailer and consider watching this classic movie this Halloween.

I hear a rumor that there may be a remake of "The Crow" coming out in the near future! I will be watching for it!

Decorate Your Home with Black Crows

It wouldn't be Halloween without adding a few black crows to your decorations. There are feathered black birds available at most stores during October. You can find them at local craft stores, party stores, specialty shops and online. Purchase or make a stencil of a crow shape to add crows to signs, pumpkins and if you use washable paint to your windows.

Ideas of where to place them include: on pumpkins, over your front door, in the trees, line the porch eave, in clusters on the ground or anywhere else they can "scare" the trick or treaters. Just use your imagination and you will create your own "murder of crows".

What do you think of black crows?

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    • vineliner57 profile image

      Hal Gall 5 years ago from Bloomington, IN

      Crows are cool, but we used to have problems with them trying to eat the sweet corn we were growing. So yeah, we had a scarecrow or 2 in the garden. Nice lens!

    • Nanciajohnson profile image

      Nancy Johnson 5 years ago from Mesa, Arizona

      @anonymous: Isn't that a great classic movie? I love all his suspenseful.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I love black crows. And I think this is a great idea for a lens. Wonderful that you included the "The Birds" by Alfred Hitchcock!