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Halloween Jewelry Accessories

Updated on September 21, 2014

Halloween Fun with Costume Accessories

Have fun with Halloween Jewelry Accessories! Getting all dressed up in costume for Halloween is so much fun! Your costume isn't quite complete until you add the right costume accessories and the right jewelry can make all the difference, it's one of my favorite parts of getting ready for Halloween.

Sometimes, a simple Halloween t-shirt and jeans or leggings combined with fun jewelry is all you need and you'll be set and in the spirit of the holiday for an office party, meeting friends for drinks or for passing out treats for the kids! Elaborate costumes are more enhanced with just the right pieces of jewelry. Whichever look you desire, you're sure to find what's just right for you at prices of less than $1 and up!

Here you'll find fun Halloween necklaces, pins, earrings and bracelets to complete your perfect costume - all the Halloween Jewelry Accessories you want at great prices online. Plus, how to make your own Halloween jewelry for a fun craft project. Please take a moment to take our jewelry poll too!

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Vintage Creepy Halloween Rhinestone Spider Bracelet - This is my kind of spider!!

Not all spiders are creepy and scary as this gorgeous metal bracelet proves.

Black and clear crystals with so much detail on a bangle cuff bracelet that I thought would have cost so much more than it does.

I could wear it with so many outfits and just love it.

Halloween Bracelets add Sparkle and Pizzaz to your Costume!

Fun Halloween Bracelets to Dress up your Arms - From charms, glow in the dark and lacy designs, Halloween Accessories are super affordable for almost any budget.

Skull Leather Bracelets for your spooky wrists! - Skull jewelry is more popular than ever with the popular Goth look so after Halloween, you can still wear these fashionable bracelets.

Light the Way with lots of Choices in Halloween Light Up Necklaces!

I love light up necklaces and these two operate with a battery tab that simply gets removed for them to light up.

Light up necklaces are fun for the office party, to light the way for kids or just to meet the children at home passing out the treats. Have fun with Halloween Light Up Necklaces.

Wear one or wear a few. Makes a great gift for the Halloween fan too!

Halloween Necklaces in Lots of Styles and Designs

Black Spider Necklace
Black Spider Necklace

Black stones create this large pendant on a metal chain makes a great spider necklace for your black widow or spider costume.


I think you can't go wrong with a spider necklace during the Halloween season,, unless you want to be a fairy or princess. Spiders are one of the most popular scary items during Halloween so wearing one on your neck makes dressing up pretty easy.

Spiderweb Necklace and Earrings Set

Spiderweb Necklace and Earrings Accessory
Spiderweb Necklace and Earrings Accessory

I love this metal spiderweb that has creepy spiders attached to it and would use it for any spider costume, spooky goth, critter, female monster or witch costume accessory. Add it to any plain white or black t-shirt for minimal costume dressing on a budget.


Adults like to get dressed up just as much as kids for Halloween - jewelry accessories let you do it in style!

These are Fun Halloween Necklaces to Complete your Costume

Twilight "Rosalie's Necklace" Replica Jewelry
Twilight "Rosalie's Necklace" Replica Jewelry

Twilight movie fans will love the Rosalie Necklace to complete the perfect costume accessory and it can be worn any time! It's a heavy metal and can be worn as a short chain or long necklace as in the movie.


Whether you're just starting to collect your Halloween jewelry or have been adding to your collection for years, you can always find inexpensive pieces at your favorite party store, thrift shops, department stores, costume stores and online.

Halloween Pins make a great Costume Accessory!

Enamel Body Crystal Rhinestone Halloween Spider Pin - It's hard to be afraid of spiders with this pretty pin!

This pretty silver tone pin/broach shows a white stone abdomen and is 2" long and I'd wear it with a black or silver dress, on a coat, sweater or Halloween t-shirt.

Halloween Earrings for your Party or any time of year!

Lots of styles and prices to help you choose the perfect Halloween earrings!

How awesome and scary are snakes! How about this one in an earring that drapes around the ear. Check out how many people are loving it too.

© 2012 Cindy

Thanks for sharing what you love about Halloween Jewelry Accessories!

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