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Halloween Fun with Liquid Latex

Updated on October 8, 2013

The Stuff

Are you thinking about dressing up as a zombie for Halloween? Or maybe a wicked witch, a vampire or just simply an old hag? If so, a great way to enhance your Halloween costume is by using liquid latex. What is that stuff anyway? Liquid latex is the stuff that makeup artists use to transform actors into monsters, beasts, aliens and so much more. So, if you want to add wrinkles, scaly skin, gashes and wounds or even add fancy prosthetic pieces to enhance your look, liquid latex is the stuff to do the trick. So this year, why not have some Halloween fun with liquid latex!

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How to apply liquid latex

plus a few easy prep steps!

To play it safe, first spot-test a small area of skin to check for any allergic reaction. To do this, dab a small amount of liquid latex on the back of your hand and let it dry. If you feel any itching, burning or redness, then you're probably allergic to latex and should definitely not use it.

Another thing you need to know is that liquid latex bonds extremely well to hair, so be sure to shave the area of skin where you'll be applying the latex or it may be a little painful later when you try to remove it. It'll feel similar to pulling off a bandage from your arm quickly!

Next, apply plenty of lotion to the shaved area so that it's easier to remove the liquid latex later. Also, liquid latex has a small amount of ammonia in it to help preserve it,so it'll be smelly, but venting the jar for a few minutes will dissipate the odor. If you're thinking of applying liquid latex on your face, first apply some vaseline or vegetable oil to your eyebrows so that the latex can be removed easier later and also make sure to keep the latex away from your eyes, mouth and nose.

Now you can start applying the liquid latex using a disposable foam brush or a makeup sponge. It usually takes about 5-10 minutes for it to dry, but you can speed things up if you use a hair dryer at the low setting. You should apply a minimum of 3 coats making sure each coat dries well in between. This will make the latex more durable and once it's dry you'll have a transparent film that resembles skin.

It's a good idea to powder the latex because latex will stick to itself. You can also use spirit gum around the edges of the dry latex to prevent it from peeling off easily. Now that you know how to apply the liquid latex, it's time to have some Halloween fun!

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Spirit Gum 1 Oz
Spirit Gum 1 Oz

Use this to apply around the edges to prevent the latex from peeling off easily.

Loew Cornell 841 20-Piece Foam Brush Set, 2-Inch
Loew Cornell 841 20-Piece Foam Brush Set, 2-Inch

These brushes are ideal for applying liquid latex.


Making gashes, wounds, and much more!


Creating your own gashes and wounds can be fun for Halloween. You can tear cotton into strips or small clumps or you can separate the plies from a square of toilet paper and roll them. Place them on your arm, face, or leg (whatever the desired location) and then cover them with another layer of liquid latex. Once it dries you can choose to add additional layers of cotton or tissue covered over with latex to build the wound as deep as you want. Then you can apply makeup and fake blood to add the desired effect. You can also create a bullet wound this way - just make the wound circular!


You can easily mix liquid latex with oats or puffed rice cereal (such as Rice Krispies!) and then apply it to the desired area. Once it's completely dry, just apply make-up to get the look you want.


For face wrinkles, stretch out your face in an exaggerated way. You can puff out your cheeks, flare your nostrils, smile, or open your mouth wide. Hold your pose and begin to apply the liquid latex. You'll have to hold your pose until it dries! This is where using a hair dryer comes in handy. Finally, relax your face and check out your wrinkles. Just repeat these steps as many times as you want to make your wrinkles more dramatic and then apply whatever makeup you want.


This is the easiest one yet! Tear a hole into the layers of the dried liquid latex and let the layers hang out like jagged flaps of skin. For a more exaggerated effect, just add a layer of tissue paper first, cover it with an additional layer of liquid latex and once it dries, tear a hole into the layers and let it hang. Afterwards, apply makeup and/or fake blood to make it more dramatic.

Remember to add some powder when needed to prevent the liquid latex from sticking on itself and use spirit gum to hold things down! Try out these suggestions to have some Halloween fun with liquid latex!

Removing liquid latex

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After your Halloween fun is over, you'll want to remove all of the liquid latex. To do this, just gently peel it off. You can also wash it off with warm soapy water, but be sure to collect the pieces of latex so it doesn't clog your drain! And if by chance, you got some latex in your hair, just add some baby oil to your hair and gently comb it out.

Did you know?...

.... that it takes about one quart (32 oz) of liquid latex to cover a full body from head to toe! This includes the recommended 3 coats.

.... that it shrinks about 3 to 4% as it dries!

.... that it feels like a rubber glove!

.... that your skin can still breathe underneath it!

.... that it's derived from a tree sap!

.... that it's nontoxic!


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    • profile image

      TanoCalvenoa 4 years ago

      LOL. Perfect for Halloween.

    • RHKnight profile image

      RHKnight 4 years ago

      Amazing cosmetic skills! The seeing into the skin illusion really is intense. Thanks for sharing some tips on how to do it.