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Halloween Music: ELVIRA's Haunted Hits

Updated on October 31, 2020

Who would you like for a Hallow's Eve companion?


Remember Elvira?

I can sum up this CD by saying Elvira's Haunted Hits Collection has the ORIGINAL 'Monster Mash' by Bobby (Boris) Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers; not like all the many many knock-off CDs that pretend to have the original one. I searched high and low one Halloween because I misplaced my Elvira cassette. To my dismay, other Halloween party CDs had only milk-toast versions of 'Monster Mash'. Then I discovered Elvira on CD!

Parents, don't let the cover freak you out! The music is perfectly appropriate for young Halloweeners. Just don't show them the cover, or, you can just explain to them that the character she portrays is supposed to be a humorous tongue-in-cheek vampirish lady. Worked for me.


Why This CD is THE Halloween Party Collection

Yes, it's from the 80's so it is a little heavy on songs like Ghostbusters and an Oingo Boingo song and remakes by the Cramps.

But they have really great original versions of The Purple People Eater, the Blob, the Adams Family Theme and Sceamin' Jay Hawkins, 'I've Put a Spell On You.'

Who is Elvira? - And why is this music only available on SPOTIFY??


Elvira is Cassandra Peterson. Cassandra is an actress, musician and comedian who had her first big break hosting a Los Angeles television show called 'Movie Macabre.' She developed her character and style of talking which carries a light-hearted sarcasm and hark humour. She also developed her special take on the 'Vampira' look. Not only did she develop a cult following, but was business-savvy enough to expand her brand to movies, music and merchandise.

As far as the availability of this CD collection on iTunes or Amazon MP3, I think that licensing was probably an issue. It has a lot of original performances on it, which adds to the amount of sale revenue going towards licensing instead of profit. In fact, when they did reissue the CD in the 2000s, they left out some songs like 'Attack of the 50 Foot Woman' and 'Martian Hop' by the Ran-Dells. That disappointed me but now you can hear them all on SPOTIFY!!

Elvira's Haunted Hills
Elvira's Haunted Hills
I found this movie surprisingly funny and entertaining to watch. She inherits an old haunted house in a small town and stirs things up as well as solves a mystery.

I like how the actress Cassandra Peterson has a real sense of humour when she becomes 'Elvira' and doesn't take herself too seriously.

If you see her without makeup she's very beautiful, even though she's getting into her 60's. She plays the sexy thing up just enough for adults to get the jokes, but then pulls back enough so her performance is still PG. She's definitely a character that you either like or don't. She's got her (using that old Vaudeville yiddish word) 'schtick' down.


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