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Halloween Lollipops Candy

Updated on August 21, 2014

Trick or Treat - Who Wants Lollipops!

I love making sure I have all kinds of Halloween Lollipops candy to pass out to the kids for their trick or treat bags. Many of the kids that arrive at our home for trick or treating are younger and smaller and oftentimes, parents don't want kids to get too much chocolate or heavy candy. I think all children love Lollipops!

Lollipops are the perfect candy treat that will last a long time, taste great, are easy to hold and even big kids love them! In our family, lollipops are a nice sweet treat we sometimes enjoy and at Halloween I find I usually end up buying candy that we like. You just never know how many kids are coming so this way, we get to enjoy any leftovers!

Here you'll find a great selection of the Best Halloween Lollipops to add to your treat bowl, to make your own goodie bags with and to take to school or work to pass out to your friends for a goulishly silly and fun party treat!

Shown here are Moon Forkz Eyeball Halloween Lollipops courtesy of and featured below.

Dark Moon Forkz Eyeball Halloween Lollipops - EWWW, Gross and Oh so Yummy Lollipops!!

These are crazy and fun Halloween Lollipops! Instead of a stick, there's a fork holding the lollie. The actual lollipop looks super creepy just like a glassy eyeball in several flavors of strawberry, grape, apple and blueberry and four different colors of black, red, purple and green eyeballs. These are must haves in your bag of trick or treat goodies and share them at work or school to creep out all your friends too!

Listen to the Lollipop Song as you Browse our Halloween Lollipops selections!

Monster Head Suckers - Spooky Treats!

Kids will love receiving these silly faced and colorful monster head lollipops for Halloween. I like making little treat bags for the kids and giving them an assortment of candies and chocolates. Consider adding these to your own treat bags if you don't get too many trick or treaters. You'll get 12 monster head suckers individually wrapped in a package of different flavors.

Halloween Ooze Pops Candy - Great candy to add to your treat bags for Halloween fun!

What kid wouldn't love a lollipop shaped like a skeleton that's red or green and filled with gooey ooze that tastes delicious and is fun to eat!!

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Halloween Lollipops Chocolate Owl
Halloween Lollipops Chocolate Owl

If you love this Chocolate Owl Lollipop, scroll down to see more details.

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Can't get enough Halloween Chocolate Lollipops - Yummy treats for the kids or yourself!

Halloween Monster Chocolate Lollipops (Set 3 Lollipops)
Halloween Monster Chocolate Lollipops (Set 3 Lollipops)

A witch, mummy and frankenstein on a stick, what's not to like for Halloween candy!


Halloween Hard Candy Lollipops - Perfect Candy for School or Work too!

Halloween Jelly Lollipops - 24 ct
Halloween Jelly Lollipops - 24 ct

These lollipops are not too scary if you want yummy treats for the little ones that come knocking on your door!

Frosted Pirate Suckers (12 Pack) 1 1/2" Lollipop. 3 1/2" Plastic Stick.
Frosted Pirate Suckers (12 Pack) 1 1/2" Lollipop. 3 1/2" Plastic Stick.

Pirate skull lollipops perfect for your own little pirate, any pirate theme party or to add to a Halloween trick or treat baggie.

Chupa Chups Pops Cremosa Ice Cream, 16.93 oz
Chupa Chups Pops Cremosa Ice Cream, 16.93 oz

Ice cream flavors in a sucker! Treat your young trick or treating guests with these delicious lollipops and be careful - you may not want to give them up and the kids will probably be back for more! Yummy treat for Halloween or any time.


Halloween Swirl Lollipops - Black and Orange Lollies are sure to please!

I love the black and orange swirl design of these 2" lollies that each have a picture of something Halloween spooky on them. Kids will love getting your special treats in their goodie bags and you'll be the best neighbor ever!

More Fun Hard Candy Halloween Lollipops - in different shapes and colors!

Caramel Apple Pops make a Yummy Halloween Lollipop Treat - and any time you want the taste of caramel apples!

Caramel apples always remind me of fall and Halloween and kids love getting deliciously flavored lollies in their treat bags! They're long lasting candy and taste like the real thing without the mess and goo. If you love caramel apple lollies and have a hard time finding them in your local stores, you'll be happy to find them right here!

Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops - Great variety of colors and flavors in organic candy!

These Yummy Earth lollies are all highly rated by other customers for organic flavors that aren't filled with loads of artificial ingredients and aren't super sugary. Many of them have a serving of 3 lollies to reach the 100 calorie mark so make a nice choice in Halloween lollipops to give as treats for kids. They're pretty addicting if you yourself love lollipops to keep on hand for home or to take to the office too!

Leave any comments or suggestions for Halloween Lollipops Candy here - Happy Halloween, thanks for your visit today!

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