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Halloween Family Fun

Updated on July 6, 2014

Halloween Family Traditions Start Here!

There's more to do on Halloween than the usual trick or treating for unhealthy sugar filled candy. Engage your kids in something more memorable, more meaningful, and more family oriented this year.

Start some fun family Halloween traditions that can last a lifetime.

Make Popcorn Balls

mmmmm sweet crunchy popcorn balls. A quick and easy recipe that is slightly healthier than all the rest (no corn syrup) for an evening of family fun at Halloween:

What you need:

1/2 cup unsulphured molasses

1/2 cup honey or agave nectar

1 cup sugar (optional depending on how sweet you like things. We do not use this extra cup in ours and they are delicious just the same)

1 tablespoon butter or vegan soy free Earth Balance

8 cups or so of popped popcorn


1. Excluding the popcorn, place all of the ingredients in small pot, and bring to a boil stirring gently. Allow this to lightly boil for 10 minutes.

2. Take a cup of very cold water and drop a small bit into the sugar mixture. If a ball forms it's ready.

3. Remove the sugar mixture from heat and pour it over the popcorn. Cover all kernals and mix well.

4. Cool until it is still pliable but cool enough to handle.

5. Coat your hands in butter and shape the popcorn into balls. Place the finished balls on parchment paper or a plate that they wont stick to.

Watch A Family Oriented Halloween Movie - Enjoy those popcorn balls while you watch!

Super Easy Halloween Ghost Craft

There are hundreds of ghost crafts out there, some more elaborate and more expensive to make than others. As a child, I remember making ghosts every Halloween and always has a small collection of them to play with for many months. It may seem incredibly simple, but these ghosts are fun for your child to be able to make on their own and they are probably the cheapest ghosts you can make using simple houshold items. Here's how:

* Find something for the head. A large shooter marble or super ball is a good choice. This year we have been using fallen crab apples.

* Use two pieces of facial tissue and wrap them over the head.

* Take a rubber band or twist tie and secure the head in place.

* Use markers to draw on a face.

Voila! a ghost is born.

Find this image and step by step pictures that go along with this craft at thirteen days of halloween

type=halloween paper plates
type=halloween paper plates

Pumpkins - Go For More Than Just Carving Them Together

Certainly carving a Jack O' Lantern is an excellent Halloween tradition as is roasting those delicious pumpkin seeds, but there is more family fun to be had with a pumpkin.

Pumpkin painting is an alternative to carving that is less messy and allows for greater detail. Should you wish to paing your pumpkins, spray them with a layer of sealer or varnish. This will slow down the evaporation of moisture from the pumpkin helping it to last longer. Select Acrylic paints (either craft or artist's acrylics) as water based paints will wash off in rain or with wet hands. Paint as you would any other surface, perhaps sketching your design on the pumpkin in pencil before hand. When you paint a pumpkin, you can paint on two sides, perhaps one friendly and one scary face.

Create your own Halloween decorations by painting pumpkin paper plates. String the paper plates together and you can drape the strings across rooms, over windows and from the chandeliers. For step by step instructions on how best to do this,(and image source) visit HERE

photo and other great safe halloween crafts for toddlers can be found HERE

Simple Yummy Spider Craft

This yummy craft was reprinted with permission from

What you need:

Some kind of round and yummy snack cake. Ret a Ring Ding or make your own.

Chocolate licoriche

Small red gummy candies for eyes

cake decorating tube, red is the best color


Cut licorice into 3" pieces. Poke pieces into the sides of the spider. To secure eyes, squeeze a dab of red frosting (or gel) from the tube on the Ring Ding and gently press the red candies in place.

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