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True Haunted House Experiences

Updated on October 15, 2014

There are Haunted House Everywhere!

Believe it or not, there are haunted houses everywhere.
Believe it or not, there are haunted houses everywhere. | Source

Haunted Houses are Very Real

Haunted houses are very real whether or not it is Halloween.

Real haunted houses can be very scary for some people and not so scary and actually enjoyable for other people.

Some people love the idea of a haunted house but, have never ever stepped a foot into one.

Some people are naturally drawn to real haunted houses and they enter them with a sense of awe and almost reverence for the spirits or ghosts that occupy a real haunted house.

Haunted House

Haunted house posters and other items available by clicking the source link
Haunted house posters and other items available by clicking the source link | Source

My Haunted Houses Experiences - Zerelda

by Sara Valor

My haunted house experiences have been occurring for as far back as I can remember. The first time I remember seeing a ghost or a spirit I was very young, maybe about 4 years old. I was in my grandparents home and had walked into one of the bedrooms just off the kitchen. As I turned to leave the room by the same door there was a woman standing to the left side of the doorway just under a very old coo-coo clock that had stopped working long before I was even a twinkle in my parent's eyes.

I looked at her, she did not frighten me, just surprised me to see someone that did not live there standing in the room with me.

I wondered who she was and without her actually speaking to me as we speak to one another I heard her say her name. Zerelda, and I shouted out "Zerelda!" When I shouted her name the coo-coo clock began to coo-coo. All of a sudden the whole house came alive. Everyone who was in the house ran to the room and she disappeared from view. It seemed as though everyone was disturbed that the clock began to work again more so than to acknowledge my questions of whom the lady was that was in the room with me.

I remembered this ghostly apparition now and again, while growing up and then I would ask my family, "Who is Zerelda?" No one ever had an answer for me. They seemed to have all forgotten that the sighting ever happened and I've never gotten a straight answer out of any of them and so, I eventually stopped asking. I think I know who Zerelda is, but I am only guessing since it is such an odd name...

*Just a note to let you know that there are various other haunted house experiences in my past and I look forward to those to come. I will be adding more of my haunted house experiences to this hub as time permits...

Learn more about Hauntings

Just a note to let you know that there are various other haunted house experiences in my past and I look forward to those to come. I will be adding more of my haunted house experiences to this lens as time permits. In the meantime, you can find out a lot more about spirits or ghosts as well as the places they haunt by reading books such as Haunted: The Ghosts that share our world.

Learning more about such occurrences is a good way to get over being terribly afraid of such things, people and places, I think.

It is not uncommon for ghosts to haunt their home

Haunted houses are enchanting.
Haunted houses are enchanting. | Source

Audrey Croome of Croome Mansion

by Sara Valor

Once there was an old two-story house out in the woods in this area, unfortunately it was burned down as an abandoned house by an arsonist.

However, like other old houses while passing them, some of them call to me, and I can feel the energy within them and around them even if doing nothing but passing them in a vehicle.

This house always stood out to me.

My aunt worked at one time as a nurse's aide for Home Health, visiting those who needed help at home.

She knows me, she asks me to come with her so I can get a feel of the place, but purposely did not tell me of her suspicions concerning the house or the inhabitants.

This was the Croome Mansion.

The old house was beautifully constructed a place I'd absolutely love to have, high ceilings and well basically a small southern antebellum home with a front parlor, French doors and lots of rooms, formal dinning room and separate large kitchen off the back end of the house.

However, as soon as I walked into the house I was overwhelmed with an icky feeling of perversion, that of the past and that which was going on with the people that lived there.

The elderly woman was laid out in a room just beyond the parlor, very old woman maybe in her middle 90's. Very sweet spirit yet very troubled and with no way to prevent what was happening to her. I felt such sorrow for this woman, she felt to me so hopeless and weary.

Her daughter and son were living there with her, supposedly taking care of her. I do think that the daughter did try her best to do for her mother.

The man was reeking of perversion, I did not like the feeling I got from him at all. His vibrations made me literally "feel nasty" and my skin to crawl.

There was also something on the stairs or upstairs that kept calling to me, but well at that time, I could not just go traipsing up the stairs to find out what.

Moreover, there was another strange and icky feeling upstairs as well...

