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Halloween Frogs

Updated on September 2, 2013

Frog Themed Halloween Lesson Plans

A classroom with a frog theme need not wait for spring. Imagine all the ways you can teach using frogs at Halloween. There are stories about frogs trying to decide which costume to wear on Halloween night. Read the story and use your imagination to create more costumes for the frogs. Draw those frog costumes and then graph the results.

Many years ago I discovered how much children love to learn about frogs. There is something about their green costumes and they way they hop around in the mud that captures the imagination of a child. When children are interested, they love to learn. In this article we will explore ways of incorporating frogs into your Halloween Time lessons as part of a Frog Halloween themed unit study.

There is nothing like a green sweatshirt and leggings to get that froggy feeling. Come on down to the Frog Pond and join the rest of the frogs for a Halloween Party fit for a frog...

Photo Credit: Halloween Frog Costume

Used under creative commons

Froggy is getting ready for Halloween. Your children can make frog patterns for Halloween by using frog and pumpkin stamps. How about making a Frog and Pumpkin Quilt for Froggy's bed.

The frog and pumpkin pattern could also be reproduced by the children on a bulletin board. Count the squares as you Skip Count by 2's.

Can you continue the frog, pumpkin frog, pumpkin pattern?

Frog Patterns for Halloween - Halloween Frog Patterns

Math is all about recognizing patterns. As Halloween approaches it is fun to combine your frog theme with Halloween symbols to create fun math activities. Today we will create a pattern with frogs, wizard hats and pumpkins.

Set up a math station with frog stamps, wizard hat stamps, pumpkin stamps and adding tape or paper strips.

Older, or more advanced students can write number sentences or functions to describe the patterns.

Be sure to explain how to use the stamps, clean up any messes and where to put all materials when finished.

Children create frog patterns and post them above the work station for all to admire.

Frog Witch Rubber Stamp
Frog Witch Rubber Stamp

Make a frog pattern for Halloween.

Stitched Pumpkin Wood Mounted Rubber Stamp (F4031)
Stitched Pumpkin Wood Mounted Rubber Stamp (F4031)

Make a pattern with pumpkins and frogs for Halloween.

Mens Womens Child Renaissance Costume Merlin Wizard Hat
Mens Womens Child Renaissance Costume Merlin Wizard Hat

Put a Wizard Hat on your frog to create a Halloween Frog Pattern for math class

Pumpkin Patch Classic Accents
Pumpkin Patch Classic Accents

Colorful pumpkin to be used in the frog pattern for Halloween Math

PM Company Perfection POS/Calculator Rolls, 2.25 Inches x 150 Feet, White, 12/Pack (08835)
PM Company Perfection POS/Calculator Rolls, 2.25 Inches x 150 Feet, White, 12/Pack (08835)

Adding tape encourages children to continue their math patterns and can later be used for skip counting. How often do the frogs, pumpkins and wizard hats recur?


Froggy's Halloween - Choosing a Costume for Halloween

Froggy has a hard time coming up with the perfect costume for Halloween. Read the story to the children to introduce this Halloween Art Center in your classroom or as a homeschool activity.

Children can experiment with all sorts of costumes by stamping the frog and then drawing or pasting costumes onto the frog to see what each costume might look like.

Set this activity up in the art center. Add frog stamps, crayons or markers and other decorating materials with plenty of paper. Children can post their creations on a bulletin board near the Art Center.

Later on, try categorizing the children's costume creations and graphing them. You might put all the vampire frogs in one column and the princess frogs in another, for example.

Art is a wonderful way to engage children in math as well a vocabulary development.

Note: Watch our for a questionable rhyme about pulling down underpants. Just explain how funny it is but that we would never actually do it and you will be fine with this book.

Froggy's Halloween
Froggy's Halloween

Froggy can't decide what to wear for Halloween.

Tiny grinning frog in crown (frog prince) Rubber Stamp
Tiny grinning frog in crown (frog prince) Rubber Stamp

Stamp the frog and dress him or her up for Halloween.


Frog Costume for Halloween - Green Sweat Suit for a Halloween Frog

Encourage your children to dress in green sweat suits to look like frogs. To get even more in the mood, children can be allowed to hop around the room feeling like frogs, getting out that excess energy and exercising while continuing the frog theme.

The Velvet Frog Greeting Card by sherrydole
Available on Zazzle

Surprise your students when you come to school dressed as a frog. Invite the children to create their own frog masks and costumes as we imagine being frogs living in and around the frog pond. Frog costumes add delight and spark imagination when writing, observing and thinking about the lives of frogs.

Some may associate frogs with spring but frogs are with us all year round. At Halloween children like to dress up and frogs and create frog patterns or create frog costumes. What about you? How would you use a frog theme at Halloween time to teach your children?

Friendly Thoughts about Halloween Frogs - How do you incorporate frogs into your Halloween Lesson Plans?

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    • Diaper Bag Blog profile image

      Stanley Green 

      5 years ago from Czech Republic

      What?!!! Frog?!!! As a Halloween costume?!!! ... ... ... Well... why not? :)

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      This is so cute, I love frog costumes and I loved reading the Froggy's Halloween book to my kids when they were little:)

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      A very fun lens, I hadnt thought of dressing up as a frog for Halloween.. I may well do just that this year!

    • Susan Zutautas profile image

      Susan Zutautas 

      5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      I'll have to share your lens with my son. He loves frogs and even though he's now 21 I'm sure he'd love to go dressed as a frog to a Halloween party.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Great idea for a Halloween costume!

    • OhMe profile image

      Nancy Tate Hellams 

      5 years ago from Pendleton, SC

      I love frogs so love this page!

    • Nancy Hardin profile image

      Nancy Carol Brown Hardin 

      5 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      This is a very cute idea! I always love your Frog lenses, because I guess I love frogs too! You're so talented with these things. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on the purple star!

    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 

      5 years ago from Arkansas USA

      I doubt I would have thought to use frogs in Halloween lesson plans - but these are brilliant ideas! Of course I would expect nothing but brilliant from the frog lesson lady herself! Great job, Evelyn!


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