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Halloween Luminaria

Updated on March 23, 2017

Halloween Luminaria - Start A New Halloween Decorating Tradition

Not all Halloween lights are scary. Halloween Luminaria is a great way to decorate for this fun dress up holiday in October. I am very familiar with using luminaria at Christmas time but it's a new idea for me to light up the way in October. It's also an easy decorating idea that's perfect for those of you who don't want a front yard cemetery, or some flying ghosts scenes or even a huge giant spider and his web outside your house. The luminaria will be a simple way to decorate, but believe me, it will be noticed! I am going to start lighting the outside of my house with these pretty decorations and start a new tradition at my home.

You can even design your own luminaria out of paper bags, tin cans, glass jars or you can buy them. Find instructional videos that teach you how to make these festive lights. Either way, it's a unique and simple way to decorate for Halloween without spending a lot of time, energy and money to do so.

I found these simple gold and black bags on Amazon and that's where the picture came from. Then I put the link where you could find them right here! Aren't they great? They could be used in October for Halloween and again in December for Christmas if you take care of them.

Luminaria For Halloween


What Is Luminaria?

Luminaria are candles in bags. We put sand inside the bag with some tea lights for safety, so the sand will put out any fire that might catch. Sometimes we poke a design in the bags, this way at night when the candles are lit, you see a beautiful design. The lights from the candles flicker and dance creating a lovely glow around the bag that holds it. Lately these brightly shining bags are popular for other holidays, like Halloween. Now for Halloween there are a new kind of luminaria, they aren't made with candles, but little lights and that will prevent any fires from starting and it also means these bags are safe around the kids who will be trick or treating in the neighborhood.

Forget the fire and candles, you can light your luminaries with these battery operated tealights. How safe that will be and we all know the first rule of Halloween is "Safety First"!


How To Make Basic Luminaries

Bags, sand, candles how simple is that. You can use Halloween colors and designs to make your bags more festive.

How To Make A Tin Can Lantern - A Luminaria Out Of A Soup Can

This video shows how to make a luminaria with a tin can, a marker, some string, nails and a hammer. Draw your design on the can, punch nails on the outline of your design by punching a hole in the can with the nail and hammer. Don't punch the nails in too deep or they will be difficult to remove. This little girl will teach you how to make this luminaria craft, you have to pick your design. Trace it from a picture...use a spider, a black cat, a pumpkin, and start with something simple to begin with. When you are done put some sand or rocks in the bottom of the can, lower a tea light with a metal bottom into the can ... be careful because the nail holes on the inside of the can are sharp and can cut you.

Find out how to make your own Halloween decorations with this how to make a luminaria tutorial.

Turn Night Into Day With Luminaria Bags - Well Maybe Not Night Into Day, But You Will Brighten It Up


Make A Luminaria With A Glass - Glass Luminaria

You can make a luminaria with a glass and epsom salts. You will need some modge podge or glue, food coloring, a paint brush follow the directions shown in the video. You can use orange, black, purple, lime green - fun colors for Halloween. You can also coat the entire outside of the jar except for a simple design. Add sand to the bottom of the jar and put a candle in, use a tealight with a plastic bottom in a glass container. A beautiful and simple craft to decorate for Halloween.

Glass Jar Luminaria

You will need jars, glue, tissue paper and some wire...and of course the sand and tea light candles. When using with glass the tea lights should have a plastic bottom. Use Halloween colored tissue paper or even tissue paper with a Halloween design. Here's another fun way to create some Halloween luminaria.

DIY Halloween Jar Luminaries / Decoracion de Halloween (Mason)

Luminaria Desert Botanical Gardens - These Bag Luminaria Will Show You How You Can Decorate Your Home

Use Halloween colored bags or paint the bags in Halloween colors. Punch holes in the bags using some of your favorite Halloween designs. Add sand and tea lights with metal bottoms.

How To Make Paper Bag Luminaria - These Are Not Just ForChristmas

All you have to do is use some Halloween colored bags or poke holes in brown paper bags to create a simple Halloween design. These simples bags and candles glow so brightly in the night. What a fun and easy project for such wonderous results.

Luminaria For Halloween And Christmas

Luminaria, luminaries are such a beautiful tradition at Christmas time and even though they will not have the same meaning at Halloween, they are still a nice touch of class for this fun Fall holiday. Enjoy the seasons and the holidays each year with your friends and family, for the years fly by and you want lots of fun times to remember!

Light Up My Lens With Your Luminaria Comments

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