After we left, my aunt ask me what I thought.

I told her that something was not right with the house or the people living in it and told her what I felt about the living people in the house.

She told me that the man and his sister slept together and that she had a strong suspicion that the man was raping the invalid elderly woman.

I told her that would explain why I picked up on those vibrations in that house and that the man just felt so nasty to me. I told her she should talk with the elderly women's doctor. and have him check her out to make sure. I did not live in the area at that time and went back to Hattiesburg to USM shortly afterward, so I don't know what my aunt did, but knowing her, she was already ready to jerk a knot in that man's tail.

She also told me that there was a spirit there; she had felt it many times. It was a girl by the name of Audrey Croome. She died they had told my aunt of diphtheria when she was 13 years old.

Now, fast forward about 5 or 6 years...

While staying with one of my sisters, they decided one day to go riding; we wound up in the front yard of this abandoned house. She and her boyfriend and another of their friends, a man wanted to go savaging through the abandoned house. I did not know this was their plans until we got there.

I sat in the car for a few more minutes after they got out and went into the house via the front door.

As I was sitting there, I kept feeling like I should get out and go in, but not for savaging as I had tried to talk them out of that when I realized what their plans were. The idea of rummaging through someone's house even if it was abandoned and everyone else who had been there for that purpose even before my sister and her friends decided to go, just did not sit well with me at all. Whether or not someone is caught does not change the fact that it was illegal and I wanted no part of it.

While sitting in the car, I kept feeling like that little girl was calling to me. It did take me a while to decide to even, get out of the car.

When I finally decided to get out, I started towards the front door, as had the others; however, I felt drawn to the back of the house, so I followed.

Of course, everything was grown up in brush and brambles. However, I could tell that once a long time ago, the place was actually landscaped and taken care of, and there were overgrown topiary trees and a flower garden with old oaks and a cement sitting arrangement beneath them.

There were also several small outer buildings, an outhouse, smoke house, and a chicken house. I did not go to them (I was already uncomfortable about trespassing to begin with), just saw them as I passed towards the back door.

I went into the back door and was dazzled about how bright it was in this area of the house in comparison of how dark it was when I had gone into the front door with my aunt years before. As I stepped into the house, there was a long hallway in front of me, and many large windows on the right hand wall of the hallway. At the end of the hallway was the staircase.

To my left just past the entrance was the kitchen door and a bit farther along the hallway was the door to the formal dining room, and another door to another room, and just as I got to the bottom of the stairs was another door leading to the front parlor.

I hesitated at the steps of the stairs. Looking up there was brightness of light coming from the right side and a very strange darkness and feeling of darkness coming from the left side.

Part of me wanted to go and part of me was screaming do not go up the stairs.

I decided before I even took another step that I was not going to the left side of the upstairs, since there was such an overwhelming feeling of what I wasn't sure of at the time, but something really, really dreadfully heavy and bad.

As I had entered the house and walked along the hallway, I had not seen nor heard any of the others that had come with me, which seemed strange to me, but on I went up the stairs.

As I reached the top, I hesitated again getting my balance I suppose, as I had become dizzy while ascending the staircase.

To the right was a door with bright light streaming from it and to my left a door filled with darkness.

I walked further onto the landing and then heard my sister call to me from the left room, telling me to come there to see what they had found. I walked to the door, as I was a bit curious. However, I did tell them that they should come out of the room. The men seemed to trying to pull the tall headboard away from the wall, they had heard there was a room behind it. My sister was looking at something else on the floor, not sure what. Again, she told me to come look, I told her no, I was not coming into the room, and it felt strange to me. Her boyfriend told her the floor felt weak and it may not be a good idea for me to enter, since I am a BBW. He thought maybe I would fall through the floor, but that was only another excuse for me to use that they could understand for my not wanting to go into that room. Therefore, I went with that reason...

I turned and went into the other room to the right, the one that was so bright.

As I stepped into the room, I could feel this child's presence very strongly; so much, so that I began spinning in a circle, sort of a dance. I felt this was something that she did... Spin in circles while dancing and lighthearted. Her spirit felt very good to me, as did the brightness of the room. I did notice that the floor in that room felt very steady and solid as I danced and spun circles with her. I felt like playing and laughing.

