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Halloween Nails and Nail Polish Colors

Updated on September 22, 2014

Fingernails - The Finishing Touch to your Halloween Costume!

Welcome to Halloween Nails and Nail Polish Colors. One of the fastest, easiest and least expensive ways to add a touch of Halloween without getting into full costume is to use Nail polish colors and nail art to show your Halloween spirit.

There are lots of choices these days that make it super simple to coordinate your fingernails to work clothes without going over board too. Halloween stickers and tattoos simply stick onto your own nail or top coat. I keep my fingernails polished and love all these super fun colors for nails during the Halloween season.

Halloween fingernails are also one area of the body that can really be the finishing touch to your completed costume whether you want to be an angel, princess, goth queen, goddess, fairy, vampire, witch, cat, spider or even a celebrity like Katy Perry!

Halloween nail polish colors come in every color of the rainbow for you too and one bottle of polish will last the whole Halloween season, plus you can share them with your friends! Read on for this year's top colors and looks plus several video demonstrations of nail art ideas to do yourself that you're sure to love.

Great dark colors for the autumn season

Fun OPI Nail Polish Colors to Add to your Wardrobe - From fairies to princesses, witches, cats to zombies and everything in between. Use them as the base for your Halloween designed fingernails.

Everything you need to create a spooky old hag witch for Halloween.

Kit includes the long black fingernails, nasty teeth and glue to adhere them, pale makeup and sponge applicator.

I love that this witch makeup washes off with soap and water and is hypoallergenic. Bad Halloween makeup can clog your pores and cause blemishes so don't leave it on overnight!

Learn how to paint your own Little Frankenstein on your nails

Cute Pirate Nails Video

Fake Nails with simple adhesive feature skull and crossbones - and they're reusable!

Pirate Print Fake Nails
Pirate Print Fake Nails

For those that want the pirate look without having to paint fingernails, these are all set.


Nail Art Designs help you achieve beautifully artistic nails at Halloween - without needing to be an artist. It's all done for you!

Easy to apply, won't harm the nails and lots of choices for fun fingernails.

Hospital Honey Nurse Nails - Calling all Nurses -

If you're a nurse (like me!) or want to be a nurse for your Halloween costume, these nails show the symbol of nurses and would be a great addition to your costume.

I like that the nurse nails are applied as a press on nail and also that they can be reused for Nurses Week or other special nurses party.

The perfect accessory for you to wear to work all month long and the finishing touch for any nursing or hospital costume.

Try Glitter Polish to make your own Spider Web Fingernails

Gloves with built in fingernails make getting into costume even easier than painting your fingernails and you won't need to remove any themed look if you're heading to work soon.

Great Nails and Props for any witch, cat, spider, Elvira, mistress or goth Halloween costume!

Ten Ideas for Halloween Nail Designs you can do yourself!

There are lots of choices for you to get the perfect Halloween fingernail and many can be worn all month long. From your own hand painted designs, to stickers, to fake nails and even gloves with built in nails you just have to decide which ones you love best. Have fun and enjoy your selections with your friends.

Happy Halloween:)

© 2012 Cindy

Share your favorite style of Halloween Nails here!

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    • vetochemicals profile image

      Cindy 5 years ago from Pittsburgh Pa

      @mouse1996 lm: Me too mouse1996, thanks so much and have a fun Halloween! xoxo

    • profile image

      mouse1996 lm 5 years ago

      Very fun designs. I love the Frankenstein's monster nails.