There was an old four-poster bed, very tall, dark wood, maybe cherry I think. However, I do think at one time there had been a chest and a large dresser that matched the bed in the room at one time but someone had removed it. There is no closet, just a square room with windows and the bed.

There were things scattered about, old cotton or linen sleeping gowns with ruffles and such, I did not touch them. However, on the floor there was an envelope with her name and address on it. I picked it up; it was a very old Christmas card that someone had sent to her before she died. I felt that it was all right with her and I did take this with me, still have it packed in storage.

I stayed in there for a while and did notice while in that room that I could not hear the others in the room across the hall, which did seem odd to me.

I had danced, spun and talked to her, listening to anything that she might be able to let me know. I felt that she spent a great deal of time in her room and she was comfortable there.

She was happy to see me, I do believe and she did not want me to go, I could feel that and verbally talked to her and for some reason telling her that I would see her again.

I decided I had been inside the house long enough and then started to leave. My sister and the guys were still in the other room and again I told them that room felt strange to me and that they shouldn't be in there to come on out. They laughed and continued...

I figured since I had already breached the trespass, that I wanted to see the rest of the house.

I came down the steps and rather than retracing my steps I turned towards the back of the steps, there was an open closet under them, I peeked in and saw where someone had rummaged through the contents. Clothes and other items strewn on the floors until the door would not close.

Beside the closet on the right side was an open door, I peeked in. It was small and I got the feeling of an office of some type, though there was no furniture. More clothing and other items as well as boxes of paperwork, strewn about in there.

(Continued Below)

Halloween Haunted House Pick List

Personally, I just use my personal senses to detect spirits or ghosts. However, I never go searching for them. They can find me without much effort on my part. Nevertheless, if you are interested in ghost hunting, you might want to use other means of detecting spirits or ghosts. Perhaps, making use of a ghost hunting kit is right up your alley. In that case, be sure to find something that suits your needs and preferences.

Audrey Croome of Croome Mansion Continued - by Sara Valor

I turned and started towards the hallway to the parlor door and entered, following into the living room I suppose, where the elderly lady had been when I went there with my aunt and then into the dining room. There was a very large dinning table and a large sideboard cupboard. Lots of silver and crystal, which did surprise me to see still there, when you consider that the house had been invaded by many scavengers since it had been abandoned. This room to me felt very busy with entertaining and visiting of those who had lived there at one time.

I circled the table with all its chairs and went into the kitchen. It felt very stuffy and oppressing for some reason. It felt hard to breathe while in there.

Since I had not gone into the room with the third door along the hallway, between the dinning room and parlor room doors, I went back into the long hallway and down to that room. It was like the others a very large room and I thought it strange that I had not walked through it while traveling from the large room where the elderly woman was and the dinning room. I walked into this room and there was a closet; everything was strewn out in it and in the room itself. I walked around it and found a door that did go into the dinning room. And it struck me strange that I had not even seen that door while in the dinning room earlier, not sure why...

I went out into the hallway and then out the back door.

As I was walking back to the car, I noticed across the road there was an old graveyard. I felt to go there then. I found Audrey's grave, stood, and talked to her there as well. There were only a few graves there, so I walked around them noting that they were all Croome's, with the exception of one marker that bore the last name that is the same as mine.

I am not sure whom she is, I have not found her name in any of the genealogy records I have for our family back to 8 generations, and however I do feel that in some way this woman is kin to me somehow...

Flash forward about 2-3 more years.

Something kept calling me back there, I knew I had to go alone although I had asked a friend to go with me, but at the last minute, she could not.

I took a candle with me.

It was dark and although I am not really afraid of spirits I just could not go back into the house since it was a New Moon and just plain dark and I still felt strange trespassing.

Therefore, I sat in my car and talked with Audrey, as she was the reason for my being there.

I lit the candle for her and told her that if she wanted that she did not have to stay in that house any longer, that she could leave if she wanted and to go towards the light.

I sat there for a while until I felt it was time for me to leave...

Flash forward to just about 3 months ago...

While my sister and her husband/ the boyfriend back then were living here with my children, and me for some reason we brought up the subject of the Croome's Mansion.

My brother in-law told me, there was a small door behind the large headboard that they were trying to move in the dark room.

In this small room behind the headboard, they found all sorts of things.

Some of those things were old pictures.

Apparently, someone who lived in the house at one time was a member of the KKK.

There were awful old photos of black people being tortured, hung and burned. He told me there were photos of burning crosses and others of KKK in their regalia. There were also, he told me old pornographic photos including some of children.

Which would for me explain the dark, heavy feeling that vibrated from that room on the left side of the staircase.

I ask him if they kept any of them and he told me no, they just looked at them.

My sister had found where someone had glued family pictures to the floor like a rug in that room, she was trying to have me come look at.

This Haunted House Story first appeared online at Psychic Whispers March 2009.

Do You Believe there are Haunted Houses?

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Haunted Inns and Hotels are Interesting

Ghosts and spirits are attached to some places.
Ghosts and spirits are attached to some places. | Source

The Traveling Hotel Ghost

by Sara Valor

At one time, my aunt was the desk clerk/housekeeper of a very small hotel. Holiday Sands to be exact.

I would often visit her, as she is my most favorite of aunts.

We shall call her Jo.

Jo and I are sitting in the small, living room area of the live in quarters. We are sitting up late at night on a weekend, as there are usually a few customers.

I believe we are facing the eastern wall.

We are sitting side by side.

She is to my right.

We are watching The Jefferson's on TV.

As we sit there, I see this slowly passing mist, although it is formed in shape.

It has both a beginning and end to its form.

It is one of the first I ever remember looking like it did.

It actually had the appearance of a special effect of a draped looking gaze, and it floated along fairly slowly in front of me.

Although there were no appendages that I could see in its form, it did have a distinguishable facial structure, as to have what looked like holes for eyes, nose and mouth.

To describe such a bland face is hard to really explain how it looked to be feeling, except that it did have a sad tormented looking face, though not something too terrible.

It did not extend to me any type of vibration other than that of wanting to giggle, but daring to not. I suppose to say that teasing would fit well in describing the feeling I picked up from it.

I watched it as it past by me, and then focused back on the TV show.

All of a sudden, Jo hollered aloud, as I turned to look; she had the most frightened look on her face, as she shook in her chair.

I thought something had bitten her or she had spilt her hot coffee on herself, though she did no more than sit in the chair shaking as she braced herself and the sound of her voice as she trembled aloud.

I Saw It - She Felt It

I ask her, what is the matter?

She says something just passed right through me!

I said, I just saw it as it passed in front of me.

Jo then turns her head to look at me and she looks at me as if I am totally crazy.

What do you mean? Jo asks.

What do you mean what do I mean? I said I saw it as it passed in front of me.

She becomes upset with me asking, why didn't you tell something was coming after me?

I blink.

I had no idea it was coming after you, I said.

Jo continues to look at me as if I am a nut job.

Eventually, I went back home, however the traveling ghost decided to check into the Holiday Sands for a while.

Actually, he, and I say he, as before it was all over, Jo told me the ghost was a he.

He stayed with Jo; she quit her job thinking the traveling ghost would stay in the Holiday Sands Hotel; however, this ghost was in transit.

Everywhere Jo moved, he moved right along with her.

This ghost stayed several different places with her, until she moved into the house by the swamp.

The house by the swamp was totally overwhelmed with paranormal activity. It has been for many years, and as far as I know, it still does, as there is never anyone who moves into the house by the swamp stay no longer than a few months before moving right back out.

Jo says they party there all the time, the ghosts that is. Therefore, I figure that this house is some type of magnetic area for ghosts.

They never bothered me, although they did give Jo and her children some really uneasy days and nights.

However, there is a haunted house story that comes along while Jo and her children were living in the house by the swamp. I'll tell this ghost story to you as soon as i can get it typed up and added here.

This Haunted House Story first appeared online at Psychic Whispers March 2009.

Are You Sensitive to Spirits?

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Haunted Houses don't have to be Spooky

There is no need to be afraid of spirits or ghosts.
There is no need to be afraid of spirits or ghosts. | Source

Ghostly Footsteps in the Dark

by Sara Valor

About 20 years ago, I was staying at mothers, with her and my baby sister who was about 13 at the time. Mother worked the night shift, and my sister usually slept with her, so when I came to stay, I slept with my sister at night on mother's bed so she was not alone.

One night, being sound asleep.

I heard a man's footstep from the kitchen onto the step down floor of the hallway and walk all the way to the end of the hall and into the bedroom.

The footsteps came all the way up to the side of the bed, the side my sister was sleeping on.

It just stood there looking down at us for what seemed like too long a time for my comfort, but was probably just a few minutes.

I was sleeping on my left side at the time with my back to her.

My eyes flew open and I was scared to death as the footsteps were heavy and scratchy sounding as if they were covered with sand or dirt.

It did scare me as I thought there was a strange man in the house.

My heart was pounding, so hard I figured whoever was standing there could even hear it.

I was afraid to move, but in my mind, I am thinking, what can I use as a weapon if I needed one.

There was a dresser drawer front that had come off the drawer and stood up beside the dresser.

My plan was to grab that and just start swinging if I needed to, since it was, pitch black.

(Must have been during a new moon as generally you could at least see a little inside the room at night when it was not as dark.)

As I was thinking to grab that board and jump up to begin swinging, realizing my sister was asleep and would be lying on the bed, maybe I would not wind up hitting her.

As I was thinking all this, the footsteps turned and went back down the hallway and into the kitchen the same as they came in and then no sound at all. I kept thinking I would hear a door open and close or something.

When the sound of the footsteps stopped, I jumped up with the board in hand and ran to lock the bedroom door.

If it had not been for being able to hear the footsteps walking away, I would have just assumed I was dreaming...

When I jumped up from the bed, it woke my sister and she asked me what was wrong. I flipped on the light and reached for mother's gun that was behind the door.

I told her someone had come into the house.

I told her to stay put that I was going to look.

I locked her inside the room and told her to not, unlock it unless it was me, talking to her telling her it was me.

I searched the house and found nothing.

I looked outside the windows and saw nothing.

I went back to the room and handed her the gun, told her I was running across the yard to Papa's. I told her to lock the door behind me and to stay inside the room until I came back and if anyone tried force themselves into that room without knocking and telling her it was me or Papa to just blow them away.

I ran to Papa's and woke him and Maw maw up.

He got his gun, and then went back across the yard with me and checked out the yard and mother's house and found nothing.

I suppose they all thought I was nuts, but I did hear this and it did not feel like anything good to me. Whoever this person was I supposed after not finding anyone was actually a very strong male spirit.

If it had not slipped in, woke me, and felt so threatening I would have been ok with it being there, but it did scare the mess out of me.

Therefore, I guess I am glad to find out that others have been lying in their beds and be awakened in the middle of the night by things that really do go bump in the night as well. It rather helps me not feel so much like an odd ball.


I have also heard different voices calling my name from time to time...

This Haunted House Story first appeared online at Psychic Whispers March 2009.

Any place can be a haunted place

Experience your own haunted places
Experience your own haunted places | Source

How Did You First Know there are Spirits About?

Gosh, I am not sure how old I may have been when I first knew they were here with us, I do think this is knowledge that we bring with us from the pre-existence of mortal life.

I remember hearing voices while trying to sleep, so many that it was very overwhelming. Being young, I did finally tell them to go away and leave me alone, since I could not sleep while everyone was talking at the same time. However, I do remember asking them to just talk one at a time and it seems they did not listen, which is why I finally told them to leave me alone.

I was not afraid of them; it was just that they all wanted to talk all at once. I never could really understand what anyone of them was trying to say to me. I think I sent them away when I was about 10 - 11 years old.

I know when there are spirits around and can tell the difference in the way they feel to me, the vibrations they send out. Most are good, have only felt two that I sent away after acknowledging them and I felt they had come close enough to me. These two I did feel coming towards me from a long distance.

I have seen spirits as long as I can remember.

A lot of my childhood, I do not remember, yet some of it comes to me in flashes when triggered by something.

I remember asking my mother about the little girl who made the old cuckoo clock start working by saying someone's name. She always told me that it was a dream or something I saw on TV. I cannot count the times that I remember asking about this.

I was grown before having the flashback of that time.

It was me, I was nine months old when we left Mississippi to go to Alaska and I was 4 years old when we came back. I did not know my extended family.

A cuckoo clock hung in one of the bedrooms of my grandmother's house.

I walked into the room and something caught my eye.

I hollered "Zerelda" and the clock began cuckooing.

Some of them ran into see what was going on and found me standing on the floor beneath the clock and wanted to know what was going on.

I suppose I told them I saw Zerelda.

I can only guess it spooked the mess out of them, because ever since I can remember I have been told all of this is my imagination and treated as if I was the nut odd ball of the family.

However, I have seen orbs as well and little sparkly things in the air. I am not sure, what those are unless ions of energy or something.

There is more of course, and I can only suppose we could each fill a book with our own tales of knowing, seeing, feeling, touching, hearing and smelling spirits.

This Haunted House Story first appeared online at Psychic Whispers March 2009.

What do you think?

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    • yayas profile image


      5 years ago

      Okay; I was jus' gettin' ready to go to bed, but I'm not sure I can. 'Course, my good hubby-buddy is in there an' if I have nightmares, he will wake me an' lemme' know it's okay.

      Did I mention what a great writer you are? Outstanding page! Keep up the good work.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      @Sara Valor: I agree and it is a gift that I envy, but do understand the caution to which someone would wish for such a gift.

      I do sense thining of veils but have a long way to go before I can do it on purpose.

      If you have a FB for your writing would you add me? I have one for all my writing friends, I am Ddraig coch on there.

      Thank you for liking my lens,a s you can see I have only recently returned and need to start writing again here.x

    • Sara Valor profile imageAUTHOR

      Sara Valor 

      7 years ago from Breezy Hills

      @anonymous: Hi Emma, thanks for visiting my haunted house lens. You sound pretty perceptive in this type of situation too.

      You are right, it has not and is not always easy. My grandmother tried to convince everyone I was just plain crazy as a kid, Once I got grown, I knew it was just because she didn't understand me or maybe I'd scare her just by telling them what I would see or here when no one else did.

      It's hard right now because I have dead family members working on me telling me, showing me about something that has happened and they won't stop I think until I do what they want me to do by exposing the person a family member who is still living and what he's done to them and the rest of us. So, I guess, I'll just have to do it. They are wearing me out. The thing about it is, my dad knows me and he's already let me know from the other side that even though I don't want to do what they want me to do. I am the only one that Can Do It. So, now it's something I Have To Do to get some peace of mind not only for myself but, for those on the other side telling their tales as well as the rest of my living family.

      Honestly, it would be so much easier if everyone could see, hear and interact with the spirits of their family whether living or not on this side of the veil.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Wow Sara, I am glad to see you accept your gift, as it probably does not always feel that way at times.

      I am very grateful that you passed this forward to me on Seekyt, yes it is the same Ddraig x(Emma).

      I have been told by my mother that I use to freak her out explaining about things that happened during her life time, but before mine, but as if they were my memories.

      I also scared her once as I was adamant that the little boy and girl I was talking to on the end of my bed were in Victorian garb, I was only 4 at the time.

      The only time I have seen spirits in adulthood have been in times of high emotion, usually when I lose a loved one, but only once was it that loved one, and that was in a dream, but with a very relevant message.

    • Sara Valor profile imageAUTHOR

      Sara Valor 

      7 years ago from Breezy Hills

      @JoyfulReviewer: Hi JoyfulReviewer, thanks for visiting and commenting on my Halloween Haunted House lens. Thank you as well. Enjoy!

    • Sara Valor profile imageAUTHOR

      Sara Valor 

      7 years ago from Breezy Hills

      @fireblazzer: Hi fireblazzer, thanks for visiting. I'm glad you are enjoying my haunted house stories. I just added more, so be sure to bookmark and come back again to read more.

    • Sara Valor profile imageAUTHOR

      Sara Valor 

      7 years ago from Breezy Hills

      @mockingbird999: Hi KM, thanks for visiting my Halloween haunted house lens.

      Maybe, one day, you will get lucky.


    • JoyfulReviewer profile image


      7 years ago

      Congratulations on your lens being included on the "It Was a Dark and Stormy Night" monsterboard!

    • fireblazzer profile image


      7 years ago

      this is a cool page!

      i like it

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Not that I know of. If I ever was, the ghosts didn't reveal themselves while I was there.


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